What is Federal School Code?

Federal school code is assigned to schools that provide student aid and you need to enter these codes for FAFSA. Let’s learn more about what is the federal school code and a list of school codes.

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11th November 2021

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is an application that is to be filled by the current and prospective college or university students of the United States. The applications to this Aid find out the students who are most eligible for financial aid.

Federal School Code is a unique code given to colleges with a list of six characters which begins with a 0(number), G, B, or E and 5 other characters. It is assigned by the Federal Student Aid for the schools to provide the aid allocated to students after filing the FAFSA. 

The FAFSA includes grants, Federal Work-Study Program, Federal Student Loans, State and School Financial Aids. You can know more about it and apply it to FAFSA on their official website i.e Federal Student Aid

FAFSA uses information such as the federal government, selected college, and the state of the college chosen to regulate financial aid.

FAFSA is administered by the U.S. Department of education, providing around $150 billion student aid per year.


What is the meaning of the Federal School Code?

  • To construct financial aid choices of their own, a copy of FAFSA must go to the student schools as well as the federal government. Schools use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is nationally recognized.

  • Federal school code is always a six-character that begins with 0, G B, or E and ends with a five-digit number. For example: “001052 is the federal school code for University of Alabama

  • The Federal School Code List comprises the unique codes allotted by the Department of Education for schools engaging in the Title IV federal student aid programs.

  • Students need to enter the federal school code on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to designate the schools they choose to obtain their financial claim.

  • Selection of the year for which students would primarily obtain the aid, need not necessarily be the present school year. For example, if a student applying for FAFSA in January 2018 for the next school year, then one must select 2018-2019. 

How do I obtain a federal school code?

  • Universities provide their federal school codes in the financial aid section on their official website.

  • U.S Department of Education provides a federal school code search tool on its website.

  • Students can call up the Federal student aid information center at 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243) for any queries related to federal school code.

  • Students can also download the Federal School Code List, which includes more than 7000 colleges and universities.

Do I have to send the FAFSA to each school?

To be eligible for federal student funding, students must fill FAFSA and send it to the appropriate schools by making use of the college school codes.

To avoid students from filling and submitting a new form for every institution, the Department of Education will mechanically provide a replica to a maximum of ten schools. Thus a need for college school codes comes in.

Federal School Code List

Here are examples of some essential colleges, along with their Federal School Code.

Name of the School

Federal School Code

Widener University, Delaware Law School


Brown Medical School


Stanford University- Stanford Law School


Mississippi College- School of Law


Michigan State University of Law


The Kansas City University of Biosciences


Louisville Presbyterian Theology Seminary


Ivy Technology Community College of Indiana


Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences


American Business School of Paris


You will be able to find the school code for every college here: 2020-2021 Federal School Code List in Excel Format


FAFSA or Federal school code is a list that contains unique codes assigned by the department of education for the schools that provide student aid. The students need to enter these codes on their Free application for federal student aid.

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