Highest PSAT Score

Have no idea what could be the highest PSAT Score? learn the highest PSAT Score one could get, how the PSAT is Scored? and more.

Updated by Selva Kumar on 14th January 2020

Many high school students take the PSAT test administered by the Collegeboard, in order to give the students a sense of how the SAT looks like. And the highest PSAT score is a total of 1520 composite score.

Though the PSAT score has no effect on the college admission process like the SAT and ACT, the PSAT score has an indirect effect on your college admission for a few or many students, likewise scoring the highest is PSAT has its own perks.

Well, in this article we will see, what is the Highest PSAT score, Benefits of scoring high and how is PSAT scored, keep reading this article to get tips on how to score high in PSAT

What is Actually the Highest PSAT Score

the PSAT consists of two main sections (EBRW -Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math). The scores are scaled from a range between 160 to 760 for each section which is derived from the raw scores and the total composite PSAT score will range from 320 to 1520, considering 320 as the lowest score and 1520 as the highest score one could possibly get. The composite score is derived from the scaled scores.

In addition to the scaled scores and composite scores, there are subscores and cross-test scores. These scores are used to measure your skills and knowledge in specific areas.


Subscores are calculated from subsections of EBRW and Math. it is scored on a scale ranging from 1-15, the subsections are as follows:

EBRW (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing)

  • Command of Evidence
  • Words in Context
  • Expression of Ideas
  • Standard English Conventions


  • Heart of Algebra
  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis
  • Passport to Advanced Math

Cross-Test Scores

Cross-test scores are scored on a scale ranging from 8-38, The subsections in the cross-test scores are as follows:

  • Analysis in History/Social Studies
  • Analysis in Science

The following table shows the breakdown of scores in each section and subsections( Subscores and Cross-test scores)

PSAT Section

Score Range

EBRW (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing)




Writing and Language


Command of Evidence


Words in Context


Expression of Ideas


Standard English Conventions




Math (test Score)


Heart of Algebra


Problem Solving and Data Analysis


Passport to Advanced Math


Composite Score (EBRW + Math)


Cross-Test Scores


Analysis n History/ Social Studies


Analysis in Science


Selection Index


To understand the PSAT score range, subscores, and cross-test scores, you will need to understand how the PSAT scoring works. Here’s what you need to know about  PSAT scoring.

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How is the PSAT Scored?

The scoring mechanism of PSAT and SAT are structured very similarly to each other. The PSAT is divided into two sections, The EBRW (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) and the Math section. Each section is scored from a range of 160 to 760 just as aforementioned.

The EBRW section can be broken down into two sections of tests,

  • The Reading Test  and 
  • The Writing & Language Test.  

Likewise even the Math section is broken down into two sections of tests, 

  • Math (No Calculator Section)
  • Math (Calculator section)

Now that we have seen the format of PSAT, we will see how it is scored, starting with the calculation of raw scores, it’s simply calculated from the total questions answered correctly,  then the total raw scores derived are used to calculate the scaled scores. These scaled scores are calculated by using the equating process, which is used to ensure the standardization of the test, then finally the scaled scores for each section (EBRW and Math) are added together in order to arrive at the total composite score.

For example, let’s say a student has taken the PSAT test, and the result is as follows in the table


Raw Scores

Scaled Scores







So if the student’s Scaled scores are 690 in EBRW and 740 in Math, then the composite score would be 1430.

Now that we have seen how PSAT is scored, the highest PSAT score you could get is 1520, to achieve that, you’ll need to get a scaled score of 760 in each section.

Benefits of Scoring the Highest PSAT

Many high school students don’t take the PSAT Test into serious consideration, it’s because they think that it is just a practice test for SAT, and it doesn’t have any effect in the college admission process. But as mentioned earlier scoring high PSAT or a Good PSAT has its Perks.

It is a practice test, yes that’s true. It is administered by the collegeboard so that the students may taste a little on how SAT looks, but apart from that, PSAT is a very good predictor of your SAT score, your PSAT percentile can be so similar to SAT except for the fact that PSAT is just slightly different in the scale, so your actual points in the SAT may differ a little.

The more important perk that you get after taking High scores in PSAT provides a wide source of scholarship opportunities. And most importantly it qualifies you for the National Merit Scholarship. Basically, a student who scores in the top 1% will be eligible for this scholarship. Scoring the highest will definitely make you eligible.

Tips to Score the Highest PSAT

Be Deaf

It is so good to pretend as deaf because it doesn’t matter if you’re confident enough or not, but it is far better than losing hope by cynicism and discouragement from friends and family. Just ignore the negativity and keep focusing.

Get a study plan

Now you know that 1520 is the highest score, and that is what you are aiming for, plan accordingly and work on it with full concentration.

Group work is better

Surround yourself with smart people, and make friends with one who is serious about PSAT, study with them, group study actually works depending on the type of people you surround yourself with.

Practice makes a man better

Practice makes anyone better in any task he practices. As we all know, that so keep practicing and practicing until you are sure that you can score the highest in the PSAT.

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                What is a Good PSAT Score?