SAT Score Range

There is no uniform SAT score range for the colleges, but each college has it's own score ranges. Learn more about SAT score range and how it is evaluated.

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16th October 2020

The performance of the student in a test is better showed by score range rather than points or grade, the score ranges are calculated from the average of all measurements by subtracting the sample mean and divided by the sum by one less than the total number of measurements (n-1),(Standard error). And show how the student’s scores differ based on the administration of the test under similar conditions.

What is the SAT Score Range?

The SAT is scored for a total of 1600 based on the student’s composite score, where the SAT score range is 400-1600, from the combined total score of three sections EBRW (Evidence-Based Reading Writing), Language and math. The section-wise SAT score range are as follows,

  • Total SAT score range: 400-16000

  • SAT Evidence-Based Reading Writing score range:  200-800

  • SAT Math score range: 200-800

 The average SAT score is 1070. The average score for Math is 528, and the average score for EBRW is 531. So every score above 1070 will be an above-average score. A number ranging from 1250-1300 will be considered as a good score. But any number lower than 1060 will be considered as a below-average score. 

How is the SAT scored?

Before getting to know what the SAT score range is, learn how the SAT is scored, which makes things easy to understand the score range. Now let’s see it is done

The SAT is evaluated starting from your raw scores that are determined by calculating the correct answer from the total number of questions. You get one point for every correct answer. The best part is you don’t have negative marking, which means no mark will be deducted for wrong answers or skipping the question.

The maximum raw scores differ from section to section depending on the total number of questions asked in each section. for example, if the reading test has 52 questions, out of which you scored a maximum of 52, then your raw score for the reading test is 52, likewise if there are 58 questions in the math test, and you scored 53, then your raw score for the math test is 53 and so on for the three individual sections.

The essay is an optional test, so it is graded separately which is not added in your composite score of 400-1600.

Your Raw scores are then converted into scaled scores that range from 200 to 800 for each section, in order to ensure the standardization of the test, a table is used to convert the raw score into scaled scores.

Then the scaled scores are altogether added that gives you the total SAT composite score.

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The SAT score range is not just determined by the overall composite score, it also includes subscores and cross-test which is calculated separately on a scale of 1-15 and 10- 40 depending on the student’s problem-solving skills, grammar, and vocabulary knowledge.

The following table shows the indication of subscores and cross-test with respect to the composite scores.

SAT Score Range (2016-2020) 

SAT Test Section

Score range

EBRW (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing)




Writing and Language


Expression of Ideas


Standard English Conventions


Command of Evidence


Words in context




Heart of Algebra


Problem-solving and Data Analysis


Passport to Advanced Math


Cross-Test Scores


Analysis in History/social studies


Analysis in Science


Total (EBRW and Math)










There was no subscores or cross-test scores and in addition to that, the SAT score scale was 600-2400 during the pre -2016

To know more about SAT scores visit: Understanding SAT Scores/ college board

SAT Score Ranges for Colleges

The SAT is an institutionalized test, but there is no general score range for colleges. Although most of the colleges have a fixed score range which is used to compare the student’s performance and capability. This mostly represents the 50th percentile of SAT scores.

The 50th percentile refers to the students who scored more than 50% of the students and lower than the rest of the 50%, Like the 25th percentile and 75th percentile.

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