How Do Colleges Evaluate Transfer Students?

Are you thinking of transferring to a new school? This decision alone of transferring is enough to scare you if you are not aware of the admission procedure.In this article know all about how colleges evaluate transfer students.. Read on..

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30th April 2020

Are you thinking of transferring to a new school? This decision alone of transferring is enough to scare you if you are not aware of the admission procedure. You might be changing your school for various reasons including change in geographical location, maybe you have completed your two years of study and now wish to shift to a four years programme or may be because you want to change your subject and hence your school as well. Whatever the reason maybe, you should be well versed with the college transfer policies and how colleges evaluate the transfer of students.

In case of transfer students, colleges have set different policies whereas in case of freshman application the colleges policies are different. A student should know  while applying to colleges that what are the areas where you need to give importance and what areas don't carry much importance.

Below, find four keys to cracking the mystery of the transfer application.

1. Be at your best in your current college

 First of all make sure that your grades are fabulous and extraordinary. There is nothing like having a high score on your profile and applications. Your college will give a lot of importance to your grades. It shows how serious you are about your studies and if you have performed really well in the previous college. The college you are planning to transfer will look into your application more seriously.

Another thing you should pay attention to is “ your consistency in achieving grades''.  If there are too many fluctuations in your grades, it is an indication to your prospective college that you may not be the right fit for their college. 

It also depends on the course curriculum and environment of your current college. Let’s say you are transferring to a college which has a rigorous work culture and a competitive environment, then make sure that you show to the college that you are deserving enough to get admitted to the new college. 

This isn’t just limited to grades, though. Admissions committees will also evaluate your course selections to identify dedication within your major or intended course of study. They will want to see that you are selecting courses that challenge you and that lead in a clear direction towards your goals.

 Besides, academics the thing which will impact your application is, how well have you performed in your extracurriculars. Getting involved in extracurricular activities adds value to your personality and it shows that you are a person with expertise in multiple areas.

2.  Your High School performance might add a little value

Next is your high school grades. After looking at your performance at your current school the admission committee might look into your scores in high school. Though in most of the cases your performance in high school will not carry a lot of weightage, it will still add some value to your application. 

Now how much importance does your scores  in the standardised exams carry? Well, on a serious note, they hardly matter for the college admission department. They are more interested in knowing your performance in your current school rather than digging down your long past and how much did you score  in your entrance exam. But yes a good score might help in creating a good impression though.

Same is the case with high school extracurriculars. Admission committee will look at how dedicatedly you have pursued your interest or passion over time and how you have carried it along the way. But having said that, it is important to remember that extracurriculars in high school carry little to no weightage. If you were just a bookworm and not much into extracurricular activities, you have almost nothing to worry about. High school extra curricular will not have much relevance when it comes to your transfer application. But if you have dropped all the extracurriculars that you used to pursue during your high school years, then there are chances for the admissions committee to raise questions.  

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3.  Your essay will work as your gateway  

The best way to make your essay strong is to write an application. Transfer admissions are even tougher than the regular admission rate . If you look at the data of transfer admission in Stanford then it is 2.25% whereas the regular admission rate is 4.7%.  

There are many qualified candidates along with you who are capable and eligible of getting admission to the college you have applied for but how do you prove to the admission department of the college that you are the deserving candidate? This is where the essay will help you in getting the niche.

Now in this essay section you need to state with clarity how your prospective college is the gateway to all your short term and long term goals and why you can be a valuable asset for the college as compared to others. 

For example you are into an engineering college and over time you realized that you wish to be specifically in architectural engineering. Hence, you wish to shift to a college which can provide you better opportunities in architecture. So talk about the strength of the college where you wish to take admission in. Why do you wish to shift? When did you actually realize this that you need to change your field. But remember do not talk bad about your current school. However end the essay with a positive note and state that you also appreciate your journey in the current school. 

4.Your LOR(Letter of Recommendation) is the Key

As mentioned in the heading, your letter of recommendation is the key. Understand the fact that there are a lot of candidates who will be applying to the college you have applied for. So, make sure you receive a Letter of Recommendation from your current  college.  

Well, in order to receive a good LOR, you must make a mark in the eyes of the professor. Many times it is quite obvious and evident that you may feel lost in the crowd and dont have much interaction with the professors. Many professors may not even know you. But definitely this is not a good sign. You need to be very interactive and proactive in class to be visible in the eyes of professors.  Here are a few tips:

  • Participate in different events. 

  • Ask for different advice from your professor.

  • Find a guide who can help you in reaching your goal.

  • Make best use of the opportunities given by college.

  • Stay focused, competent and hardworking to come out as a brilliant student and an asset for the college.

Hence get a good LOR by putting in all your efforts.

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To summarise it all, while you apply for a transfer in college you have to keep in mind the points mentioned above. Things which will have great impact are your performance at your current college, your essay and your letter of recommendation. Your high school grades and marks dont have much relevance here. So, make the best of essays, LOR and academics in college to stand out among the crowd of applicants.

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