How To Maximize Your Career In Accounting

This article overviews about the tips and tricks you can follow to boost your career success in addition to getting the necessary education.

TCM Staff

1st June 2020

Achieving success is one of the top and common priorities in every student’s career. Setting up the goals is as important as choosing the right career. While one popular career option is accounting which specially deals with both theoretical and practical concepts. Every organization requires an accountant to plan, analyze the accounts, audit the financial records, propose solutions according to the business conditions. 

With an average growth of 16 percent through 2020, an accountant can expect an average salary of $55,054 per year. With a variety of job roles and increasing demand for accountants, most students aim to start off this career.

There are clear cut steps to become an accountant and aspiring students can put all their efforts to maximize their career success and have a brighter future ahead. Here is how you can accelerate your career success, 

Become A CPA:

A Certified Public Accountant is a professional who is renowned to qualify the expected standards and obtain a certification to provide accounting services to the public. As you become an accountant, aim at gaining the CPA certification to advance your career which also helps you determine if you want to work in private organizations or become a public accounting professional. This also allows you to build a network and get countrywide recognition which is a head start for your career.

What do you need to become a CPA? All you need to do is, complete your accounting education at a preferred degree level, clear the exam held by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) and gain a specified amount of experience. 

If you think you are good at making financial decisions based on business strategic management, you can also consider pursuing CMA (Certified Management Accountant). Learn the key differences between CMA vs CPA to knows what's the best accounting certification for you.

Get A Mentor:

Getting a mentor will guide you through your career journey with their years of experience and views in the same career you want to land on in the future. The problems faced by you will be quite similar to theirs and hence they help you to chrome out any downfalls within no time. Giving you exposure to your career opportunities and their valuable insights, you can succeed in this career like eating a piece of cake. 

However, you could also get guidance from multiple mentors who have different perspectives and solutions. Other benefits could be building a network while you're still studying, getting more input for your accounting profession and frequent tracking of progress by monitoring your work. 

Build Your Network:

Building a network is essential in this career and in turn helps you build your career. According to a survey, a candidate must establish at least 3,000 networks to find a job in this profession. It is helpful for candidates who want to be self-employed and create an individual business as an accountant. At times, this could bring you work pressure of handling high level responsibility and work load. But it is worth the time devoted to enhancing your career. 

Be Up-to-Date With The Technology

While you clear the CPA exam to obtain the certification, you must continue the licensure active by continuing education for a few specified amounts of hours by the State board of Accountancy. One primary CPA requirement is having an up-to-date knowledge on the technical developments to implement them in your workplace and provide effective solutions to the clients. The advancements of skills includes expertise in Excel, accounting systems like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle, business intelligence tools like Cognos and Crystal Reports. With these you can surely build a good career and progress evidently. 

Expertise in Different Fields of Work

Show your interests towards working with different areas such as traditional bookkeeping activities, balance sheets, maintaining records, auditing and the preparation of financial statements. This brings you job satisfaction by changing the work routine. 

In large organizations you could perform tasks such as financial reporting, internal auditing, or compliance while performing auditing or taxation in smaller firms. In the initial years of work life, you should aim at learning the techniques and later bring up your own way of working and explore other fields. 

Focus On Your Soft Skills

As an accountant, skills matter more in the competitive world in addition to your expertise in the roles and responsibilities of this profession. The important interpersonal skills involve

  • Good communication

  • Decision making

  • Time management

  • Attention to detail

  • Technically sound

  • Clarity in thoughts

  • Leadership

  • Team work


Pay attention to the qualification required to become an accountant with implementing these tips at the right time to attain job success. Be dedicated and put consistent efforts to progress at every step of the career path. Learn new skills and concepts every day and to help you with this, choose an online accounting degree program to save time and manage other responsibilities simultaneously.

Know what the industry professionals are expecting from you and work on your growth to take up your job!

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