Difference between Information Technology and Information Systems

Wondering what is the difference between Information Technology and Information Systems? This article provides a detailed comparison of IT vs IS.

Updated by TCM Staff on 6th October 2020

Information Systems is a large umbrella referring to systems designed to create, store, manipulate, or disseminate information. However, Information Technology deals with Information processing, storage, and transmission. Information System is a system that consists of processes, people, and systems while Information Technology is a part of IT which consists of hardware, storage devices, processors.

Information Systems vs Information Technology degree is a conventional dispute considering both of them deals with a computer-based system. Although it requires varied education and drill.

Let's look into some of the important pointers on information systems vs information technology which might highlight the key difference

  • Information Systems (IS) and Information Technology (IT) are often used interchangeably.

  • They are thought to be the same but in reality, Information technology is a part of Information systems i.e. IT is a small part of the IS.

  • Both of them are concerned with computers, hardware, software, information, etc. but still they are different in their structures.

Information Systems (IS)

What is Information Systems?

Organizations usually deal with a huge amount of data. Data is nothing but basic values or facts which are systematically organized in a database. Many people think of data as synonymous with information; however, information consists of data that has been organized to help answer questions and to solve problems. An information system is defined as the software that helps us to organize and analyze the data. So, the purpose of an information system is to turn raw data into useful information that can turn out to be highly useful from the organization and customer point of view.

A few points to ponder upon while understanding the entire mechanism of Information System.

    • Information System(IS) is a huge pie that consists of processes, people, systems which is the main component to process the information.

    • It may not necessarily be in computer mode, it can also be in paper-pencil mode.

    • The hardware and software used to create, maintain, and access the payment details of students in a college are referred to as an information system.

Degrees in Information System often include courses in:

  • Information Theory

  • Social Science

  • Foundations of Management

  • Information Technology

Now let's look into the different types of processes in an Information Systems architecture

Types of Information Systems

  • Transaction Processing System

  • Office Automation System – Word Processing, Email, Voice Mail.

  • Knowledge Work Systems

  • Management Information System

  • Decision Support Systems

However, after gathering all the information, one must be inquisitive to know the salary of an average Information Systems Manager. As per the survey, the average salary of an Information Systems Manager is $82,450.

Information Technology (IT)

What is Information Technology?

Information Technology(IT) is a subsystem of IS. It is the technology used to store and retrieve data from the computer systems. It is thriving through apps, the internet, mobile phones, etc. It consists of computer hardware, software, databases, networks, etc.

For instance, the hard disks, pen drives or any other storage devices used to store payment details of students of a college is IT.

Popular Information Technology Jobs

The different types of Job Roles Information Technologies domain are illustrated by the following hierarchical tree

However, after knowing the various job roles offered after pursuing a degree in Information Technology, it is going to raise an inquisitiveness about the remuneration or the salary offered to an Information Technology Specialist. As per a survey, it was found that the average salary of an IT Specialist is $55,000 a year. 

List Of Colleges Best Known For Information Technology Degree

Let's look into some of the top universities of the United States best known for imparting quality education in the domain of Information Technology

              Top Colleges Offering Information Technology Degree

The Pennsylvania State University

Coleman University

Armstrong State University

Baker College

Metropolitan Community College

Liberty University

Saint Leo University

Strayer University

Ottawa University

University of Phoenix

Which One is Right For You? 

Information Systems vs Information Technology can be a tough road to choose from. Both of the fields are showing immense growth that offers a variety of job opportunities and long-term professional growth. The career option that you choose for yourself would not be kosher if you don’t read and grasp knowledge about both of the terms. By analyzing both careers and comprehending the difference between them you can take the one that goes along with your skills, interests, and goals.  


When deciding which of these computer-related paths to pursue, it’s critical to have clarity and detail about exactly what it is you’re looking for in a career. By understanding the technicalities of it vs is, students can better select an educational path.

Gathering data about the domain of your choice and evaluating it carefully will allow you to make an informed decision about the best career path for you.

We found that numerically the average salary of an Information System Manager is more than an Information Technology Specialist, however, the roles and responsibilities of both complement each other in an IT infrastructure, or in other words both are dependent upon one another. From this, we clearly understood that the Information system is a whole system that supports the whole organization while the Information system is a part of it in the form of hardware, processors, storage devices.

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