NASM- National Association of Schools of Music Commission on Accreditation

National Association of Schools of Music Commission-NASM is an accreditation commission for music and music-related degrees. Learn more in this article.

TCM Staff

17th October 2020

The National Association of Schools of Music Commission on Accreditation was established in 1924 to secure a superior comprehension among foundations of advanced education occupied with work in music; to build up a more uniform strategy for allowing credit; and to create and look after essential, edgy norms for the conceding of degrees and different accreditations.

It builds up national measures for undergrad and graduate degrees and different certifications for music and music-related teaches, and gives help to establishments and people occupied with aesthetic, academic, instructive, and other music-related undertakings.

Guiding Values of the NASM

The core values of the organization include the following-

  • To propel the course of music in American life and particularly in advanced education.

  • To set up and keep up the best models for the instruction of music artists, while empowering both variety and greatness.

  • To develop a national center to the discourse of issues identified for these reasons.

Eligibility Requirements for the colleges for NASM accreditation

The eligibility needs by the colleges include the following:

  • The organization should offer standard classes in areas as theory, history, and suitable repertories of music, and direction in performance.

  • The organization should keep up a curricular program in musicianship at different levels fitting to the requirements of its understudies.

  • The foundation should offer direction in and open doors for an orchestra performance.

  • The establishment should offer no less than one finished educational module (e.g., Bachelor of Music Education, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Arts with a major in Music, et al.) that meets every single pertinent standard.

  • All educational costs, expenses, and different charges, and also all approaches relating thereto, might be plainly depicted in the organization's distributed writing.

  • Employees might be qualified by the instructive foundation as well as expert experience for their particular education assignments.

  • The establishment might have offices and hardware satisfactory to the requirements of its instructive program.

Decision-making bodies of NASM

The Board of Directors of the national association of schools of music comprises of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, the Immediate Past President, the Chair and the Associate Chair of the Commission on Accreditation, the Chair of the Commission on Community College Accreditation, a Non-Degree-Granting Member, the nine Regional Chairs, and three Public Members. They represent a variety of musical backgrounds.

The official body of the Board of Directors is the Executive Committee made out of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, the Chair of the Commission on Accreditation, the Associate Chair of the Commission on Accreditation, and the Executive Director.


NASM is the association for the accreditation of music and music-related degrees provided by the colleges and universities for undergraduate and graduate degrees. It strives to advance the art of music by more and more propagation of musical skills.

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