10 Effective Tips To Become A Good Writer

A good writer requires certain things to keep in mid to write effective articles and to connect with the audience. This article provides 10 effective tips to helps you as a writer.

TCM Staff

31st May 2023

Becoming a writer is a hard earned profession which requires proficiency in the use of language, composition and word emphasise. Starting from an early age, you can implement the right writing techniques by reading and writing your thoughts. If you're interested in becoming a writer the initial steps are to write articles and publish them in newspaper, magazine, blog writer which will give you confidence to rephrase, edit and improve your writings for the betterment. However, becoming a writer also depends on the career path you choose and also where you want to work.

To enhance your writing skills, practice and time is required. We also recommend you to have a habit of writing everyday and be consistent with efforts. Here are some tips you must adopt to become a successful writer. 

1. Plan on what to write

Before you start writing, plan on what to write and how to start your writing. Use the right techniques to outline your content, research well, make a note on all the important points, build the sequence of the events occurring, structure your content. Also use some softwares such as Word documents or Google Docs to identify any errors. 

2. Be specific on what to write

Before you ink, you must give a thought about what to write, how to write and why you are writing. Answering these thoughts makes your half job done. Place a target and aim at the audience you are writing to. Your articles could be on any genre like fiction, technical, humor or tragedy but ensure you are conveying the emotions in the right way. Engaging your readers by giving enough specifics to picturize your writings is what you should aim for.

3. Structure your writing

Structuring your content is important which shows a systematic and organized arrangement of situations and thoughts in a format. This comes with experience and time and you could achieve a good structure of your writing by reading good articles by an established author.

4. Practice sentence formations

A good article consists of appropriate use of words, language and proper sentence formation. Wring user friendly content which is easily understandable and readable by your audience forms a good article. Make your writing simple yet effective which depicts your thoughts in a subtle way. 

5. Grow your vocabulary

While writing use a dictionary to learn the unfamiliar words and use them in your writing. This improves and expands your vocabulary. Use synonyms and adjectives to convey the same meaning in different use of words. Also, concentrate on your grammatical errors which demonstrates unprofessionalism to the readers.

6. Target your audience

Write in such a way that you connect with your readers and make them understand what your thoughts and ideologies are. Using metaphors and similes to compare with a contact deepens the thoughts and understanding. 

7. Write and read simultaneously

Writers must expand their knowledge by reading others' writing to learn the use of words and sentences. This also broadens your mind to writing better. Reading is extremely helpful and results in building your vocabulary, grammar, development of ideas and providing inspiration.

8. Maintain a habit of writing every day

Practice makes you perfect. Hence writing from the scratch, preparing prototypes helps you strengthen your skills and enhances your writings. This tip is best to improve your writing as each time you think differently and try rewriting in a different style. 

9. Receive feedback from supporters

After you finish writing, you could circulate your writings to your group which could be your friends or family to receive genuine feedback. Feedbacks are valuable and increase your scope of improvement. Be open to criticism and compliments equally as your approach to these helps you frame your future while improving. 

10. Rewrite and rephrase

With rigorous practice, you can rewrite to put your thoughts in a better way. By obtaining feedback, you could rewrite the content by making suitable changes. Perfection is attained through practice, hence, use the right phrase and voices to make the writing effective. 


To conclude, there is nothing such as a bad and good writer. But there are certain articles, novels, stories that convey the meaning ineffectively or filled with errors or lack in clarity. Hence using these tips helps you become a good writer in less time by producing good content. 

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