3 Majors To Become Sports Agent: Make Your Decision Today!

This article focuses on the majors and their courses you can choose to become a sports agent to helps you make a decision that fits well with your goals.

TCM Staff

5th June 2020

Just like any other industry, the sports industry also requires people who manage teams, get athletes and perform the core tasks. While an athlete's career is at stake, a sports agent plays vital roles to manage their legal, financial issues through managerial skills. Also, negotiation of contracts between the clients, frame the future career, get them teams to play and also ad endorsements are looked after by them. With years of experience gained, they become proficient and can appraise their salary gradually over the years. 

To become a sports agent, technically there are fewer education requirements but you are  required to practice through experience and this could take several years . 

What do Sports Agents Major in?

Becoming a sports agent is a simple path where you are required to earn a minimum of bachelor's degree. Some employers might prefer applicants with higher degree levels. However, the experience is what matters and that's where you invest your time to become a sports agent. 

The majors you could choose to pursue your degree in could be sports management, sports administration, marketing, communications, business or pre-law. The common among them is sports management. We will further discuss them all in detail.

Sports Management

Students who want to become a sports agent with a background of business can take a degree program with sports management. This program is offered as major or minor by the business schools which later leads to working towards earning a master’s degree or MBA. 

The concentrations you study under this program are,

  • Sports Business and Finance

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Sports Economics

  • Sports Law

  • Finance

  • Administration and Organization

  • Facility Management

  • Communications and Technology

  • Sports History

Also as you pursue, you could gain experience by completing certain internship programs in sports settings and handling real world problems.

Sports Administration

Students who choose business administration as a major to pursue a degree program gain knowledge on the administrative tasks performed over the range in sports clubs and organisations. This includes understanding on marketing, fundraising, procurement, supply chain management and others.

The course concentrations offered under this program are,

  • Sports Research Methods

  • Sports Marketing

  • Organization of Sports

  • Sports Business

  • Sports Public Relations

  • Legal and Ethical Issues

  • Thesis Research

The potential career opportunities you get after earning this program are operations managers or a leader in a sports organization. 

Sports Business Strategies

This sports business program focuses on a variety of sports business activities, strategies and functions where you could specialize in areas of your choice with diverse courses offered such as recreation, sports marketing and promotions, sports media relations, or sports facilities management. These tasks enhance the business of sports events and activities. The course concentrations under this program are, 

  • Social Media Management

  • Sponsorships Development

  • Promotion and Marketing

  • Sports marketing and consumer psychology.

  • Sports administration and policies.

  • Event management.

  • Basic accounting.

  • Human resource management.

  • Recreation programs.


With these three distinctive majors, you must wisely choose among these which aligns with your requirements and goals. Other than these, depending on your interest, you could opt for online programs where you could specialize in courses according to your needs at a lesser time. Choose the best online business schools to help you advance in your career at an affordable cost. 

With these majors in hand, choose the right program for you!

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