What To Wear To Your College Interview?

Wondering what to wear to your college interview? Learn the ins and outs of appropriate college interview attire with helpful tips to make yourself dress professionally. Dressing culture for an interview.

Updated by Niharika Padiga on 24th August 2020

For a few students, college interviews are scary. Everyone has to follow basic rules for an interview which are generally expected.

Dressing and body language will create a first impression on the student to the interviewer that will remain forever and will set a good impression on you.

Clothing Tips for Interview

It is advised to always wear simple, tolerable, neat, and crisp clothing. It is also very essential to take care of your looks and be decent. The perfect professional dressing makes confident body language.

A suit (either skirt or suit pantsuit) with a blouse or button-down shirt is most pertinent for a professional interview. You can wear a suit with neutral colors, such as navy, black solid, or dark grey. 

The blouse or shirt can be any color that matches the suit but it should not be too bright or intense patterned. The professional dressing will exhibit the interviewer what type of student you are, and how serious you are about the job. 

A smart and decent dressing will build respect for you among the interviewers and will show you off as a professional person.

  • For girls: Nice shirt with a blazer, formal pants, and casual shoes

  • For boys: Decent collared shirts, khaki pants, belt, and casual shoes

Female Attire for a College Interview

Basically, females have more alternatives to wear, a complete suite, a top, and a skirt or formal pants with a shirt. Wear a decent dress in a subtle shade which can be a skirt (medium size, not too short) or formal pants and a nice top or shirt with a decent jacket, and loafers or dress slacks.

  • The color of the dress should be decent (light colors).

  • Avoid wearing tight dresses as they may feel uncomfortable and look indecent.

  • Don’t use hair colors as it may look indecent and non-professional.

Dress Color And Hairstyle

Check the color of the bottom. It can be any dark colors, black or grey. Wear a nice and decent hairstyle which creates an impression to an interviewer and also check for dandruff. Tie your hair in a proper way so that it will not disturb you while writing.

Take Care Of Your Footwear

Women have way too many options to wear. You could either choose closed-toe shoes or open-toe shoes. Both are accepted. 

But, make sure you have a neat and clean nail with a neutral color if you go with an open toe shoe.

Choose to wear black shoes or grey shoes rather than any other dark color. Never use high heels.

Clean Nails

Make sure your nails are neat, clean, and trimmed with decent nail polish. Don’t use trendy colors as it may make a bad impression.

Iron Your Clothes To Avoid A Negative Impression

While wearing a dress or trousers, check whether the clothes are ironed without any wrinkles.

A well-shaped dress appears to be perfect by its wrinkle-free ironed look. So, be aware not to press your clothes and try to wear a properly ironed dress.

Be Aware Of Your Lipstick

If you choose to wear lipstick, make sure the color of your lipstick is neutral rather than a shiny gloss which may not the catch attention of the interviewer. It is better not to use bright shades.

Avoid Shiny Accessories

Make sure to wear minimal accessories like small ear tops which are not shiny, simple watches, and a simple small chain.

Male Attire For A College Interview

A Sports jacket with jeans and formal shoes looks decent. 

Men have very fewer options to be creative. So, it is better to go with the formal basics. Rolled shirt up to the elbows with jeans makes feel simple, effective, and free.

Choose To Wear Neutral Colors

Make sure you wear neutral color shirts and pants which plays a major role in your character to the interviewer. 

For example, using dark colors with designs will create an impact that you are booming person and at the same time, dull colors will create an impression that you try to create a somber look. 

So, it is better to stick to decent light colors like any mild shades of blue or sky blue accompanied by right pants color like black or grey which coordinates your shirt color well.

Based On Weather Conditions

Depending upon the climatic conditions, when it comes to a college interview, dressing is very important. 

If the climate is humid, it is better to wear light cotton clothes which might not cause sweat and bad odor. Therefore, it is better to wear very normal clothes which supports the climate.

No Beard Any Day

Never go to an interview with a beard. It represents an odd look with a beard which might create a bad opinion to an interviewer. 

If you wish not to shave your beard, at least try to trim it very neatly before you attend an interview.

Shoes Represent Your Whole Dressing

In order to create a good opinion in the interview, it is better to wear neat polished black leather shoes rather than any other bright colors. 

The black or brown color represents a decent combination for your formal attire. So be smart and choose leather shoes with a proper sole.


Therefore, it is important to look professional and composed. Choose a dress which fits you properly. Ensure that it’s neat and comfortable, and avoid anything that will be visually distracting to your interviewer or to you. Anything too short or revealing can be inappropriate and discomforting for both men and women.

So it's very important to feel comfortable in your dress so that you can focus on your interview and not on what you are wearing.