Which Colleges Require All ACT Scores?

Learn about the colleges that require all ACT scores for college admissions

TCM Staff

17th October 2020

Having a doubtful conclusion with a good ACT score achieved and colleges that require all ACT (American College Testing) scores when applying? 

This article reflects on the simplified lists of schools prioritizing all ACT scores, and also lays guidance on the list of institutions or colleges within the country itself.

Educational institutions like Elon University, Carnegie Mellon University, John Hopkins University, and more require the student to send all ACT scores. 

With the latest educational development, the system no longer encourages mandatory standardized test scores with test-optional policies, including only important applications in exchange for ACT vs SAT and  SAT or ACT essay, lessening the scores’ baggage in admissions.

While some colleges still mandate the submission of a student complete test-scoring profile along with other necessary attachments, deniably of what the rank position stands. 

A preview of the ACT and SAT score is the aim. Various exam preferences among colleges can be judge-able based on single college policy.

Records Of Colleges Requiring All ACT Scores

Some institutions give the liberty to submit either an ACT or an SAT score at a minimum.

Clarifying to the official websites on the admission aspect for ACT Scores is way better if the official portal remains absurd regarding the ACT score policy, as there are no fixed lists from ACT, Inc of overall colleges requiring SAT test-scores.

However, based on the research we have gathered, some schools take ACT scores while the SAT scores aren’t required. Also, for schools that do not require ACT scores, the SAT scores are not requested as well.

Candidates with a good ACT score can endorse their application along with their necessary attachments, with the list of the best colleges that require ACT scores as cited below.



Duquesne University

The submission of all ACT or SAT scores is mandatory. A high score amongst the sections of various deadlines submitted is taken into consideration.

Elon University

Consider ACT/SAT test scores from all tests attended. The greater the score, the easier for enrollment.

East Georgia State College

Freshmen are required to submit any or all test scores for placement’s sake only.

Note: The college doesn’t require any of the SAT/ACT for admissions.

Carnegie Mellon University

Either an old SAT score/SAT Test/ACT test is mandatory.

Georgetown University

Propose ACT and/or SAT. Elevated scores are preferred, but the low ACT scores are given importance on the same.

John Hopkins University

Freshers and profess students have to dispatch all ACT scores for a seat in possession.

Rice University

Not recommended to add all ACT scores, but the highest scores are of concern.

Seattle University

Seattle officials regulate ACT and SAT scores as mandatory, lifting students to present all ACT/SAT results taken.

Syracuse University

The board takes granted either of the highest ACT or SAT scores attained. All of the ACT scores are a must to submit.

University of Pennsylvania

Recommended but unneeded to deliver all ACT and SAT test scores with college preparatory courses. Directs a fair test score policy.

Yale University

Requires all ACT and all SAT scores ( if an aspirant attended both the tests). With the ACT, the higher the ACT composite score value, the more the attention.

Loyola University, New Orleans

Required to endorse all SAT or ACT scores.

Ohio Wesleyan University

To endorse all ACT test scores. In fact, if an applicant attended tests multiple times, the highest score is fetched to mark it as a “super score” amongst the various sections.

All ACT Scores

Although educational institutions are slowly withdrawing the importance of standardized test scores on a student’s selection criteria (during college admission), there still exist few who demand the entirety of the test results. When we speak of ‘all ACT scores’, we include the elements like ACT percentile rankings, scores from different assessments, ACT National rankings, and more. The candidates are recommended to keep a tab on the score requirements for different colleges, keep their ACT scores secured and handy, and check on the application dates for the educational institutions. 

We have consolidated the list of the factors determining the ACT scores -

ACT Percentiles Ranking - Gives a position comparison that draws your scoreline equal or higher to with your rivals. For instance, if you receive 45 percentile, means you have scored more than 45% of other applicants. The duration is 3 hours in general, 3 hours 40 minutes (optional essay)

MyACT: It acts as a transport of an individual's score records for National entrance exams, and can examine from the score tab

Superscoring/Superscore: the potential to send numerous scores nonetheless the test dates, highlighting only the greatest take up from the sections. An up to date composite score derives from these averaged scores shaping a report. ACT braces the usage of super scoring in simplifying admissions rules

ACT National Ranks

 Aims on a student cumulative percentage at a fixed benchmark scale.

  • Composite Test Score, Multiple-choice, STEM -  build on ACT-tested high school graduates from the various test duration. (aptitude, technology, and reasoning skills for success)

The composite test score focuses on distinguished subjects that are English, Mathematics, Reading, Science, which ranges from 1-36(low-high) converting into a score, the average of these is the composite.

There are certain factors to consider under the ACT test. It is best advised to reach out to the respective institution for the whole picture or academic catalog.

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Do you need to forward all ACT scores?

As emphasized over time, it’s worthless to offer all ACT scores to a school not requiring them, especially a “super score”. A superstore is taken into account by fetching the main score that has been filtered from each section irrespective of various test deadlines, forming a brand score using your top conduct.

However, the introduction of the test-optional policy has made the majority of the schools with other factors such as performance, course selection, course rigor, academic readiness, academic articulation, and many more to scan on student readiness.

But well, it is wise enough to pull your top-notch section scores on the table, which shines your position.

The Bliss: An ACT Score

A good score is always a healthy comeback, we also have an ACT score report guide for mapping your choice of colleges.

A channel to boost your monetary area via scholarships for high ACT scores if initiated by a respective institution.

Discipline yourself on how to improve your ACT score with the diverse sections, extracting ideas from this article and submissions anywhere would not be a future problem.

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