Who are Nontraditional Students?

The students who are not able to continue their college immediately after school and join later after a long time. They come from diverse backgrounds.

TCM Staff

27th February 2020

The students who are not able to continue their college immediately after school and join later after a long time/ pursue their education online/ come from diverse backgrounds are termed as non-traditional students.

Students can be classified as Nontraditional if they have at least one of the characteristics:

  • Not able to continue their education after high school immediately - There is a gap between high school and college years for nontraditional students, and sometimes it is extended to several years. In some cases, nontraditional students may have completed some portion of the college and later they re-enroll to complete their degree program.

  • Attain college on a part-time basis - Non-traditional students may have to raise children and complete their education at the same time. So, they can enroll for a part-time degree program. The students can pay their fees credit-wise instead of paying for each semester, which may be helpful for the students who cannot pay the fees for a full-time program.

  • Work full-time - There are some cases where nontraditional students are working for a full-time job, so they have to work at least 35 hours per week even if they attend school.

  • Have Financial Independence - Nontraditional students have no one to look after there financial support, unlike the students from traditional colleges who can receive financial support, in whole or part, from their family. So, income from the parents of nontraditional students does not factor in the amount of financial aid they are eligible to receive.

  • Have children or dependents other than a spouse - Nontraditional students sometimes have dependents to take care of, children or an elderly family member who cannot do there work by themselves.

  • Raising a child alone - Students may be treated as nontraditional if they are raising their children alone, no matter they married or not, got divorced or legally separated, or became widowed.

  • Have a GED, not a high school diploma - Instead of completing a high school diploma, Non-Traditional students may have passed the General Education Development (GED) exam or received a certificate of high school completion

Top 8 Scholarships available for Nontraditional students

Following there are Top 8 Scholarships available for Nontraditional students. Let’s discuss each one in brief:

ProjectED Ben Franklin and the Electric Fire Video Contest

The non-traditional students who are enrolled in college presently can apply for this video contest. Two scholarships for $1000 and three scholarships for $200 are awarded. Deadline- September 22.

Return2College Internship

If any student who is enrolling in college within the next 12 months can qualify for this $1,500 scholarship. No matter whether the student is a full-time or part-time, undergraduate or a graduate degree program. Deadline- September 30.

Milton G. Wright Scholarship

Undergraduate students who are currently enrolled at least part-time in any college are provided a scholarship of $500 by TG Adventures in Education, every month. Deadline - September 30.

CampusDiscovery.com Scholarship

Students who are recently graduated or currently pursuing a college can apply for this $5,000 scholarship. Students have to complete a short survey about the college and a short essay explaining what advice would they like to give their younger ones. Deadline- September 30.

General Scholarships for Higher Learning

The students who are 16 years or older can avail of the scholarship of $1,500 sponsored by Hotline hotel. Four short essays are to be completed by the students who want to apply for this scholarship. Deadline- October 15.

Bankrate Future Selfie Scholarship

This type of scholarship is available for the U.S. students (except residents of New Hampshire) who are 17 years or older. One $3,000 award and two $1,000 awards are available. Deadline- October 31.

Imagine America Adult Skill Education Program

Students who are 21 or older can qualify for several $1,000 scholarships offered by the Imagine American Foundation. Deadline- December 31.

Impact a Life Scholarship

There are three scholarships ($400, $600 and $1,000) available in this program. An essay explaining how raffle drawings can help organizations or businesses must be written by the students. Deadline- December 31.

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