Cost of Attendance


Net Price

Concordia University Chicago (CU) Tuition and Fees

The university constantly works on providing educational access to students while promoting inquiry, civic engagement, social justice, lifelong learning, and equity for all.

They are highly focused on helping each understudy accomplish their own yearnings through high-caliber, moderate instruction.

Total Cost of Attendance

Student typeIn-stateOut-State
Tuition & Fees$32,078$32,078
Book & Supplies$1,200$1,200
Room & Board cost$9,748$9,748
Other Expenses$1,400$1,400
Total Cost of Attendance$44,426$44,426

Before choosing a university, it is advised to have a better understanding of the various costs associated with the entire course.

As shown in the table above, the total cost of attendance for in-state and out-state is $44,426 while the tuition & fee for in-state and out-state are $32,078

Additionally, the following costs are involved:

Books and Supplies - $1,200

Room and Board - $9,748

Other expenses in-state and out-state - $1,400

Average Net Price by Family Income

Net Price


Family Income

Avg. Net Price

$0 to $30,000


$30,001 to $48,000


$48,001 to $75,000


$75,001 to $110,000




The average net price while attending Concordia University Chicago is $7,367. Net price is an indicator of what it actually costs to attend Concordia University Chicago when typical grants and scholarships are considered. The net price varies by family income and financial need.

As shown in the table the net price paid by those students who have a family income from $0 to $30,000 is $16,775 but those who have a family income of over $110,000 have to pay a net price of $21,097.

This is done to facilitate the students who come from low-income families so that they don’t have to face any hardship while getting their degree.

Student Loans

Example Loans


Stafford Loan Interest


Time to Pay off Student Loan


Example monthly payment


Total interest paid


Sum of Loan Payments


To have a realistic understanding of how much it will cost to study at Concordia University Chicago (CU) here is an example one can consider to estimate the payment amounts one will incur with a student loan. Take a loan of $67,228 for example. This will result in a $8,372 payment to be made each year. We can assume that the interest rate is 4.5% post any refinancing or consolidation activities with a NA repayment plan. Then the total payment made towards the loan is $83,722 which is $16,494 in addition to the principal amount, which constitutes the interest payment made throughout the life of the loan.

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Student typeIn-stateOut-State
Tuition & Fees$32,078$32,078
Room & Board Cost$9,748$9,748
Total Tuition & Fees$41,826$41,826

As shown in the table the UG total tuition and fees out-state is same as that of in-state tuition which is $41,826. It should be noted that net price includes tuition and required fees, books and supplies, and the average cost for room and board and other expenses. 

Graduate Tuition and Fees


The Graduate tuition for in-state and out-state students are $8,910 and the graduate fees for both in-state and out-state are $270. 

Cost Per Credit Hour

DegreeYearCost per Credit hour
Graduate2018 - 2019$440
Undergraduate2018 - 2019$937

Undergraduate cost per credit hour is $937 and the graduate cost per credit hour is $440.

This should be noted that not all schools permit single class enlistment. These costs ought to be utilized for correlation purposes with regards to the amount it might cost to take a class at Concordia University Chicago versus different schools.

Campus Housing Expenses

Housing & other expensesOn CampusOff Campus
Room & Board$9,748$5,850
Other Expense$1,400$1,700
Book & Supplies$1,200$1,200

Choosing between an on-campus or off-campus room and board depends on the convenience of the student.

The books and supplies cost $1,200 and the other expenses one can expect are $1,400 for those on campus and $1,700 for those on off-campus.

Campus Housing Expenses

Housing & Other Expenses

Room & Boards

On Campus


Off Campus


Housing & Other Expenses

Other Expenses

On Campus


Off Campus


Housing & Other Expenses

Book & Supplies

On Campus


Off Campus


Choosing between an on-campus or off-campus room and board depends on the convenience of the student.

The books and supplies cost $1,200 and the other expenses one can expect are $1,400 for those on campus and $1,700 for those on off-campus.

Online Degree Programs, Tuition and Cost Per Credit Summary

Degree TypeTotal Average TuitionAverage Tuition Per Credit
Masters NA NA
Bachelors $64,640 $505
Certificate $7,260 NA
Certificate $7,260 NA
Doctorate NA NA
Associate $32,320 $505
Graduate Certificate NA NA

Concordia University Chicago (CU) offers 70 online programs across 9 Majors.

Projected Price for a 4 year degree

Based on published tuition prices, we estimate the current cost of a 4-year bachelor's degree and living expenses at Concordia University Chicago to be $177,704 - assuming graduation in normal time. The estimation assumes a 4% annual increase over the next 4 years which has been the recent trend for this school.

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