Counseling Degree, Requirements, Tuition Cost, Jobs and Salary

About Counseling

What is Counseling?

Counseling is a profession that provides advice or gives guidance to an individual suffering from trauma, depression, anxiety, eating and anger management. 

Counseling falls under the group of ‘talking therapies’ and lets people discuss their problems and any difficult feelings in a safe and confidential environment. This term can mean different things to different people, but actually, it is a process where people seek when they want to change something in their lives or simply explore their problems and feelings in more depth.

An important part of counseling is that your conversation with the counselor is very confidential and secretive. Each counselor has a responsibility of guiding and helping clients with problems and ensure complete treatment to that problem. 

Counseling helps a lot to people in helping solve their problems, the various benefits are:

  • Removing negative thoughts from one's mind.

  • Maintain good relationships with people around you.

  • Develop skills.

  • Acquire emotional intelligence.

  • increased ability to control one's urge in any difficult situation.

Online Education in Counseling

  • Flexibility and effective utilization of time.

  • You can save money compared to offline learning.

  • You get a lot of course options.

  • You get student and teacher collaboration and support.

  • Online Education is accessible, it is for everyone and can be accessed from anywhere.

  • Students get an opportunity to work, as interns.

  • You can also get scholarships based on credits and marks.

Why study Counseling?

  • This course provides you a balance between academic space, skills development, and professional practices

  • You can learn something which can be implemented in real life

  • You can find exciting degree choices

  • You can make a positive impact on society

  • This course offers you to work with a new set of people

Specialization in Counseling

  • Art Therapy-it is a psychotherapy treatment to resolve problems through fine arts

  • Counseling Physiology-this counseling refers to physiological problems

  • School Counseling-counsel students for the differences and problems raised by students and school environment

  • The couple and Family Counseling-it is a field of study for problems between married couple and family problems

  • Mental and Health Counseling-the field of treatment for mental and other physiological disorders

  • Drug Addiction Counselling-it relates to the study of counseling for drugs and alcohol.

Where can you work?

Based on our specialization, counselors with a master’s degree may pursue roles in many fields.

These are a few of the employment opportunities available in counseling-

  • School and Career Counselors

    • School counselors work with students to help them in academic success and address personal issues.

    • Career counselors provide information on college programs, job skills training, and other post-graduation ways for students to decide their future.

  • Mental Health Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists

    • These counselors specialize in helping people, couples, or families to cope with emotional to personal issues

    • They diagnose mental and emotional disorders, advice therapy, and help their clients to lead happy, productive lives

  • Rehabilitation Counselors

    • They assist clients living with physical, emotional, and developmental disabilities

    • They administer counseling in  one-on-one or group meeting, working with clients to develop long-term plans

  • Addiction Counselors

    • They are substance abuse and addiction counselors. specialize in treating patients who struggle with alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling, and other destructive habits

    • These counselors help clients explore the problematic behaviors that trigger their addictions


Seeking help for your problems won't make you weak, it means that you are trying to get stronger. A counselor can help you with this.This is a reason why someone takes up such a career. Here in this article, we talk about the what is counseling and its career opportunities. To have a career in counseling you should have a degree in psychology.

Average Tuition and Cost for Counseling Degrees

Degree type Total Tuition Tuition Per Credit
Bachelors $ 45405 $ 372
Associate $ 8783 $ 190
Masters $ 33372 $ 645
Doctorate $ 32629 $ 632

Degrees offered in Counseling Degrees


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Required Average Credits: 64


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Required Average Credits: 124


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Required Average Credits: 55

Accreditation for Counseling

Colleges Offering Counseling Programs and Degrees

Liberty University

Liberty University

1971 University Blvd, Lynchburg, Virginia 24515

Regent University

Regent University

1000 Regent University Dr, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464

Emporia State University

Emporia State University

1 Kellogg Circle, Emporia, Kansas 66801-5415

Colorado Theological Seminary

Colorado Theological Seminary

104 E. Michigan Ave., #549 Lake Helen, FL 32744

Azusa Pacific University (APU)

Azusa Pacific University (APU)

901 E Alosta, Azusa, California 91702

Christian Leadership University

Christian Leadership University

3792 Broadway St. Cheektowaga, NY 14227 – 1123

Hampton University

Hampton University

100 E Queen St, Hampton, VA 23668, USA

Capella University

Capella University

225 South 6th Street, 9th Floor, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402-3389

Louisiana Baptist University (LBU)

Louisiana Baptist University (LBU)

6301 Westport Avenue, Shreveport, LA 71129