Distance Education Accrediting Commission

The Distance Education Accrediting Commission(DEAC) is a private organization that works as an accreditor for institutions providing distance education.

Posted by Deepthi Raj on 27th February 2018

Distance Education Accrediting Commission

The Distance Education Accrediting Commission(DEAC) is a non-profit, private organization that works as an accreditor.

DEAC provides accreditation for institutions that offer distance education and is recognized by the U.S Department of education and also the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

The DEAC is the distinguished organization providing worldwide accreditation for distance education that sets appreciative standards in terms of academic excellence encouraging superiority in education, learning, and student results through assessment and peer review.

Accreditation provided by means of DEAC covers all distance education events within an institution

It offers a single source of nationally recognized accreditation from primary school level to professional doctoral degree-granting organizations.

 What are the eligibility requirements for an institution?

An institution should essentially encounter all eligibility requirements before it gains the candidate status

  • The institution offers programs that are mainly concerned with distance education or correspondence education.

  • The organization must be accurately licensed, authorized, exempted or approved by the valid state educational official authority.

  • The institution should enroll students in recent programs for a duration of two consecutive years under the present ownership during the initial application.

  • An evidence through examined or revised financial declarations that the organization is financially firm.

  • The name that is being used by the organization is permitted from any association with any action that might damage the reputation of the Accrediting Commission.

  • The institution, its owners, governing board members, officials, and administrators possess sound reputations and demonstrate a record of integrity and ethical conduct.

  • The organization approves that as part of the application process, the owners, officers, and managers may be subject to a background check by DEAC

Distance Education Accrediting Commission Universities

Penn Foster College Ashworth College
California Intercontinental University Grantham University
Atlantic University Columbia Southern University
City Vision University California Coast University
Anaheim University American Sentinel University
Catholic Distance University American Business and Technology University
Abraham Lincoln University Brookline College
American Graduate University University of Management and Technology
Westcliff University Aspen University
EC Council University American College of Healthcare Sciences

What are the benefits of DEAC??

  • Builds up confidence among disciples about the programs offered by the institution, whether they have been assessed and encounter rigorous standards authorized by education industry authorities ranging from high school to doctoral degree as well as non-degree certificate

  • Commission increases and enhances job opportunities for its students perusing graduation from an accredited institution.

  • Authenticates the unique means for delivering programs are reliable with best educational practices and offers students with an assurance that the education perusing by them is valuable and worth time, money, and effort.

  • Permits an institution to obtain public recognition for the quality programs and facilities presented to students.

  • Encourages the incorporation and constant development of best practice in support of student success and institutional progress.

  • Provides a document regarding institutions mission, goals and objectives by determining the success of each resolution of continuous self-assessment.

 What are DEACs Strategic Directions for Student Success?

  • DEAC exemplifies a new pattern in which accrediting organizations are identified by their innovation and excellence rather than geographic boundaries.

  • DEAC Accreditation compliments and strengthens institutional status through its unexpected understanding of the changing distance education

  • DEAC sets a standard for distance education that ensures excellence in teaching, learning and student outcome

  • DEAC supports institutions that meet a high bar and helping applicants meeting the standard of excellence.


The Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) is a private, non-profit organization that provides accreditation to universities that offer distance education.