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About Music

Music Degree

What is Music?

  • The origins of music? Nobody knows... it’s very difficult to determine because it is likely to have begun with singing and clapping or beating the hands on different surfaces.

  • Music is history- Revolutionary war soldiers used to sing the tunes of "Yankee Doodle".

  • Music is a connection- It connects us with strangers through same taste in music.

  • Music is an escape- escape from everything.

Online education in Music

  • Online Music programs offer you the chance to learn from a variety of subjects, from music hypothesis to concert performance.

  • Irrespective of being technically proficient or academically curious, music studies provide an engaging approach to a greater appreciation of the art

  • The USA remains the world’s most popular destination for international students. Universities in the US dominates the world rankings in online coaching in Music, and the country also offers a wide variety of exciting study locations which might inspire you as students

  • Obviously, there is both a drawback and an upside to taking on the online courses. Firstly, you must make sure that the school is authentic and accredited; and also enquire about how much the tuition cost would be along with additional fees 

Why study Music?

  • We are in a place where groundbreaking research on "how the brain works?", Music helps to stimulate parts of the brain, facilitating the synchronization of learning.

  • Music develops psychological learning and encourages development in numerous regions of human development.

    • These are the scientific reasons to pursue music. 

    • There are fewer drop-out rates and higher emotional stability who study music.

  • Apart from these points, music is an ever-growing industry where talented people work passionately.

Specializations in Music

  • Music Production

    • Here we get to learn the knowledge and tools for the production of professional sounding music.

    • We get to learn the art of record production and recording it.

  • Music Theory

    • It can be specified as the study of musical structure in which we contemplate the historic and contemporary ways to construct music, and ways in which can be deconstructed and the analytical modeling through analysis.

  • Music technology

    • The program exceptionally joins inventive experience and expert preparing in Composition, Performance, Production, and Distribution of music in an innovative way in digital media.

  • Ethnomusicology

    • The investigation of music as culture, how music functions around the globe, why it exists, what it means, and how it reflects, references, and arches our human condition.

  • Musicology

    • The insightful investigation of music from everyone's perspectives. Beyond playing and composing, performers and their advantages from understanding the extensive criticalness of music and the role of artists in historical and contemporary contexts.

Where can you work?

  • Musicians and Singers: Musicians and singers play one or more instruments or sing for a living. You don't really need to have a degree to procure a living as a performer or artist unless you need to seek a vocation as an established artist or vocalist

  • Music Directors and Composers: Music directors are accountable for driving symphonies amid their exhibitions, while authors compose music. Composers write music for movies, musicals, TV shows and commercials, opera, or theatre.

  • Music Teachers: Music teacher’s at any school level can teach choir, or marching band, depending on the activities offered by their school. 

  • Sound Engineering Technicians: Sound engineering technicians use professional equipment to record music artists and bands, a process that involves synchronizing, editing, and mixing music


In this article, we see the influence of music as a education and their importance. Also, there are details of online education in music, specializations, and the areas of jobs opportunities. Music influences almost everyone lives, not all can do music or have a career in it, only a few gifted people have that in them and go forward with passion and make an amazing life out of it! 

Average Tuition and Cost for Music Degrees

Degree type Total Tuition Tuition Per Credit
Bachelors $ 63047 $ 515
Associate $ 11722 $ 185
Masters $ 19444 $ 728
Doctorate $ 48114 $ 717

Degrees offered in Music Degrees


Eligibility See best colleges
Required Average Credits: 61


Eligibility See best colleges
Required Average Credits: 124


Eligibility See best colleges
Required Average Credits: 34

Accreditation for Music

Colleges Offering Music Programs and Degrees

Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music

1140 Boylston St, Boston, Massachusetts 02215

Foothill College

Foothill College

12345 El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022

Emporia State University

Emporia State University

1 Kellogg Circle, Emporia, Kansas 66801-5415

Texas State University

Texas State University

601 University Dr, San Marcos, Texas 78666

Glendale Community College (GCCAZ)

Glendale Community College (GCCAZ)

6000 W Olive Ave, Glendale, Arizona 85302

Calvary University

Calvary University

15800 Calvary Rd., Kansas City, MO 64147

Auburn University (AU)

Auburn University (AU)

Auburn University Auburn, Alabama 36849

University of Maine at Augusta (UMA)

University of Maine at Augusta (UMA)

46 University Drive, Augusta, ME 04330

Academy of Art University

Academy of Art University

79 New Montgomery, San Francisco, California 94105