About the Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded by the Alabama State Department of Veterans Affairs, an organization that assists all the eligible veterans, their families, and survivors to receive funds from the U.S. and State Governments to pay for their education and pursue the degree of their dream without any obstacles.

This program was created in 1947 for veterans, one who has honorably served at least 90 days of continuous active federal military service during wartime. And an individual must be a legal resident beyond 30 miles radius from the campus.

How to apply for the scholarship?

  • Interested applicants can collect an application from the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs Office, which can be found in each county of the state of Alabama.

  • A student must also fill in the FAFSA application form that is used to determine the financial position of a student and their family.

  • A student needs to fulfill certain age restrictions that can be found on the official website of the organization.

How much the scholarship award amounts to?

The award amounts to approximately $3000 for which recipients are allowed without payment of any tuition for up to 5 years.

The deadline for the submission of the application varies and it depends.

Eligibility Criteria

  • An applicant must be a current resident of Alabama at the time of application and must finish filling up FAFSA to determine their eligibility criteria.

  • A student must meet the standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) as defined by a student's institution.

  • An individual must initiate their training under this program before their 26th birthday.

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