Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, American Bar Association

American Bar Association is the association that provides accreditation to law programs and the law schools. This blog has many insights for you to know, so go on and read further.

Updated by Ankita Paul on 25th February 2020

Council of the Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar, American Bar Association

The American Bar Association is one of the world's biggest deliberate proficient associations, with more than 400,000 individuals and in excess of 3,500 entities.

Established in 1878, the ABA is focused on supporting the legal profession with functional assets for legal experts while enhancing the organization of justice, authorizing graduate schools, setting up moral codes. They have their head office in Chicago. 

Guiding Values of the council

To serve individuals equally, profession and people in general by shielding freedom and conveying equity as the national illustrative of the law. Core values that guide them are-

  • Serving members

  • Improving Profession

  • Elimination of Bias

  • Enhanced diversity

  • Developed Rule of law

Eligibility Requirements of ABA

The eligibility criteria's which the colleges have to follow are - 

  • A graduate school looking for endorsement by the Council should exhibit that it is being worked consistency with the standards.

  • A graduate school might outfit a finished yearly poll, self-study, site assessment survey, and such other data as the Accreditation Committee or council may require.

  • The dignitary and the workforce might have the essential duty and expert for planning, implementing, and regulating the program of legitimate instruction of the graduate school.

  • A graduate school might have a full-time senior member with the expert and bolster important to release the duties of the position.

  • A graduate school should keep up a thorough program of legitimate instruction that readies its understudies, upon graduation, for admission to the bar and for successful, moral, and capable interest as individuals from the lawful calling.

  • A graduate school should embrace, distribute, and hold fast to composed approaches and strategies for deciding the credit hours that it grants for coursework.

  • A graduate school should have a staff whose capabilities and experience empower the graduate school to worked consistency with the Standards and complete its program of lawful training. 

Colleges and universities accredited by ABA

Few colleges and universities which fall under this accreditation are - 

University of San Diego Samford University
New York University Indiana University
Boston University The University of Alabama

Decision Making Bodies of ABA

Commissions, which might be made by determination of the House of Delegates characterizing their forces and obligations, should examine and contemplate particular issues identifying with the reasons or business of the Association. Unless it is proceeded by the House, a commission ends with the suspension of the main yearly gathering after its creation.


American Bar Association like other associations is an accrediting organization which certifies programs on the law with the certification of law school. They strive to prepare the best law graduates who would be ready to go into the real world and preserve justice.