Schools That Require the CSS Profile [Complete List for 2021/2022]

Are you interested in schools requiring the CSS profile but not sure what it is exactly? Find out which colleges that require the CSS profile.

TCM Staff

23rd October 2021

The average US college charges over $10,000 per year to students who attend an undergraduate program. With rent, transportation, groceries, debt, and any other financial obligations, tuition fees make it difficult for many people to attend college. That’s why there are options for financial aid available to students. But, it’s not always easy to assess everyone’s financial needs. That’s why there are schools that require the CSS Profile.



What is the CSS Profile?


The College Board, who administers the SAT and AP exams, also administers a financial aid form called the CSS Profile. The CSS Profile helps make education more accessible to everyone. It helps colleges determine your level of financial need, and then awards you a financial aid package that’s consistent with that need. Some schools require the CSS Profile to improve their financial aid offerings. 


Similar to the FAFSA application, the CSS Profile requires a prospective student to submit the following information:

  • Tax returns
  • W-2s
  • Bank statements
  • Records of income


Unlike the FAFSA application, the CSS Profile demonstrates a thorough snapshot of your household income. While the FAFSA assesses your need for federal financial aid, the CSS Profile is a much more in-depth tool used to assess how much additional financial aid you might need to cover your college costs. 


The profile helps colleges more easily assess the kind of institutional aid they could offer a student, in addition to any federal aid. This is vital because federal financial aid isn’t usually sufficient in covering the cost of college. 


You also must pay a fee of $25 to send your CSS Profile to a college, and $16 each to send it to more than one school. 


Schools Participating in CSS Profile (2021-2022)

The CSS Profile schools have facilitated a streamlined, convenient way for students to access financial aid. For the academic session of 2021-2022, 152 colleges will use the CSS Profile to award financial aid.

The following consolidated list constitutes both public and private educational institutions, all colleges that require the CSS Profile. From Ivy Leagues to Liberal Arts Colleges, the CSS Profile earned popularity across various educational institutions in a short period of time. 

The CollegeBoard has additional, supplementary information on the CSS Profile, including the CSS Code, CSS Profile for domestic vs. international students. 

Here’s a list of schools that require the CSS Profile:

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