Every School That Requires a CSS Profile

Are you interested in the CSS profile but not sure what exactly is it and what are the colleges that require a CSS profile? Read this article to know more.

Updated by Tanya Dutta on 7th November 2020

The conception of the CSS Profile and FAFSA has certified the accessibility of education to each, and everyone. FAFSA and the CSS Profile, though with similar dictums, have their separate set of traffic. 

While resorting to financial aid through the CSS Profile, the applicant must have prior knowledge of its serviceability, and an acknowledgment of the CSS Profile schools. With over 400 participating colleges and universities, the CSS Profile has developed over the years, extending its perks to one and all. 

The U.S Department of Education has celebrated 120 years of laudable service by extending education to everyone, irrespective of caste, creed, and economical background. The CSS profile is another boon of their selfless act of kindness. Regulated by the College Board, the CSS Profile is a tool for determining the required degree of financial assistance for an applicant. This article constitutes a consolidated list of every educational institution that requires a CSS Profile. 

Participating in CSS Profile Schools (2021-22)

The CSS Profile schools have facilitated an easy means for financial aid to students. For the academic session of 2021-2022, a sum of 152 colleges, and universities have taken part in the CSS Profile. The consolidated list constitutes both public and private educational institutions. From Ivy Leagues to Liberal Arts Colleges, the CSS Profile has earned popularity in a very short period of time. Supplementary information (CSS Code, CSS Profile for domestic/international) on the CSS Profile schools can be acquired from the CollegeBoard website. We have prepared a list of every school (in alphabetical order) that requires the CSS Profile. 

The CSS Profile - A bird’s eye view

Regulated by the College Board, the CSS Profile is a form used for extending financial aid to students. It is used as a tool to determine the required degree of financial assistance for students. Holding a semantic objective as that of FAFSA, the CSS Profile seeks details on the student, parents/guardians, bank statements, tax returns, family income, and more. This collectively aids in calculating the Expected Family contribution (EFC)

A striking difference between FAFSA and the CSS Profile is the depth of the required in. The CSS Profile requires in-depth details on a plethora of aspects. Another distinguishing feature of the CSS Profile is that the application is to be sent to the educational institution of choice. A nominal amount of $25 is charged as the application cost, followed by an additional $16 for each (applied) school.

The CSS Profile - Purpose

Federal aids may not suffice for an entire load of financial deficits. Enter the CSS Profile. It collects comprehensive information on the socio-economic background of the student and calculates the institutional financial aid required by the applicant. This is in addition to any Federal-aid received by the student. Further, there are several scholarships that utilize the CSS Profile. The institutional economical assistance is dynamic (with respect to the college/university), and typically in the form of scholarships and grants.

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