Practical Steps to crack the New SAT Writing & Language Test

Determine which time you’d like to focus on studying and which hour you’d like to enjoy the outdoors. SAT preparation usually takes 60–90 days of preparation. Practice tests can actually help you regain your knowledge and help you be prepared for the actual test. Read on…

TCM Staff

27th May 2020

The SAT test is conducted by the College Board as an assessment of the student’s verbal and mathematical proficiency and tested through a multiple-choice format. It is a mandatory reasoning and aptitude test for undergraduate studies in the USA. 

Following are two important points which you must keep in mind while preparing for the SAT:

Time your practice

Get used to timing your practice. Time your test even if you are solving questions from a book or worksheet. 

Identify weak areas

What is most important for you? To practice your concepts or to manage your time better? When you know what you need to focus on, you will be able to create a plan for improvement. Then all you need to do is work on your plan.

SAT Writing and Language Guide

It is really a challenging task to deal with. Few things that needs to be kept in mind are:

  • choose the succinct answer - reply with a concise and clear answer

  • Handle no change answer more carefully - always do a double check

Ultimate Guide

Combining Sentences

For ‘combining sentences’ questions, ensure you read sentences carefully, without rushing. Try to understand the information in the sentences first and then only move on to reading the answer choices. Otherwise, you are likely to get confused.

Negative Approach

Try to identify the error before looking at the answer choices and eliminate the wrong answers.

Think While Reading

You must be able to think while you are reading rather than just reading continuously. Keep analyzing the line that you just read and stop when you are confused or have a question or thought about what you just read.

Guide for SAT Essay Writing 

The SAT essay- It is all about analyzing and interpreting another person's argument. Don't start giving your opinion on the topic and letting your perspective creep too much into your writing. You should solely focus on how the author builds his or her argument. It is best if you come up with a number of different techniques the author uses that are supported by concrete evidence. Then, structure your essay around describing those techniques. At least write in that way where you ensure that your essay thoroughly covers all the relevant points. You can make a proper structure with framed and organized ideas. The skills that are being checked are content with logical framed ideas, grammar and writing discourse, your vocabulary, and your writing etiquette & presentation skills.

The one strategy which you can do regarding SAT is reading books. Plus you may need to take some practice tests which will help you retain a lot of information.

Want to score higher in the SAT essay? You may read: How to get the perfect score for SAT essay 

Format for the new SAT

In some colleges, it is necessary to appear for the essay so students should keep that in mind. You must check the criteria on the desired college’s website. The multiple-choice questions’ score and the essay’s score are recorded separately.

The sections in the SAT are:

  • Mathematics Evidence-based reasoning

  • Writing an essay (optional)

The number of questions asked and the time allotted for them are:

  • Reading- 52 Multiple Choice Questions in 65 minutes.

  • Writing and Language- 44 Multiple Choice Questions in 35 minutes.

You can read about old SAT to New SAT conversion


SAT Writing and Language can be prepared very well if you read a lot and take notes a lot. You just have to go for practice, even with writing and language. Keep practicing the past papers and familiarise yourself with the type of passages they come up with and how to crack it. You must have to understand the most important grammar rules and how they work. Figure out your writing weaknesses and drill them. Finally, understanding and learning from your mistakes is the ultimate key.

Practice. Only practice can save you. Nothing else can beat this.

Good Luck!

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