How Long Does It Take To Become A Writer?

To become a librarian, you might be wondering how long it take to become a professional writer? This article briefs about how much time you could spend on learning the skills and professionalism.

Updated by TCM Staff on 6th June 2020

Writing is a hobby for few and a passion for the few. At some point, your hobby could turn out as a serious concern and you might want to take up this as your profession. Writing is an art of playing with words and portraying the ideology with phrases. 

A writer is a skilled individual who puts across their ideas, thoughts into poems, articles, sayings, stories and other forms of scripts. Prospective students who aim at  becoming a good writer can follow the specific steps, various degree levels to enhance their knowledge in writing.

The time you should invest in becoming a writer depends on the career path you choose and your interest. In this article we will discuss two methods of becoming a writer and how long it takes to become a professional.

How long does it take to become a good writer?

There are two paths to become a professional writer, one being the formal method and second being the informal method. 

If you are interested in getting employed at an organization, you must meet the education requirements through formal education. Whereas, if you want to become an independent writer, you must opt the informal method which we will discuss in detail further. 

Formal method of becoming a writer

From the employers perspective, a master’s degree is the minimum degree required to become a writer which could take about 5-6 years to meet the required standards. 

Under this, students who are interested in working as a writer at an organization choose to obtain required education based on what the employer expects. 

  • First, you could earn an Associate’s degree in English or a Bachelor’s degree in English by spending 2-4 years to obtain education and complete coursework such as business communication, english literature, creative writing, advanced composition, journalism or communication. and editing.

  • Earn a Master’s degree in Writing which is a 2 years program  to get in-depth knowledge on the creating writing, word emphasis, professional writing and other specializations. Also, other majors you could choose are literature, Fine arts, creative writing  and other. 

  • A Ph.D takes about 3-5 years which emphasis on composition, creative writing and literature. You are required to conduct research work and write a thesis to complete this program and usually suitable for those who aim at becoming writing scholars, educators at the university level. 

Informal method becoming a writer

Some candidates choose to adopt this method where there are no necessary educational requirements but your experience plays an important role. Hence, becoming a writer informally depends on how much time you take to deliver the quality your readers expect. 

However, to establish yourself as an independent writer in the industry, you must connect with publishers, present your writings in the newspapers and other media. Also, gaining experience by posting your articles on social media, trying guest posting, publishing your work in magazines and building your contacts will help you build a bright future. 

If you feel the lack of technicality in your articles, you could enroll in courses which provide professional skills in writing and composition. Earning certification by writing in areas such as fiction, film writing, grant writing helps you become unique as well as increasing your demands.


In the recent years, there is an increased demand for writers who possess technical skills as the digital marketing is blooming, use the online media as a mode to convey your thoughts which will enhance your skills as well as improve your writing.

To write better, you could also use the effective tips to become a good writer to frame better compositions and become more marketable in the competitive world.

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