How to Be a Successful High School Student

Everyone want to be the best High School student.Unlikely, only few top it. Want to be one of them? Follow these tips- Know the secrets only the toppers know!!

Updated by Viswathika on 28th February 2020

There are two types of students, the one who feels satisfied after getting 90+ scores and the one who feels happy by scoring the just-pass marks. These grades do not depend upon the smartness or intelligence, no person is born perfect, it is the mere time which shapes you up. 

All successful students have many common routine works and traits. Want to be one among them? Want to be an inspiration for other students?

In this article, we see how to be a successful Highschool student. Readout and follow these tips to be one.

Success has different definitions according to different students. For some having perfect 'A' GPA is a success while achieving in sports and extracurricular for few. However you define success, there is no easy way to achieve it. But having a proper plan and discipline can may you achieve it.

Be organized

Be organized

With the advent of Technology, teens lost a precious gift- Time. Smartphones made students unorganized. You sit to study and spend half of your time choosing which subject to start with then the next half by choosing the material to study. Finally, you end up studying nothing. To avoid these happenings be well organized. 

Maintain a diary to note down your day-to-day plans, make it very precise by including all the essential details like and have a calendar to mark your monthly goals and schedule. Having a proper plan and schedule makes you utilize the time properly and reduces distraction that leads to wasting of time.

Dream Big

Dream big

You are the product of your thoughts. Dream big and have grater thoughts to be successful. Have a higher purpose to live. Dream makes you desire for something very unique and essential for your life. It ensures a high level of excitement thus you stay highly focused. Therefore, you should be serious about dreaming big and improve the quality of your life. Find the reasons to get good grades. Make your parents happy and your co-mates admire you. Be a positive example and a trend-setter. Do not be one among the crowd try being the one above the crowd. Dreaming big motivates you and makes you achieve more.

Stay healthy

One who has health has hope; one that has hope has everything. So have a healthy body. A healthy body gives you a peaceful inner self which makes you confident and more active the whole day.

Schedule your eating time and integrate your diet with it. Eat fruits and robust foods and avoid having foods with high oil content, it makes you lazy and reduces your work efficiency. As well as give your body proper time to rest. Wake up early and practice meditation that increases your blood circulation and increases memory. This keeps you fresh, active and gives you more time as well.

Do one task at a time

no multitasking

Avoid multitasking! Like listening to songs while doing your homework or doing an assignment watching your favorite football show. Do you think you are saving your time? But no you are not. Multitasking reduces your productivity and effectiveness. Affecting your work is secondary, you know what? Multitasking can affect your memory and reduces your IQ by 15 points.

Remember Time management is not about doing more things; it’s about doing more of the important things. So next time you do your homework or assignments, do it with full concentration.

Join a Club

join a club

Joining a club makes you social and builds your networking. You can find new friends and meet more talented people, learn new every day. It develops your leadership traits. It develops your soft skills like communication, attitude and work ethic. This is the best way you can give back to society by helping your juniors to succeed. Joining a club enhances your extracurricular activity record so it looks good in your college application. 

Join the club according to your interests. As a first step check out all the clubs available. Choose the one that you feel is best for you. If you feel no club suits you, start a club on your own by getting permission from your High School principal.

Be an All-rounder

Do not just be a book-worm. Sucess in highschool does not only refers to academic success but your overall performance in all fields. Play your favorite sport very often. Do not play it alone, play it with your team. You will learn 'Teamwork' and confidence to face 'failure' and humbleness to celebrate your 'success' which in turn improves your Self-Esteem. It also improves your blood circulation and keeps you fit. If you have an interest in music, try joining your music band or involve yourself in any kind of extra-curricular activity.

Choose Your Friends Wisely


While choosing your friends prefer like-minded people and people who have higher goals and beliefs as you. This motivates and encourages you when you feel low or sad. People around should have thirst for knowledge that should make you learn more things. Do not form a useless gang whose only goal is to enjoy and waste time. These kinds of friendships will help you in no way. Find someone who will celebrate your success and supports you during your failure. A simple rule to get friends is to give what you expect. Friendship is all about to give and take kind of relationship. Be a good friend to get the best ones back.

There is no shortcut to reach your dream. Still getting successful do not demand more of hard work, little smart work can do everything. Remember: Great people don't do different things, they do things differently. Success requires discipline and consistency. Have a lifelong commitment to learning, not just the academic part but the life skills too. This makes you a successful student as well as a successful human as a whole. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. So get a positive good network always around you. Wishes from our team to you to get successful.