Is Computer Engineering Worth It?

This article focuses on why computer engineering is a good career to choose and also an overview of the potential growth and scope of this career path..

Updated by TCM Staff on 20th August 2020

In the era of technology, computers, internet, phones, and other gadgets have become a major part of human life. Softwares, circuits, applications are designed and tested by computer engineers with a combined knowledge of core mathematics, electrical engineering, and computer science. 

A bachelor’s degree in computer engineering is the minimum preferred degree or certification as a professional engineer (PE) to land a high paying job. Students can also choose the Online Computer Science Degree Programs which offer diverse courses at an affordable rate. Students can reap benefits such as a flexible schedule and earn a degree with lesser completion time. 

To conclude whether computer engineering is a good career you need to consider several factors such as the future scope of the field, salaries offered, job opportunities, and how one can advance their career and potentials. This article gives an overview of how computer engineers can build a good career.

How to start as a Computer Engineer?

Computer engineers have high academic excellence and knowledge of coding and programming. They are well versed in multiple disciplines such as electronics, robotics, artificial intelligence, computer systems, and embedded architecture. 

If your interests and career goals align with the role of this profession you can start your career right away to Becoming a Computer Engineer

Start by following easy steps such as enrolling in a full-time university program or an accredited online program. Students usually start with an associate’s degree in computer engineering to gain surface level knowledge and jump to an entry-level job. To earn better-paying jobs, you are required to complete a Bachelor’s degree in computer science as a major. 

What is the Future of Computer Engineering?

Due to the increased demand for computer software, Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the average growth of computer engineers is about 22 percent during the period of 2012 to 2022. This is growing faster than the average growth of all jobs and additional job opportunities are created to meet the demands. 

Whereas the demand for computer hardware is lesser due to the increased demand for software compared to hardware.hence the average growth of the job is 7 percent during the period of 2012 to 2022 which is slower than the average growth of the jobs.

Acquiring good technical knowledge and grades from a reputed college will give you an upper hand among the rest of the applicants from the employer's perspective. You must meet the necessary Qualifications for a Computer Engineer by gaining the right education from college and key skills to perform roles and activities while you settle at a job. 

What is good about choosing Computer Engineering?

Completing your education generally gives you an idea of how long it takes to become a Computer Engineer. You could also choose to advance your career by continuing higher education. You also explore those opportunities as you make a good career. The benefits a student can get by gaining computer education are, 

Good Source of Income:

The advent of technology not only increased the occupations of computer engineers, but it also resulted in paying extremely well. According to the estimation of The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020 the average salary offered to computer engineers is about $84,686 and the salaries usually range between $75,381 and $94,006

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) also recorded that computer engineers with bachelor’s degrees are paid the highest and listed as one of the highest-paid jobs. 

Candidates who choose other career concentration is a relevant field and are also given a handsome salary.

  • Network architects professional- $137,129

  • Software developers- $69,090

  • Computer hardware engineers- $146,190

  • Systems analysts- $75,599

  • Computer programmers- $63,903

  • Computer and information research scientists- $111,879

if you are aiming a becoming a computer engineer, consider these related options in the Career Guide to get a step-by-step procedure, degree levels, concentrations required to land on these professions. With good job growth and salary offered, you can build your career in the right way.

Job Security:

With the increasing demand for computer engineers, job security is estimated high compared to any other profession. From data, we can conclude that the jobs have been adding up for 20 years and there are least signs of recession. 

Computer engineers are growing in every other industry such as healthcare, manufacturing, communications, transportation to name a few. The varied increase in demand for computer engineering determines that every field related to computer science is developing. 


With access to the internet, computer engineers can choose any location to live in and also work from anywhere. By choosing other jobs in related fields such as a consultant helps you travel and provide solutions to the security systems of companies and prevent cyberattacks with specialized skills. Computer engineers are also given the freedom to travel by handling various projects for companies.

High Job Satisfaction:

The roles of computer engineers are not monotonous where they learn new every day and perform new duties. The survey shows that 87% of the engineers were happy with their work and overcame challenges through their work. The roles may include, designing products, researching, testing, debugging, and others. The good news is, any work the computer engineer does makes a positive difference in the world. 

Constant Innovation:

With the continuous evolvement of technologies, the standards are constantly increasing in every field. With acquiring new skills and combining concepts, computer engineers strive to design and develop new products. Also various other technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, automation, robotics call for coding with the use of various programming languages. 

For instance, a security analyst constantly works on appraising the computer hardware and software to prevent hackers and cyber attacks. With the updated software and emerging technologies computers are in good terms and secure the data. 


Many students try to become computer engineers every year. Some fail due to poor planning of their career is always important to determine one’s interests and goals to pursue a path before applying for a college. Comparing various career options and determining what fits the best with your interest is worth spending time. If it fits with your goals, you’ll find computer engineering as a good career option.

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