Myths about the First Day of College

There are many myths about college that require to be dispelled. Learn about the top 5 myths about the first day of college

TCM Staff

19th October 2020

College embarks a new journey in the life of students. Without the solace of their home, and the four walls of high school, they are victim to an assortment of inhibitions (thanks to American entertainment). The myths about the first day of college are in multitudes. 

A popular myth is hazing by the upperclassmen. Stemming from infamous grapevines (American entertainment?), upperclassmen myths have been a persistent concern for all freshmen entrée. 

However, in a true sense, all these myths hold little to no meaning. They are fictitious beliefs that conceive in the minds of students as an aftermath of ‘fish stories’, movies, books, and soap operas. 

The acknowledgment of these myths, and the knowledge of their fallacy, are pivotal for every student. It is always beneficial to stay ahead of the game, primarily to mitigate unsolicited circumstances. Here is a list of the top 5 myths about the first day of college - debunked!

Top 5 myths about the first day of college - debunked 

According to popular culture, “college is big, strange, and scary”. In actuality, college is big, and strange but scary? It is more subjective than you think, and definitely have no tie-in with the rumor-mills. These rumors are traditional, far-fetched tales rooting as a consequence of numerous social phenomenon, and narrations by people. 

College myths have been a burning topic since time immemorial. The 21st century has witnessed the birth of several (very creative) myths that are discussed in every nook and cranny of the world. However, contrary to the notoriety of these ‘fables’, they are stereotypical assumptions. Dive into the following top 5 myths about the first day of school - 

Sorority girls are mean, and frat-parties are volatile

Possibly conceived as a repercussion of teenage ‘chick-flicks’, the myth about Sorority, and Fraternity houses is time-worn. The movie, ‘Sydney White’ is a critic of the unfair stance of Sorority girls and the ‘brutal’, unkempt parties in the Frat-boy houses. However, the credibility of these accounts is as true as the folklores on vampires. They are myths. Sorority girls do ‘hangout’ as a clique, but they are not mean. Similarly, frat-parties are quite ‘hip’ but unlike popular belief, you wouldn’t be trapped six-feet deep in intoxication. 

You wouldn’t find your way around 

Most colleges are ginormous in terms of student-staff population as well as the building area. Irrespective of the size of your institution, you might wonder what are the odds of getting lost in the building? This state of confusion is born every time an individual commences a new journey. 

Fortunately, most schools provide a school map or an advance tour of the campus for every new admission. On the occasion of you getting lost without a site-map or information guide, you may always ask for directions to anyone in your vicinity. A quick chat solves your purpose, and saves your day!

Freshmen are targeted 

Your first thought on entering the school premises may be “what if someone trips me right now?” or “ what if I am called names?” The fear of upperclassmen is inevitable. They are older than you and older in the institution too. A few decades ago, hazing and bullying might have escaped the death rows (figuratively). However, the current norms penalize the use of misconduct by students against peers. You do not need to be anxious about being cornered or singled out by the upperclassmen. 

The concept of ‘plebs’ and the ‘royalty’ is not outwardly practiced. Additionally, it is nearly impossible to distinguish freshmen from the rest, thanks to the enormous student population. Most students are busy surviving academics, extra-curricular, social life, and have zero interest in bludgeoning freshmen. You may pique the interest of a senior, but all in good faith.

Your first squad is your tribe 

An indispensable lesson that your college years will inscribe in you is that change is the only constant in life. You will meet a diverse demographic as you progress through the years, making and losing friends. There is a common concept that the first group of friends or community serves as a constant, static entity until the end of the college tenure. However, the aforementioned notion is seldom legitimate, for, most students experience through a number of cliques, squads, and troops before they stumble upon their ‘tribe’. 

The cafeteria is a social hotspot 

The college cafeteria (which can be multiple) hosts students from all academic levels, and social labels. It is a common space shared by everyone - freshmen, upperclassmen, cheerleaders, jocks, geeks, floaters, and more. In true meaning, it is definitely a social platform. However, unlike what is portrayed in the books and movies, the cafeteria is not the epicenter for social shenanigans or antics. For instance, you wouldn’t find a ‘head table’ where the ‘college royalty’ gather for recess and food. You can eat your food in peace without social drama as a backdrop.  

Concluding thoughts 

College is your essential life lesson, the values you learn at this stage will stay with you till your grave. The myths about the first day of college are, just myths. Being apprehensive on the grounds of getting targeted by a senior, or being hopelessly lost in the college hallways may hinder your pleasant time in the institution. Weaving your college life on the basis of myths, fiction, and funnies will only lead you on a tasking expedition. The idea is to not pay heed to the tall-tales (about freshmen year), buckle up, and embrace this journey. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors, break a leg!

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