National Association of Schools of Dance Commission on Accreditation (NASD)

The National Association of Schools of Dance is the commission for accrediting dance and dance-related programs provided by the institutions. So, read the blog to know more about it.

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26th February 2020

The National Association of Schools of Dance was established in 1981. The motive was to build up a nearer relationship among schools and programs of dance to examine and enhance practices and professional principles in dance instruction and training.

It sets up national models for undergrad and graduate degrees and different certifications for dance and dance-related teaches, and gives help to foundations and people occupied with aesthetic, scholarly, instructive, and other dance-related undertakings.

Guiding Values of the organization

The core values of this organization include-

  • To build up gauges focused on the information and abilities important to create scholarly and proficient skill at different program levels.

  • To assess, through the procedures of accreditation, schools of dance and programs of dance as far as their quality and the outcomes they accomplish, as judged by experienced analysts.

  • To welcome and empower the collaboration of expert move gatherings and people of notoriety in the field of dance for proper educational module and gauges.

  • To keep up a national voice to be heard on issues relating to dance, especially as they would influence member organizations and their expressed goals.

Eligibility Requirements for the colleges

The eligibility needs by the colleges to fulfill include:

  • The foundation should keep up a curricular program of instruction and prepare in the dance and related programs.

  • The organization should offer no less than a one-degree program or should give the dance and related part of a degree program offered in conjunction with a licensed degree-giving establishment.

  • Establishments offering at least one graduate programs as their lone degree programs might have graduated no less than two understudies from no less than one graduate program that meets all pertinent measures and shows confirmation of proceeding enlistment.

  • All approaches with respect to affirmation and maintenance of understudies, and also those relating to the school's assessment, should be obviously characterized in writing distributed by the establishment.

  • All educational cost, expenses, and different charges, and in addition all strategies relating thereto, might be obviously portrayed in the organization's published writing.

  • Employees should be fit for their particular teaching assignments by the instructive foundation as well as expert experience.

  • The establishment might have offices and hardware equivalent to the requirements of its instructive program.

  • The foundation should have library space and assets proportionate with the necessities of its instructive program.

  • The institution should show commitment to a program of continuous self-evaluation.

Decision Making Bodies of organization

The Board of Directors is made out of the Officers, the Chair of the Commission on Accreditation, two Public Members, and four executives, together with the Immediate Past President. Except for Public Members, the Board is suitably adjusted to an assortment of dance foundations.


NASD is the foundation to accredit dance and dance-related programs given by the institutions to the students. By partnering with dance professionals and experts from all around the world, it strives to give high-quality education to the world.

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