5 Strategies To Improve Your SAT Writing Score

Are you wondering how to improve your SAT writing score and effectively? Then, here is an article to help you strategize to improve your writing score. 

TCM Staff

5th October 2020


The SAT writing test offers a wide window for acquiring an excellent score. A high SAT writing score may further harness the grip on college admissions. There are several strategies to improve your SAT writing score. A proven hack is to have a precise comprehension of the writing format. 

A score of 800 in the writing test may appear to be impossible. However, it is a tasking affair, but never impossible. The candidate must present a grammatically correct content, with a creative play of words. 

The Scholarship Aptitude Test (SAT) is an integral pre-requisite for college admissions. This centralized test, along with a few others, behave as a deciding factor for admittance in many educational institutions. Here are the top 5 strategies to improve your SAT writing score.

Top 5 strategies to improve your SAT writing score

The SAT writing test is coupled with a reading test to proffer the consolidated Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) score. The writing test is evaluated on the grounds of stringent adherence to grammar rules, a creative play of words, factual and contextual knowledge, projection of facts, and compliance to the test format. A high score of 800 (raw score of 40) in your EBRW can boost your overall SAT score. 

A perfect SAT writing score is definitely not a walk in the park. However, it is not an impossible task. Here, the top 5 strategies to help you improve your SAT writing score -  

  • Adhere to the format 

    • Little knowledge is dangerous. The candidate must be well informed about the format of the writing test. The passage is, typically, presented on the left end of the booklet, while the pertaining questions take place on the right. Candidates must have advanced practice in similar formats to acquire a strong grasp on the question pattern. You may resort to sample papers by the Khan Academy for acquaintance on the test format
  • Be a Grammar Nazi

    • To harness a strong clasp on English grammar, you must be aware of the fundamentals - subject-verb agreement, punctuation, choice of voice, the art of sentence formation, and the concise use of the parts of speech. You may further glorify your content using appropriate wordplay. 
  • Manage your time 

    • Time and tide wait for none. It is essential to compartmentalize your time while attempting the writing section. The idea is to refrain from investing enormous time, and effort into a single paragraph/question. The writing section consists of as many as four comprehensive paragraphs(450-500 words each) amounting to a sum of 44 questions. These questions require to be attempted in 25 minutes. You must develop quick reading, and comprehension skills in order to answer as precisely as possible. An effective mechanism of successfully completing your writing test is to answer while you read the paragraph. A bird’s eye view of the paragraph complemented with a thorough read of the questions may reduce your time expenditure. It is highly recommended to spend not more than 6 minutes on each paragraph in order to attempt the entire section. 
  • Understand the criteria of judgment 

    • The writing test is an examination of your knowledge of fundamental Grammar, incorporation of factual description, management of time, comprehension, and mastery of wordplay. There is a high priority check on your grammatical skills to understand your command on the language.  Time management is an essential attribute for evaluation.
  • Practice makes a man perfect

    • It is highly recommended to have a prior practice of the test. This may be achieved by attempting multiple sample, and mock tests. The internet has a plethora of mock tests that may help you check your skills. You may leverage the sample papers dispensed by Khan Academy, or visit Colleg Board for exquisite information on the same. Advanced planning tailors you to the likes of the system, preparing you for the ‘D-day’.

Concluding thoughts 

A high score in the EBRW section augments the odds for an outstanding SAT score. A perfect score may be achieved by unmitigated devotion to the aforementioned strategies. Early engagement to the test format will magnify your experience on the test, resulting in a productive tackle of the ‘game’. 

A champion practice is to manage your time. You ought to avoid extra dwelling on a single question. Move on, and attempt your ‘comfortable’ set if questions,  before venturing on the (relatively) difficult ones. Maintain your optimism, build your skills. And thrive. We wish you all the best on your SAT, break a leg!

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