What is a Brag Sheet?

A Brag Sheet is exactly how it sounds like. It is not wrong to brag about your accomplishments like casual resume. So let us know more about the brag sheet in this article.

Updated by Sreelekha R K on 4th March 2020

High school students often will have a busy schedule which includes all the activities such as sports, cultural events and not to forget the important point which is academics. Of course, all these are the characteristics that make who you are as a student and this is what most of the colleges want to gather details about. All these activities can be added along with your application form to college using a brag sheet. So let us know more about the brag sheet.

What is a Brag Sheet?

It is basically very similar to a resume but it also features your experiences, interests, skill (leadership, communication and technical), work reports, achievements and also co-curricular activities of yours. This sheet makes it easier and simpler for the college to know your details, achievement, and capability. 

What are the uses of a Brag Sheet?

Brag sheet is prepared by you can be used in different ways. We would like to concentrate on the two most important uses that help you to get into college.

Recommendation Letter

It acts as a recommendation letter when the sheet is signed by your teacher or counselor. Your teacher might not be knowing everything about your activities, participation and your achievement in and out of your school. When this brag sheet is shown, they will get a clear picture of your accomplished work and activities outside the college.

Since a teacher can’t remember the achievements of every student, a Brag sheet makes it simpler and effortless for them to mention in the recommendation letter. It acts as a summary of your accomplishments. It indirectly works in favor of you. Also, your teachers might be writing n number of letters but this brag sheet will help them to sort it with ease.

Add with college application letter:

It helps colleges get a clear image of who you are, not just as a student but also as a person who is passionate about the work you are doing. As it just not adds your academic scores but also the achievements in other activities, it helps you get into the college. Institutions will not just expect a good score from you but also your co-curricular activities and service to your school which will be clearly mentioned in this brag sheet.

How to Format Brag sheet? How to make it look good?

  • Your brag sheet should be professional and neat.

  • Make it clear and precise.

  • Do not brag about unnecessary things.

  • Check your brag sheet twice for any spelling mistake or you might have skipped one or more important points that are to be added. 

  • Try to finish it in a single page. It is considered to be a general rule to put a professional summary in one sheet.

  • Consult with your teachers and know if there is any standardized brag sheet format in the school.

When to Start Writing a Brag Sheet?

Start writing the brag sheet as early as possible. It is important to maintain a record or document of all your certificates and awards once you start participating in activities and achieve something as it keeps you out of forgetting the information which you will have to enter in the brag sheet and makes it difficult for you to complete it at the end. Make sure that only relevant and sensible pieces of information are put up on this sheet. 

Key Components of a Brag Sheet

Every student is unique and so will be their brag sheets. But there are certain things that are common in every student’s sheet and it is mentioned below.

  • Name and contact details

  • School name and related information

  • Academic scores

  • Standardized test scores like ACT, SAT, PSAT scores

  • Work experience and role

  • Future goal and ambitions

  • Awards and certification

  • Activities involved- sports club, science club, extra-curricular clubs, other activities in which you have taken the leadership

  • Other relevant information which might help them to know more about you

  • Few brag sheets will include question and answer format which is an option. Although, if you are answering such questions be careful about grammar and content you are writing should make sense to the college.


A recommendation letter is an essential part of your overall college applications. Brag sheets can be an easy way for you as an applicant to make things simple and effortless for your recommenders.

An accurate brag sheet will help a person who is giving a recommendation letter to show who you are as a person in detail and will specifically help you to join the institution that you dreamt of.