What To Do If You Don’t Know What To Major In?

Confused about your college major? Dive in, and learn the top steps to follow when you do not know what to major in!

TCM Staff

9th October 2020

College is commencing soon, and you are undecided about your college major. The billion-dollar question is, what to do if you don’t know what to major in? A proven tip is to enroll for a subject that piques your interests. Choosing from a plethora of majors require prior research in order to shelter the best interests of the mind, and heart. 

A student may remain skeptical of his/her college major until the first day of college, and for those who do have a course/program in mind may still change while registering the major. This indecisiveness may stem from a multitude of factors, personal, or professional. With the emergence of new professions, technologies, and programs, it may be tasking for the student to ascertain his/her choice of the college major. There are plenty to choose from, and this may be overwhelming for the student. Here is our take on what to do when you don’t know what to major in!

What to do when you don’t know what to major in?

Choosing your college major may require a lot of brainstorming, and introspection. Arbitrarily deciding on a college major may not only tamper with the course load but may also lead to an unsatisfactory academic experience (provided you do not gel with the course/program). The key is to register for a subject/course that stimulates your interest. You may have already decided on an aim in life (on the career front), and wish to pursue it. This ‘aim’ acts as a catalyst in the selection of your college major. With an assortment of majors and minors, you may render clueless while picking a good fit. Here are the steps (to follow) when you do not/ cannot decide on what to major in - 

Do not fret

Deciding on a college major is no ‘money for jam’. Indecisiveness and skepticism towards picking your major is ‘au-naturale’. It is a tedious affair and requires a lot of mental, and physical investment. The idea is to not panic in such circumstances. It is not the end of the world, and this is a mitigable situation. Instead of panicking, you may research on different possibilities and venture for a resolution (to your issue). 


No one can decide on what you want better than you. Introspect and retrospect to understand yourself, your skills, and your desires. Student excels in areas of their interests, especially if they an affinity for it. You may have wished to be a doctor during your childhood, and still fancy the profession. This may be a genuine ground for you to choose a major in Biology. Similarly, understand what brings out the best in you, highlights your skills, and consumes your interest. 


You may have varied interests and are unable to decide on which to pursue. This raises the need to research on all your interests, and more. Sincere research can help you a long way. You are introduced to the overview of the courses, their boons, and banes, professional lucrativeness, monetary investment, and more. You may discover courses and programs that intrigue you.  Explore your choices, and make a wise decision.

Seek consultation

A suggestion or advice from a family member, friend, or your school advisor can be building blocks to your selection (of a college major). You may decide to consult with a student or alumni regarding programs in a particular college/university. Your high school teacher may also help you find a direction since he/she is well acquainted with your personality, attributes, and interests. You may visit a career consultant who can lay out all the possibilities, and help you choose a college major. 

Do not procrastinate on your choice

Time and tide wait for none. Although deciding on a college major requires time, and effort, procrastinating on your choice will land you in thick soup. Take your time (but not ample), research, introspect, and consult with others. Do not leave your dilemma unattended, or wait till the brink of time. 

Choose, and switch later

This may seem like a reckless step to follow, however, it can be your best shot when you fail to choose a major in advance. You may arbitrarily decide on a major, enroll for it during your admission, and change it if you do feel the affinity for it. Thanks to the (now) flexible norms of the colleges/ universities, your registration(for the major) is not marked in red or carved in stone. Choose a major that coincides with your skills and interest. A change in major mid-semester may lead to spending an extra term (or more) in the educational institution. 


Deciding on your college major is not a walk in the park. It is integral to decide on the correct college major, so as to have a pleasant college experience. While it may not be the easiest task in the world, it sure is not impossible. The aforementioned steps will offer you a way out of your ‘fix’, and hopefully, alleviate your issue. The mantra is to read, research, introspect, refrain from procrastinating your decision, seek consultation, and not panic. If you fail in utilizing this ‘mantra’ you can always choose a major, and change it as and when required. All the best for this exhilarating phase in your life. Choose wisely, and break a leg!

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