Weirdest College Majors You Never Knew Existed

Are you getting bored with your regular degree in Business Administration or in social sciences? Are you looking for something a little less ordinary? Then look no further. This article discusses 10 weirdest college majors you can explore from.

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27th August 2020

We all know the regular route- a high school degree, a UG degree in humanities, social sciences or physics, mathematics, or other known sciences, then a job or a grad program in medicine or a professional program like MBA. But, have you ever thought about out of the box degree programs? Well, believe it or not, there are college majors that do not fit the “regular major” bill. There are quite a few numbers of unusual majors offered by colleges across the country. 

In this article, we will discuss a few of the Weirdest college majors you never knew existed.

10 Weirdest College Majors

The following list includes some weird yet interesting subjects you can major in, along with the college name who offers this kind of majors for you. Although there are plenty of weird majors available for you. But we are here with few examples of such weird majors and college offering those majors. So check out some unusual majors:-

1. Amusement Park and Roller Coaster Engineering 

If there is any weird college major we appreciate most, it's definitely theme park engineering. In this major, you would study Electrical Engineering, with additional training from the Civil and Mechanical Engineering Department, and covers topics in electrical power, and electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic control. Students get super-specialized in how to build a million feet tall rides so that we can ride our fave roller coaster without worrying.

College: California State University

2. Diving Business and Technology

This degree prepares students to manage dive business in retail sales, rentals, and equipment repair. Also, students are trained in physics and physiology, emergency medicine, and first aid for pressure-related injuries. Here, people need to be able to operate successful, reputable, and safe diving outfits.

College: Florida Key Community College

3. Therapeutic Horsemanship

With this major, you don’t even have textbooks. You learn from hands-on experience in the classroom and outside with the horses. Horseback riding therapy does not just satisfy the animal lover within, it connects professionals with people who benefit from it the most.

College: St. Andrews University

4. Viticulture and Enology

Viticulture and Enology are defined as the science and practices of growing grapes and making wine. The V&E program lets you travel the world to get industry experience and take your food appreciation to a whole new level.

College: Cornell University

5. Fermentation Science

You like fermented food and if your talent is science and your passion is all things edible, then this might be your calling. The major and the career path in the science of fermentation involves lots of yummy stuff. This degree is for those who are interested in exploring the health benefits of products like kombucha, kefir, and sourdough bread or who are ultimately interested in opening their own brewery.

College: Colorado State University

6. Floral Management

It takes more than an eye for aesthetics and floral design to manage a flower shop or the floral department of a grocery store. Successful florists must understand purchasing, distributing, marketing, designing with, and selling floricultural products, customer service, and even international business. The University that offers this major teaches all these skills to their students and also offers the opportunity to work in an on-campus florist.

College: Mississippi State University

7. Nannying

A truly good nanny can be hard to find. In this major, you would study child development training, infant care techniques, etiquette, and manners. Nannying lets you study how to prepare nutritious meals and snacks, communicate effectively with the parents and children. It creates learning opportunities focusing on the eight multiple intelligences, safety with CPR and First Aid certifications and Water Safety training, planning learning opportunities for children from infancy through adolescence, etc.

College: Sullivan University

8. Comic Art

Comic art students are taught to gain command of line, color, and composition along with the character development, storyboarding, and plot to create complex works that pull readers in. In this, you can study various courses such as History of Comic Art, Comic Media & Concepts, Comic Book Publishing, etc.

College: Minneapolis College of Art & Design

9. Nautical Archeology

Nautical archaeology is the science of finding, collecting, preserving, and studying human objects that have become lost or buried underwater. Nautical archaeology is hard work. It requires paying close attention to details so important information is not overlooked.

College: Texas A&M University

10. Sexuality Studies

Students explore the historical, political, biological, psychological contexts, etc, of human sexuality. The degree in sexuality leads to many necessary careers like LGBTQ advocacy, social services, counseling, health care, and social justice workers. Course may include a visual representation of LGBT subjects and adolescent sexuality

College: Ohio State University


While we have listed ten weirdest college majors, it is important to know that there are many other out of the box college majors that you can explore. It is advised that you do your due research keeping in mind all the pros and cons before making any final decision. May you shine brighter and out of the box!

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