Acceptance Rate

1070 - 1270

SAT Range

21 - 26

ACT Range

Ohio University Admissions

Ever wondered what it takes to enroll in Ohio University (OU)?

The admission process is very smooth at Ohio University through the list of requirements is quite lengthy. Nevertheless, there is no need to panic but relax because here you will find all the details below with the entire process and requirements.

With the mission to assist you in experiencing the best student-centred learning journey in the country, Ohio University (OHIO or OU) provides you with ample opportunities to enroll for both online and on-campus programs.

The applications are available online. It acknowledges a 78% acceptance rate and a 78.6% early acceptance rate and follows Selected and Limited Admission policy. This indicates that selection is carried out based on strong evaluation and only highly qualified and deserving applicants are given a chance for enrolment. All you need is a good GPA, basic official documents and good test scores to begin with education.

Admission Process

Ohio University ranks at 185 in the Best National Universities in the country. As a result, the applicant needs to take extra care while adhering to the nitty-gritty of the application form.

The university gives the undergraduate applicants an option to apply via online or offline process, whereas the graduate admission applicants need to follow the online procedure.

Undergraduate Application Process

For Online Application: University allows you to apply via two online platforms - Common Application Form and alternative online form available on the website. You can fill either of these forms and only one form should be duly submitted.

For offline application: You can also download the alternative form from the website and send it to the following address:

Undergraduate Admissions

Chubb Hall 120

1 Ohio University Drive

Athens OH 45701

Apart from the application form, you need to submit the high school transcripts, official test scores, and other required transcripts electronically at the official site or mailed to the university address.

Graduate Application Process

The applicants for graduate admission are required to fill an online application hosted by CollegeNet.

All the required materials are to be uploaded on the same server after the application form is filled. All of these are then processed and evaluated by the graduate college staff.

The authorized office where all the necessary documentation needs to be delivered for an undergraduate degree programme:

Chubb Hall 120
1 Ohio University
Athens OH 45701

SAT Scores you need to get in

SAT Range The composite score range which the Institution consistently takes, below which admission should be considered a reach.

1070 - 1270

Applicants Submitting SAT Percentage of Students submitting SAT Scores.


SAT Reading 25th


SAT Math 25th


SAT Composite 25th


SAT Reading 75th


SAT Math 75th


SAT Composite 75th


Average SAT Score


The SAT scores of the applicants are also considered by Ohio University-Main Campus for their admission. Apart from other things, the candidates need to know that SAT scores are compulsory to be considered for admission to the university. To get into the university, the average SAT score required currently stands at 1155. However, even those applicants with SAT scores of 1050 or below could also be accepted in some cases. Around 22% of the applicants furnish their SAT scores in order to be considered for admission by the university.

ACT Scores you need to get in

ACT Range The composite score range which the Institution consistently takes, below which admission should be considered a reach.

21 - 26

Applicants Submitting ACT Percentage of Students submitting ACT Scores.


ACT Math 25th


ACT English 25th


ACT Composite 25th


ACT Math 75th


ACT English 75th


ACT Composite 75th


Average ACT Score


As for the ACT scores, an average score of 23 is needed to get accepted to Ohio University-Main Campus. Moreover, most of the candidates accepted by Ohio University-Main Campus have composite ACT scores in the range of 21-26. However, a minimum ACT composite score of 21 is necessary to be considered for admission by the institution. Also, for admission consideration by the university, students must submit their ACT scores. Around 90% of the applicants to OUMC submit their ACT scores for gaining admission to the university, according to the latest information.

Estimated GPA Requirements & Average GPA

Grade Points Average (GPA) The average high school GPA of the admitted students


A GPA is a very crucial factor for getting admission across all the programs in the OU.

The average GPA required is 3.54 (on a scale of 4.0). For transfer students aiming to apply for undergraduate programs, a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 (on a 4.0 scale) in academic coursework from a regionally accredited institution is required.

Admission Requirements

What Really Matters When Applying

High School GPA


High School Rank


High School Transcript


College Prep Courses






The Ohio University houses 250 plus academic programs spread across undergraduate and online degree programs. The admission requirements vary from program to program. The requirements include an ACT/SAT score, High school, and other official transcripts. You need to have excellent academic performance reports and test scores.

The application fee charged at Ohio are:

  • On-campus undergraduate and graduate program: $50.

  • Online program: $25.

  • International Students: $70 for freshmen or transfer students.

These fees are non-refundable.

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

At Ohio University, the programs are designed to contribute to the intellectual and personal development and career goals of students through the liberal studies-based system. It welcomes about 4,000 students every year based holistic and selective review of academic preparation.

It is essential for you to adhere to the following requirements-

For Freshman Students

The following criteria are to be considered:

  • Filled Application form.

  • Academic and Competency requirements: Strength of curriculum Performance in curriculum Class rank GPA ACT and/or SAT scores.

  • Official transcripts like high school diploma or GED score report.

  • Suggested college-preparatory high school coursework, as specified for the chosen program.

  • Optional: Essays, Letters of Recommendation, and/or lists of extra-curricular interests and activities.

For Transfer Students

Admission into all the programs cannot be possible for transfer students. However, for applicable ones, the following criteria are to be kept in mind:

  • Filled Application form.

  • Minimum GPA requirements.

  • Official High School and College Transcripts.

  • Suggested transferable coursework, as specified for the chosen program.

  • SAT and/or ACT Scores.

For international students

The process is cited below:

  • Filled Application form.

  • Completion of suggested college-preparatory secondary school program with excellent grades.

  • Strong GPA.

  • Academic Records: Official secondary school records, and official records of any university-level work completed.

  • Financial documents as evidence of enough funding.

  • Statement of activities.

  • ACT/SAT scores for scholarship consideration.

  • Minimum English Language Proficiency Test score: TOEFL- 525 (paper), 71 (Internet); or IELTS exam (6.0).

Graduate Admission Requirements

For graduate admissions, each program reviews applications differently and different programs have different deadlines.

The following points are needed to be kept in mind while applying for Graduate admission:

  • A copy of all the official transcripts from the institutions previously attended including the institution from where a bachelor's degree has been or will be granted.

  • A copy of the official transcript from any institution attended after completing a bachelor’s degree, or from which any graduate coursework was attempted.

  • Resume and Letters of Recommendation (as applicable by the program).

  • Test Scores: GRE/GMAT score, as required by the program. If the applicant has earned a bachelor’s degree from an institution outside the US, they will require a GRE/GMAT score.

  • Personal, professional, or biographical statements, as required by the program.

  • Writing sample, as required by the program.

  • For international students: the test scores of English Language Proficiency Test for either TOEFL or IELTS are to be submitted.

Admission Deadlines

Application Deadline Deadline for application submissions. Please contact the school for more details.

1st Feb

Application Fee Application fees may vary by program and may be waived for certain students. Please check with the school.


Early Decision Deadline


Early Action Deadline


Offer Action Deadline


Offers Early Decision


Application Website


Accepts Common App


Accepts Coalition App


At Ohio University, the overall application deadline falls on February 1. Even so, the last date for application acceptance differs by type of students applying for the university.

For Transfer Students, the applications are acknowledged as per the semester you are applying for. Therefore, they can apply in Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. The same is applicable for graduate applicants.

For International Students, the rolling admissions take place in Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters, beginning on February 1.

For more details, please visit here.

Acceptance Rate and Admission Statistics

Acceptance Rate80%76%78%
Percentage of admitted who Enrolled (Admission Yield)21%23%22%

Admission Statistics















Acceptance Rate














Percent of Admitted Who Enrolled (Admission Yield)







Credits Accepted

AP Credit


Dual Credit


Credit for Life Experiences


Almost all universities in the US incentivize students by helping them earn university credit by taking certain courses in high school. There are many such programs available, and some of the popular ones are Dual Enrollment (also known as Dual Credit), AP Credit, and CLEP (Credit for Life Experiences). However, every university follows its own, separate policy regarding these credits. There are many perks of using these programs such as a shorter time to finish a degree, a higher GPA, and increased chances of completing the degree. To avail AP and CLEP credits, students can simply visit collegeboard.org and request to submit the scores to the university of their choice.

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