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Southern Careers Institute (SCI) Admissions

With a focus on long-term success, Southern Careers Institute (SCI) provides employer-tailored programmed to transform the candidate into a desirable and marketable option for their industry of choice.

SCI is dedicated to making and building strong careers for its students and making sure that whatever industry they choose, they have all the required skills to excel in it

Career training is an integral part of any and all programs offered by SCI and helps them become eligible to earn multiple certifications and stand out when compared to graduates of other accredited colleges.

One of the unique features of SCI is the SCI connect platform that works as a bridge between the students and the institute’s employer network which helps them fulfill their employee needs. The employers in the network get access to verifiable skills badges and credentials that they look for in one location. The platform gives every student an electronic profile that the career services team uses to market the student’s verifiable skills badges and certifications to the SCI employer network.

At SCI, tutoring is available at no cost to the students which helps them tackle the difficult problems with the help of the faculty members who are readily available to help and guide in any area of difficulty

The institute also provides training that helps the students clear various exams with hands-on preparation for important tests, including the NHA exam.

SCI supports each individual student’s academic needs by assigning a dedicated advisor. Academic advisors guide and support students as they begin training through graduation.

The institute provides opportunities to the students to join and participate in community-based activities that are planned in such a manner that every student gets the opportunity to express and explore themselves in a motivating environment.

The institute supports and promotes Community services at SCI that provide opportunities for learning, enrichment, adventure, and much more.

At Southern Careers Institute, the careers services team is dedicated to helping the students launch their careers as soon as they graduate.

A variety of valuable services are provided by career services, such as resume building, job readiness training, interviewing techniques, guest speakers, and so much more! The career services team is available to all our graduates that they have all the skills and tools necessary to brave the job market.

job readiness training is yet another one of the skills that the institute helps the students in understanding and nurturing. The training is available to all the graduates to help them make the transition from being a student to obtaining an entry-level position in their chosen career field.

The institute has an acceptance rate of 100% and admits almost all the students who apply for the programs.

SCI Admission Process

The application process can be completed in 3 simple tests.

  • First and foremost the applicants need to complete the application form.

  • The applicants will then be required to peak with an admissions advisor who will walk them through class schedules, discuss the career goals, and provide guidance and support on preparing for career training.

  • Finally, the applicants are required to submit the documents required by the institute:

  1. Social Security Card

  2. Proof of HS Diploma (transcripts) / GED

  3. Transcripts (if transferring credits)

  4. W2

Southern Career Institute Admissions Office


Austin Main Campus

1701 W Ben White Blvd.
Suite 100
Austin, TX 78704

SAT Scores you need to get in

SAT scores help colleges interpret the students' overall academic performance. They weigh a lot of importance. They make a candidate's profile stand out and help them become a strong applicant for securing admission to any college or college. However, it is important to note that the SAT score of an applicant is not one of the mandatory factors to get admission to Southern Careers Institute-Austin. As a result, there is no available data about the average SAT score or similar requirements to get admission here.

ACT Scores you need to get in

Candidates can also submit their ACT scores for securing admission to Southern Careers Institute-Austin. However, the college doesn't put much emphasis on the same. And, no official data about the minimum requirements concerning the ACT scores has been made publicly available.

Estimated GPA Requirements & Average GPA

Grade Points Average (GPA) The average high school GPA of the admitted students


Grade Point Average of a student indicates his/her academic vigor and how they have performed in the four years of high school. GPA is a requirement for almost all college and higher education admissions.

The institute has not revealed any official minimum GPA requirements.

Admission Requirements

What Really Matters When Applying

High School GPA


High School Rank


High School Transcript


College Prep Courses






The next batch of classes is starting from May 26th, 2020. Following requirements must be fulfilled by a candidate:

  • The applicants need to keep the following requirements in mind before they apply to the SCI.

  • The applicants are required to be at least 18 years of age.

  • Applicants under the age of 18 must have a high school diploma or GED and written permission from a parent or legal guardian to enroll at SCI.

  • All applicants are required to have a high school diploma or GED.

  • All the applicants must be able to read, write, speak, and understand English. The Programs offered by the institute are not offered in any language other than English.

  • The applicants must be able to physically complete coursework and are required to physically complete the skills required in the career field for which they are being trained.

  • The Pharmacy Technician program will not accept any applicant with a felony conviction. These students should also be prepared to have their fingerprints taken at the expense of the student.

  • Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship program requires applicants to undergo a background check, pass a drug test, and be hired by a partnering dealership. SCI will help schedule interviews with partnering dealerships before starting class.

Admission Deadlines

Application Deadline Deadline for application submissions. Please contact the school for more details.


Application Fee Application fees may vary by program and may be waived for certain students. Please check with the school.


Early Decision Deadline


Early Action Deadline


Offer Action Deadline


Offers Early Decision


Application Website


Accepts Common App


Accepts Coalition App


The application deadline of the college depends on several factors. Fall applications, most popular among students, usually start from September and might go on till April. September deadline usually pertains to early decision, while the final deadline is in April. Notably, to be eligible for scholarships, students might have to apply before early deadline. This is why it is always recommended to apply early.

Credits Accepted

AP Credit


Dual Credit


Credit for Life Experiences


Many universities in the US incentivize students by assisting them to earn college credit by opting for certain courses available in high school. There are many such programs for the students, and some of the popular programs are AP Credit, CLEP (Credit for Life Experiences), and Dual Enrollment (also known as Dual Credit). Different colleges follow different policies regarding these credits. Such programs also have various benefits for the students; they include a higher GPA, increased chances of completing a degree, and a shorter time to obtain a degree. In order to avail CLEP and AP credits, students can visit the collegeboard.org website and request to submit the scores to the college of their choice.

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