Cost of Attendance


Net Price

Troy University Tuition and Fees

The tuition and fees differ depending on the institution; however, on average, the label price the University (which includes tuition and fees) is $7,800. When we take other expenses into consideration incurred by full-time students (cost of room and board, books and supplies, and transportation).

At Troy University (TU), Troy, Alabama, the average total cost is $20,147. On average, for a student receiving need-based aid the net price, which is the average cost of university after aid and scholarship funds are discounted. The university offers students with Associate, Bachelors's, Doctorate, and Certificate program. The average tuition for out-of-state and in-state students is different. For in-state undergraduate students, it is $8,908 and for out-of-state undergraduate students, it is $16,708. The total average tuition for online degree types is mentioned below.

  • $28,392 for Associate Degree.

  • $39,078 for Bachelors's Degree.

  • $21,202 for a Master's Degree.

  • $59,280 for Doctorate Degree.

  • $17,784 for Undergraduate Certificate.

  • $11,221 for Graduate Degree.

  • $14,820 for Post Masters Certificate.

The university has a massive range of programs to select that is across 17 majors. Troy University Nursing program is very well reputed and is offered online. Troy University majors are Aviation, Business Management, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Education, History, and 11 more. The university is offering 87 online programs. Some of the online programs offered by the university are mentioned below.

  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Unmanned Aerial Systems.

  • Bachelors in Criminal Justice - Homeland Security.

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Sport Management.

  • Graduate Certificate in Addictions Counselling.

  • Master of Science in International Relations - Regional Affairs.

  • Master of Science in Sport and Fitness Management (Thesis).

  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science.

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Global Business with a concentration in management.

Total Cost of Attendance

Student typeIn-stateOut-State
Tuition & Fees$8,908$16,708
Book & Supplies$1,138$1,138
Room & Board cost$6,804$6,804
Other Expenses$3,297$3,297
Total Cost of Attendance$20,147$27,947

The average total cost of attendance depends on the housing status of the student. The tuition/fees differ for in-state and out-state applicants and it amounts up to $8,908 and $16,708 respectively.

The in-state total cost of attendance is $20,147 and $27,947 for the out-state applicants, $1,138 for books and supplies, $6,804 for room and board, and $3,297 for other expenses.

Average Net Price by Family Income

Net Price


Family Income

Avg. Net Price

$0 to $30,000


$30,001 to $48,000


$48,001 to $75,000


$75,001 to $110,000




Net price is the difference between the full cost of attendance and (including tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and meals, and other related expenses) minus any estimated grants and scholarship for which the student may be eligible. Many universities have contrived a way to estimate the approximate net amount incurred in the university by coming up with their custom "Net Price Calculators", and Troy University also has this facility. 

The average net price by family by income is apportioned fairly as follows: for family income between $0 - $30,000 and $30,001 - $48,000 the average cost comes to about $13,119 and $15,233 respectively. For higher income brackets, such as, for family income between $48,001 - $75,000 and $75,001 - $110,000 and higher, the average cost comes to about $16,068, $14,781 and $13,934, respectively.

Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Student typeIn-stateOut-State
Tuition & Fees$8,908$16,708
Room & Board Cost$6,804$6,804
Total Tuition & Fees$15,712$23,512

The undergraduate tuition fees for both, students bearing the local domicile and outstation students are different, i.e., $15,712 for in-state and $23,512 for out-state applicants.

Graduate Tuition and Fees


Much like the undergraduate course costs, The graduate tuition and fees also differ for both, in-state and out-state students, which is expected to be around $7,650 and $15,300 as tuition cost while $856 as fee cost respectively.

Cost Per Credit Hour

DegreeYearCost per Credit hour
Graduate2018 - 2019$425
Undergraduate2018 - 2019$325

The cost per credit hour of tuition is $425 for a graduate year and $325 for an undergraduate year.

Campus Housing Expenses

Housing & other expensesOn CampusOff Campus
Room & Board$6,804$6,008
Other Expense$3,297$5,474
Book & Supplies$1,138$1,138

The university offers on-campus and off-campus room and boarding facilities. On-campus boarding can come up to $6,804, and $3,297 for miscellaneous expenses. Off-campus boarding come up to $6,008 and $5,474 for other expenses. 

Campus Housing Expenses

Housing & Other Expenses

Room & Boards

On Campus


Off Campus


Housing & Other Expenses

Other Expenses

On Campus


Off Campus


Housing & Other Expenses

Book & Supplies

On Campus


Off Campus


The university offers on-campus and off-campus room and boarding facilities. On-campus boarding can come up to $6,804, and $3,297 for miscellaneous expenses. Off-campus boarding come up to $6,008 and $5,474 for other expenses. 

Online Degree Programs, Tuition and Cost Per Credit Summary

Degree TypeTotal Average TuitionAverage Tuition Per Credit
Bachelors $81,120 $338
Masters $17,784 $494
Associate NA NA
Graduate Certificate $17,784 $494
Certificate NA NA
Certificate NA NA
Undergraduate Certificate $17,784 $494
Doctorate $59,280 $494
Post Masters Certificate $14,820 $494

Troy University offers 88 online programs across 17 Majors.

Explore Programs by Major

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