Associate in Business Management Degree, Requirements, Tuition Cost, Jobs and Salary

About Associate in Business Management

What is Associate Degree in Business Management?

An Associate Degree in Business Management is a two-year undergraduate degree which can be opted after graduation from secondary school. It provides technical skills and knowledge to the students which they can use to make a career and get jobs, and also study further on that basis, by getting enrolled in an undergraduate program, directly in the third year, though different criteria’s are followed in various colleges. It aims to provide the all-round education to students about business and its principles along with other general courses.

 Some of the features of this course are:

  • It would help in laying the foundation of management principles which can be applied for organizing, planning and decision making.

  • Analyzing business scenarios, concepts and theories become easier and provide relevant solutions to business ethical problems.

  • It would help in demonstrating basic understanding of computer and technical skills for business management.

  • Public speaking and handling the audience can be delivered efficiently.

  • Applying the basic fundamental theories and understanding technological implications on our environment can be demonstrated.

Why Online Associate Degree in Business Management?

 An online degree is a gift in this era as it has built a bridge between people and education and made them closer. The online degree in Business Management can help in saving time as it offers accelerated courses and has flexible timings. It provides efficiency as the course can be followed with a pace which a student desires and he/she can easily cope up with the syllabus. Interactive sessions are held via video conference, emails and digital forums. The online business management offers an updated curriculum such as mathematics, economics, business law etc. The online course combines global business with training.

Requirements and Eligibility for Associate in Business Management

Eligibility Requirements for Associate Degree in Business Management

  • A high school completion - Student needs to provide document of graduation from an accredited high school or any equivalent degree to be eligible for this course.

  • An official GED certificate.

  • Completed application - In order to enroll in the course, application form should be completed. Fees must be paid as well.

  • Letters of Recommendation- Teacher’s recommendation form must be submitted with the college application. It is required from different areas of study.

  • Reports and Test Scores- SAT or ACT scores are required to enroll into the course. Test of English as a foreign language (TOEFL), IELTS or PTE academic scores are required as well.

  • Statement of Purpose or SOP- It is required to tell the institution why a candidate is interested in a course and why do they want to join the university.

  • Passing Grades in necessary courses- If required, student should have passed in any course he/she has taken.

  • Minimum GPA- All the coursework must be successfully completed with a minimum GPA from high school academic records.

  • Credits- Course should be completed with 60 credits to major in that area of study.

  • Financial Assistance- It should be proven in order to seek assistance in financial terms, if needed. It also means making payment of the fee on time.

Average Tuition, Cost and Credits for Associate in Business Management

Total Tuition Tuition Per Credit Credits
$ 16229 $ 255 64

Best Programs offered for Associate in Business Management

Subjects and Curriculum in Associate in Business Management


  • Computers - It provides a student with the basic skills needed for this career and the technology involved in it. From learning about operating systems to their interactions, everything is taught and applied in real life. This subject provides knowledge about computer applications and how to use them.

  • English- It offers ways to improve writing skills especially useful in academia. It teaches the formation of paragraphs and usage of correct grammar along with various other techniques used in language.

  • Technology- It offers information about technological innovation in terms of various issues such as energy creation, economic development etc.

  • Management - This is an introduction to management principles and it lays down a foundation in planning, social ethics, leadership, and organization.

  • Business Communication - To improve the written communication, this course is relevant. It covers different ways to approach business documents and research method.

  • General Education - It includes social sciences, behavioural sciences, Humanities and Fine Arts which are offered as electives.

  • Marketing - This subject offers a different way to handle market situations and plan strategies such as the price of goods, consumer behaviour etc.

  • Finance - This implies the practical application of the economic concepts and theories.

  • Economics - It gives an insight into market, producer and consumer’s behaviour, demand and supply etc.

  • Mathematics - It introduces college-level algebra and different mathematical concepts to sustain in a business environment.


                                                                                          Core Papers

Achieving Academic Excellence Retail Practises
Introduction to Computers Principle of Finance
English Composition Microeconomics
Social Impact of Technology College Mathematics/Algebra
Principles of Management Principles of Public Speaking
Business Communication Business Law
Business Ethics Business Orientation
Introduction to Accounting Human Resource Management

Accreditation for Associate in Business Management

Colleges offering Associate in Business Management

Mesa Community College

Mesa Community College

1833 W Southern Ave, Mesa, Arizona 85202

Coastline Community College

Coastline Community College

11460 Warner Ave., Fountain Valley, California 92708-2597

Cuyahoga Community College (TRI-C)

Cuyahoga Community College (TRI-C)

700 Carnegie Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44115-2878

Chattanooga State Community College

Chattanooga State Community College

4501 Amnicola Hwy, Chattanooga, TN 37406, USA

Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC)

Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC)

1825 N. Bluemound Drive. P.O. Box 2277 Appleton, WI 54912-2277 United States

Barton Community College

Barton Community College

245 NE 30 RD Great Bend, Kansas 67530

Delgado Community College

Delgado Community College

615 City Park Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana 70119

Casper College

Casper College

125 College Drive Casper, Wyoming 82601

Genesee Community College

Genesee Community College

One College Rd, Batavia, New York 14020