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Colorado State University (CSU) Financial Aid and Scholarships

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Total Aid Amount Average Total Aid Awarded per year.


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Among them are scholarship programs such as Beau Mitchell Memorial Scholarship, Bill Manning Memorial Scholarship, Boettcher Foundation Scholarship, and CSU Merit Scholarship. As many as 79% of the students at CSUFC get some sort of financial aid, and the total amount of assistance/loans provided is more than $66,592,980 in a year. At CSUFC, the total percentage of applicants who receive the Federal Grant stands at 21%. On the other hand, 63% of the candidates get the Student Grant, 56% receive the Institution Grant, and 21% get the Pell Grant. Moreover, the average aid amount for Federal Grant awardees stands at $5,300, while the same comes to $3,372 for State Grant receivers and $7,112 for Institution Grant awardees. On the other hand, the average aid received by the Pell Grant awardees is $4,293. Among other things, the annual family income of the applicant plays a major role in determining the total financial aid they are actually eligible to receive. Alternatively, the candidates can also avail of monetary benefits like student loans, apart from financial grants and scholarship schemes to pay for their studies. However, student loans attract a certain rate of interest at which the funds are borrowed. Moreover, the funds received through these loans will have to be repaid within a given timeframe. Every year, around 41% of the applicants to Colorado State University-Fort Collins opt for student loans.

Financial Aid Breakdown

Student Receiving Aid

Federal Grant Aid


State Grant Aid


Institution Grant Aid


Pell Grant


Average Aid Awarded

Federal Grant Aid


State Grant Aid


Institution Grant Aid


Pell Grant


As shown in the table the breakdown includes Federal Grants, Pell Grants, state grants, and institutional grants, with institutional grants having the highest contribution of 53% with an average aid amount being $6,939.

Pell grants have a percentage of 22% with an average aid amount of $4,337 which is higher than the State grant aid average of $2,730.

Federal Aid based on Family Income

Family Income

Average Federal Aid Per Year

Under $30,000


$30,001 - $48,000


$48,001 - $75,000


$75,001 - $110,000


Over $110,000


As highlighted in the above table, the lower a particular family earns an income on an average, the higher is the amount of aid one can expect to receive. It is fair enough to follow the range as per the need and CSU believes in reaching out to the potential young geniuses.

So, for those students who have a family income under $30,000 can expect to receive an aid amount of $14,027, while those with family income over $110,000 can expect to receive an aid amount of $812.

This helps inspiring students, dreamers who are coming from a low-income background, financially unstable can be able to pay for their degrees. It is necessary to meet the eligibility requirement for financial aid before applying for any kind of aid.

Student Loans for Colorado State University (CSU)

Average Loan Amount Average Loan Amount received per year.


Students Taking Out Loans


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