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Erikson Institute Admissions

Erikson Institute as a private, not-for-profit college provides education with respect to the needs and wants of young children. At this institute, students will be interviewed and admitted to a Master's degree and Graduate Certificate Programs on the basis of the availability of a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution of higher education. Applications for doctoral programs will be reviewed and selected individuals will have to sit for an interview. Further details regarding admissions are explained below.

Erikson Institute Admissions Process

  • For admissions into Master's degree and Graduate Certificate Programs, applicants must be in possession of a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution of higher education with a minimum grade point average of 2.75 on a scale of 4.0.
  • The GRE does not hold any importance when it comes to admissions into the master's degree or graduate certificate programs.
  • Students must also submit an application, current resume, letters of recommendation, essays, and copies of official and unofficial transcripts.
  • For admissions into doctoral programs, students will be selected for interview on the basis of their applications. Furthermore, the applicants must be in possession of a master's degree from an accredited institution of higher education in a field related to child development. A minimum GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 is required.
  • Intellectual curiosity and acceptable performance in the GRE exams are also criteria for admissions into doctoral programs.

Erikson Institute ACT/SAT Requirements

The institute does not take SAT/ACT scores into account while admitting students into their programs.

SAT Scores you need to get in

At present, there is no concrete information available regarding the average SAT score or similar requirements for admission at the Erikson Institute. At the university, SAT scores of the candidates are not a mandatory requirement to get admission.

ACT Scores you need to get in

ACT scores weigh a lot of importance and make a candidate a strong applicant for securing admission to any college or a college of their choice. However, Erikson Institute does not put much emphasis on the ACT scores of an applicant. But candidates can submit their ACT scores for securing admission to the university. There is no official data about the minimum requirements concerning the ACT scores that has been made publically available.

Estimated GPA Requirements & Average GPA

Grade Points Average (GPA) The average high school GPA of the admitted students


For admissions into Master's degree and certificate programs, applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale. While, for enrollment in Doctoral Programs, applicants must be having a master's degree from an accredited institution related to child development with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Admission Requirements

What Really Matters When Applying

High School GPA

Considered but not required

High School Rank


High School Transcript


College Prep Courses






There are certain requirements that have been outlined by the institute which needs to be fulfilled by students who are vying for a spot in the Institute. These requirements include:

  • Completed application and self-disclosure form for both master's degree and certificate programs as well as doctoral degree programs.
  • Applicants need to submit a current resume, essays, copy of official and unofficial transcripts, and letters of recommendation. While a Master's degree and certificate Program demands two letters of recommendation, doctoral degree programs require three.
  • GRE scores are important for admissions into Doctoral degree programs. They also need to submit a research paper or academic writing sample.
  • International students are required to prove English proficiency.

Admission Deadlines

Application Deadline Deadline for application submissions. Please contact the school for more details.


Application Fee Application fees may vary by program and may be waived for certain students. Please check with the school.


Early Decision Deadline


Early Action Deadline


Offer Action Deadline


Offers Early Decision


Application Website


Accepts Common App


Accepts Coalition App


The application deadline of the college depends on several factors. Fall applications, most popular among students, usually start from September and might go on till April. September deadline usually pertains to early decision, while the final deadline is in April. Notably, to be eligible for scholarships, students might have to apply before early deadline. This is why it is always recommended to apply early.

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