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Texas A&M University Financial Aid and Scholarships

Students Receiving Aid Percent of Students Receiving Financial Aid.


Total Aid Amount Average Total Aid Awarded per year.


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Texas A&M University College Station offers funds in the form of scholarships, grants and loans to students who either show excellent academic prowess or are in need of financial assistance. For your convenient perusal, we have segregated them accordingly.


TAMU College Station has attached requirements to access scholarships, so it is necessary for the student to understand them and be diligent in meeting those requirements before planning to apply for it.

You would find two separate categories of scholarships for incoming freshmen and for sophomores. To apply for a freshman scholarship all you need to do is fill up the ApplyTexas or Coalition application. The application is evaluated on the basis of your test scores and also few other parameters like talents and community services. In a few cases they might also consider your financial status. The university also provides 4-year academic scholarships. Some merit-based scholarships are:

  • The Craig & Galen Brown Foundation Scholarship: This scholarship is provided to freshmen students on the basis of national merit alone.

  • The Century Scholars Program: This is another merit-based scholarship that the university provides, so we could say that it’s an institutional scholarship.

 Apart from merit-based scholarships, in certain cases you will also find few professional scholarships. 

TAMU College Station also has provisions for regional scholarships and non-resident tuition waivers. Scholarships are also provided to dependent children of Texas or TAMU College Station employees. The graduate students are eligible for grade point average scholarships which fall under academic scholarships as well, only if they meet the necessary requirements. The international or transfer students are also eligible for a wide array of scholarships.

If you want to read more about their scholarships, you may visit their website here.


Grants offered by the university come in the form of federal grants, most prominently the Pell Grant. The university provides you the facility of applying for the federal grants. Applying for an FSA requires you to fill in the FAFSA form.

Pell Grants generally are awarded only to undergraduate students who are in exceptional financial need. Unlike any kind of loan, a Federal Pell Grant does not have to be repaid, except under certain circumstances (such as if the student loses their eligibility)

Financial Aid Breakdown

Student Receiving Aid

Federal Grant Aid


State Grant Aid


Institution Grant Aid


Pell Grant


Average Aid Awarded

Federal Grant Aid


State Grant Aid


Institution Grant Aid


Pell Grant


The total financial aid awarded by the institute is $249,305,998 and the percentage of students receiving these aids are around 55%. The total need-based scholarship is around $1,313,996 and non-need-based ones are $45,379,045. For some extra read on the same you may visit the given link here.

 The following data will surely help you to get a clearer view of the aids and grants availed usually by the percentage of students:

The average federal grants provided by this university sums up to an average of $4,873. Around 23% of students usually access federal grants in order to fund their course.

23% of students also go for Pell Grants.On an average Pell grant that you can avail for this college stands to $4,710

State aid provided for this college comes to an average of approximately $5,422  and 24% students avail it and the institutional grant average is about $5,438 serving almost 54% candidates.

Federal Aid based on Family Income

Family Income

Average Federal Aid Per Year

Under $30,000


$30,001 - $48,000


$48,001 - $75,000


$75,001 - $110,000


Over $110,000


We have further segregated the amount of financial aid received by each family income bracket to facilitate your decision making wisely. 

If you fall under a family income category under $30,000 then you might be sure of receiving a basic amount of $16,995 as financial aid. A family income category ranging from $30,001 - $48,000 can expect the same amount to go down to $15,125. For an income range between $48,001 to $75,000 the expected financial aid that you might expect to receive can be close enough to a figure of  $9,594. Usually in this manner a family income falling under the range of $75,001 - $110,000 can avail for a financial aid up to $3,126. For any family with an income range falling over and above  $110,000 may get a meagre amount of $1,398 only. Only candidates in need of financial assistance will benefit from this.

Student Loans for Texas A&M University

Average Loan Amount Average Loan Amount received per year.


Students Taking Out Loans


Loan Default Rate


Loan facilities are provided as support as well. The disadvantages, however, lie in the fact that you have to bear the burden of carrying debt, even after graduating from the university. Federal loans put you in a more favourable position as undergraduate students graduate with little to no debt at all. Around 32% students do receive federal loans for this university. On an average, the federal loan amount granted is around $5,185.

Loans are generally one of the most common options of funding your education and the average loan amount that students can derive is almost near $6,863. The Loan default rate is however at a lesser bracket of just 2.1 which makes this option even more pleasant for you.

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