Acceptance Rate

990 - 1190

SAT Range

19 - 26

ACT Range

University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth Admissions

The university has high acceptance rate of around 75%. This implies that out of 100 candidates, 75 are conceded. Further, the SAT scores of the admitted students lie in the range of 990-1190. For the perusal of the applicants, here are some interesting figures; the ACT scores of the admitted students lie in the range of 18-25, whereas, the average GPA scores hover around 3.20. University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth follows a simple application and admission process that includes a total of 4 steps, which are as follows: Step 1 in the application and admission process: Submitting the application The first step which a candidate is required to make for admission at University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth is applying to the university. Interested candidates can apply to the university by either calling the university at (508) 999-8000 or through online mode. They can also follow an alternate way to take admission to the university by visiting its admissions office at 285 Old Westport Rd, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts 02747-2300. They can contact the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth admissions office by phone as well. Step 2 in the application process is acceptance by UMD It should be noted by the candidates that submitting ACT and SAT scores is recommended but not mandatory at University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. Further, after submitting the form and depositing the enrollment fee, to receive their admission decision, students are required to submit the following documents: Essay: Also known as the personal statement, the essay submitted by an applicant offers them a unique way to showcase their achievements and personality. It is advised that applicants include personal experiences and anecdotes as well. Transcripts: Submitting the necessary high-school and university transcripts is an important part of the evaluation process. An applicant can use Parchment (or similar platforms) to submit the same. Official Test Scores: As mentioned above, submitting SAT and ACT scores at UMD is not mandatory and not all students submit them. Moreover, by submitting these official scores, a candidate can make a stronger claim for securing a seat at University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. Once the university finishes looking into applications, additional documents or information might be requested. In Step 3, the candidate needs to confirm their attendance The third step includes confirming their attendance to UMD by the candidates. They will also be required to select their housing as well as complete their Financial Check-In process. This step essentially involves reviewing and verifying the summary of Accounts and Financial Aid (scholarships, fees, and tuition costs), choosing a lodging option, selecting a payment plan, and making the first payment, too. Before proceeding to register for classes, candidates also have to complete the Math and English assessments. In Step 4, candidates need to register for classes Registration for courses will be the next step once all the processes mentioned above are completed.

SAT Scores you need to get in

SAT Range The composite score range which the Institution consistently takes, below which admission should be considered a reach.

990 - 1190

Applicants Submitting SAT Percentage of Students submitting SAT Scores.


SAT Reading 25th


SAT Math 25th


SAT Composite 25th


SAT Reading 75th


SAT Math 75th


SAT Composite 75th


Average SAT Score


Notably, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth also considers the SAT scores of the applicants for their admission. Apart from other things, the candidates need to know that SAT scores are compulsory to be considered for admission to the university. To get into the university, the average SAT score required currently stands at 1090. However, in some cases, those who have obtained a SAT score of 990 or below could also get into the university. As many as 93% of the applicants to the university submit their SAT scores for admission consideration.

ACT Scores you need to get in

ACT Range The composite score range which the Institution consistently takes, below which admission should be considered a reach.

19 - 26

Applicants Submitting ACT Percentage of Students submitting ACT Scores.


ACT Math 25th


ACT English 25th


ACT Composite 25th


ACT Math 75th


ACT English 75th


ACT Composite 75th


Average ACT Score


Coming to the ACT scores that candidates need to get accepted to University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, the latest data suggests that one requires an average ACT score of 21. Moreover, most of the candidates accepted by University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth have composite ACT scores in the range of 18-25. To be considered for admission by University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, one needs to have a minimum ACT composite score of 18. Moreover, the submission of ACT scores is mandatory to be considered for admission. Around 8% of the applicants to UMD submit their ACT scores for gaining admission to the university, according to the latest information.

Estimated GPA Requirements & Average GPA

Grade Points Average (GPA) The average high school GPA of the admitted students


At University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, having a high GPA is considered a mandatory requirement for admission to its programs. It is generally believed that a good GPA can improve a candidate's chances to secure admission into any college of their choice. So, candidates aspiring to get into the university must have above-average high school grades with a minimum GPA score of 2.50. Also, the average high school GPA of those who get accepted into UMD stands at 3.20. Among other things, the applicants must also have a good idea of the requirements for admission, including the necessary documents and what information is considered for making admission decisions at University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. The students must also submit several important documents to the university such as the Secondary school GPA, Secondary school record, Completion of college-preparatory program, and Admission test scores (SAT/ACT).

Admission Requirements

What Really Matters When Applying

High School GPA


High School Rank

Considered but not required

High School Transcript


College Prep Courses






UMass Dartmouth has a vibrant and enriching set of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. It has a simple set of requirements to fulfill for getting enrolled. The requirements include the basic transcripts of High School, ACT/SAT scores, and other documents like personal statements, letters of recommendation, and many more.

The application fee for application form for any program is $60 (non-refundable).

Undergraduate Admission Requirements

UMass Dartmouth is a powerhouse with more than 90 undergraduate academic programs. With an enrollment of more than 6,800 students, it is committed to providing inclusion, access, the advancement of knowledge, student success, and community engagement. The undergraduate programs are provided across multiple fields of study which include Business, Healthcare Services, Liberal Arts, Science, Media, Art, Communication, Politics, and many more.

 Following terms are needed to be looked at for eligibility:

  • Filled Application form.

  • Official High school transcript.

  • Official SAT or ACT scores.

  • a personal statement (up to 650 words) that demonstrates qualities of leadership, community service, work experiences, and/or other significant interests.

  • For GED students: a copy of the GED certificate from the state, along with a copy of your GED test record.

  • Students enrolling in a Visual & Performing Arts program (excluding Art History) need to submit a portfolio or complete a music audition.

  • For international students:

    • Secondary and/or post-secondary sealed official transcripts translated into English.

    • All non-native speakers of English must demonstrate English language proficiency and are required to submit TOEFL (79), IELTS (6.5), or PTE (53) scores.

    • Documentation of your financial ability to pay.

  • Optional: A letter of recommendation from a teacher or guidance counselor, required only if specified by the program requirements.

No-test option: There is a no-test option for applicants to the Charlton College of Business, College of Visual & Performing Arts, or College of Arts & Sciences (Biology and Chemistry require test scores).

Graduate Admission Requirements

Counted as one of the most environmentally responsible colleges in the nation, UMass Dartmouth embraces dozens of disciplines for its graduate programs including Digital Media, MBA, Educational Policies, Fine Arts, Science, Graphic Design, and many more.

The common requirements for Graduate Admission are as follows:

  • Filled application form.

  • Statement of purpose (minimum 300 words): indicating your objectives, interests and experience, undergraduate and graduate experience, and business or industry experience, as applicable. If you are also applying for a teaching or research assistantship, include any special skills or experience that would assist us in our decision. Please ensure to mention your name and the name of your desired program appear on the main page.

  • Resume.

  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended.

  • Scores of standardized tests like GRE, GMAT, LSAT, or any other, as specified by the program.

  • For international students, additional requirements include:

    • Copy of your passport.

    • Permanent home address in the country of citizenship.

    • Applicants whose native language is not English must take the TOEFL, IELTS, or a Pearson Academic Exam.

Some programs have certain specific requirements. For more details, please visit here

Admission Deadlines

Application Deadline Deadline for application submissions. Please contact the school for more details.

Rolling Admissions

Application Fee Application fees may vary by program and may be waived for certain students. Please check with the school.


Early Decision Deadline


Early Action Deadline


Offer Action Deadline


Offers Early Decision


Application Website


Accepts Common App


Accepts Coalition App


Apart from submitting the documents and other required information, the candidates should also deposit an application fee of $60. The application deadline of the university depends on several factors. Fall applications, the most popular among students, usually start from September and might go on till April. A September deadline usually pertains to early decision, while the final deadline is in April. Notably, to be eligible for scholarships, students might have to apply before the early deadline. This is why it is always recommended to apply early.

Acceptance Rate and Admission Statistics

Acceptance Rate77%78%78%
Percentage of admitted who Enrolled (Admission Yield)18%24%21%

Admission Statistics















Acceptance Rate














Percent of Admitted Who Enrolled (Admission Yield)







Credits Accepted

AP Credit


Dual Credit


Credit for Life Experiences

Implied no

Many universities in the US incentivize students by assisting them to earn university credit by opting for certain courses available in high school. There are many such programs for the students, and some of the popular programs are AP Credit, CLEP (Credit for Life Experiences), and Dual Enrollment (also known as Dual Credit). Different colleges follow different policies regarding these credits. Such programs also have various benefits for the students; they include a higher GPA, increased chances of completing a degree, and a shorter time to obtain a degree. In order to avail CLEP and AP credits, students can visit the collegeboard.org website and request to submit the scores to the university of their choice.

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