Left Handed Scholarship 2019

Left Handed Scholarship is for the people who are left handed by birth. Students get access to selected scholarships designed to help left-handlers meet college expenses.

Posted by Shubharthi Dey on 13th March 2018

Do you feel inferior for being left-handed? Have you ever been teased or isolated  for being left-handed? Well in the United States, it is treated as a boon because being left handed entitles you to various opportunities for scholarships which are commonly termed as left-handed scholarship. These scholarships have slowly but surely played a big part in the life of a teenager who aspires to pursue his/her higher education in the United States.

In a statistical analysis cum survey conducted upon teenagers, it was found that roughly 10% of them were left-handed which shows the scarcity in number and the magnitude of concern towards this minor section of the human race.


Let’s look into some of the popular left-handed scholarships across the United States

Parry and Pfau Left-Handed Scholarship

 The applicants have to upload a video on youtube regarding the topic – How being a left-handed affected your school experience? The candidate must be a high school senior or graduate student and a U.S. citizen. The award amount for best performance is $1500.

The format of the video to be uploaded seeks the following points to be considered:

Record A Video

Record a one- to two-minute video responding to the following prompt (video can be filmed on a smartphone, digital camera/camcorder or webcam and must be recorded in the “landscape” (long) format rather than “portrait” (tall) format).

Explain The Incident

Car crashes don't happen by accident. Explain why the word, "accident" is not an accurate description of a motor vehicle collision. The content must be original.


Upload the video to Youtube. Make sure you put “Parry & Pfau Scholarship 2018” in the title of the video. Also ensure that the video is not marked “private,” or we will not be able to view it. Instructions for uploading a video on YouTube can be found here.

 MRCA Foundation Left Handed Scholarship Award

  • Funded by the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association.

  • This is a scholarship for undergraduate, graduate, college and high school senior students who have at least a 3.0 GPA or B Average Equivalent.

  • The number and dollar amount of scholarships awarded by the MRCA Foundation will be determined by the MRCA Foundation Board of Directors.

  • This scholarship is awarded usually in the amount of $1,000.

  • Selection criteria also include academic success and service to the community.

The eligibility for availing the scholarship seeks the following points to be considered:

  • A fully-completed application.

  • Proof of being associated with an active MRCA member company.

  • A written statement from the educational institution where the trade-related, undergraduate or graduate work will be undertaken.

  • Official transcripts from current high school or college showing at least a 3.0 GPA.

  • Two letters of recommendation, submitted by persons at least 18 years of age who are not related to the candidate.

Vicki L. Schechtman Scholarship

  • This scholarship is available for left-handed female undergraduates who wish to pursue a science degree

  • Any freshman is eligible to apply for this award.

  • Students must have at least a 3.0-grade point average and be a citizen of the United States.

Beckley Left Handed Student Scholarship 

The former Juniata student the late Mary Francis Beckley, established this scholarship in 1979, which would award $1,000 to $1,500 per year to the lefties.

This scholarship is open to all students who are left-handed and demonstrates financial need as well as academic success.

AAST Medical Student Scholarship

This scholarship provides financial support worth $500 to the left-handed students.

This scholarship is for those who are enrolled in a medical school and they must have participated in the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma meeting.

 State Wise scholarship

Apart from the scholarship offered by the Federal Government, there are various states that offer these type of scholarship to the students of their state.

States scholarships like left-handed scholarship Texas, left-handed scholarship Florida, left-handed scholarship Indiana and left-handed scholarships in Indiana.

These are the examples of some of the scholarships that are run by the state's government.

These all things have just been introduced to increase the participation of students in the higher education and also to take off the financial barrier from the education.

This is the reason why certain states have introduced scholarship for left-handed females also as these are the small things that affect the overall upliftment of the state.

Who Offers The Scholarships?

Before applying for the scholarship, we will discover some of the well-known organizations who provide the scholarships as an financial aid

                          Organizations Offering Left Handed Scholarships

Federal Government (e.g. FAFSA)

State Government

Educational Organizations  (College/University)

Private Organizations

Non-private Organizations

 U.S. Department Of Education

Eligibility for Left-handed Scholarship

  • A student should be a citizen of the United States or a legal resident.

  • A candidate should have been completed a secondary high school education.

  • One should be pursuing a degree from an accredited college.

  • A student should have a minimum score in the range of 2.5 GPA to 4 GPA.

  • A candidate should have good participation in co-curricular activities.

  • A student should produce a sample demo of one being a left-handed person.

  • Should possess qualities like leadership and career goals.

How to apply?

 In today’s era to apply for an scholarship in general and a left handed scholarship in particular has become a cake-walk with the enormous number of online resources to reach the appropriate organizations for the same. However, we have enlisted a few pointers to ease the search for a suitable left-handed scholarship.

 Visit The Website

Sign in and fill the form or download the left-handed scholarship application for the particular year like left-handed scholarship 2019.

Filling The Details

Fill in all details carefully, including your name, school name and other necessary details. If any necessary documents should be added then do add them, like resume or grade cards.

Submitting the Application

Submit the application in prior to the deadline. This year's left-handed scholarship application 2019 would end by September.

How does it benefit students?

  • It helps students get recognized in a healthy and good manner as lefties.

  • The scholarship will help students reduce the burden of financial crises.

  • Students will get free books and accommodation.

  • They can concentrate more on academics.

  • Students can also get chances to find an internship some extra activities.

  • It will also help them find out their talents.


It is good that left-handed people are getting some recognition and help from various sources. Everybody should be given a chance and opportunity to bring out the virtues within them. This scholarship is just the perfect platform for them because those who are left-handed students and require financial aid can get the adequate financial help that they need from organizations which comprises both government and non-government agencies.


  Can left-handed people get disability benefits? 

No, Left-handed people are not termed as disabled. They are naturally using left-hand as a primary tool to do work. The social security network has not listed left-handedness as a disability. 

  Who can apply for a left-handed scholarship? 

Left-handed scholarships can be applied by high school junior or seniors, sophomores (second-year graduate), graduate or undergraduate students who are left-handed. 

  What is the amount paid to a left-handed scholarship awardee? 

The amount depends on the scholarship community you are applying for, but the amount may range between $500 to $5,000

  What are the different other sources of funding?

Check with your college or prospective colleges to see what kinds of scholarships and grants are available, and when the deadline to apply is. Your local library is also a valuable resource, and most usually carry detailed lists of grantors and their selection criteria. You can also check the requirements on our scholarship category. 

  I probably don't qualify for aid. Should I apply for aid anyway?

Yes. Many families mistakenly think they don't qualify for aid and prevent themselves from receiving financial aid by failing to apply for it. In addition, there are a few sources of aid such as unsubsidized Stafford and PLUS loans that are available regardless of need. The FAFSA form is free. There is no good excuse for not applying.

  Do I need to be admitted before I can apply for financial aid at a particular university?

No. You can apply for financial aid any time after October 1. To actually receive funds, however, you must be admitted and enrolled at the university.

  Do I have to reapply for financial aid every year?  

Yes. Most financial aid offices require that you apply for financial aid every year. If your financial circumstances change, you may get more or less aid. After your first year, you will receive a 'Renewal Application' which contains preprinted information from the previous year's FAFSA.

Note that your eligibility for financial aid may change significantly, especially if you have a different number of family members in college. Renewal of your financial aid package also depends on your making satisfactory academic progress toward a degree, such as earning a minimum number of credits and achieving a minimum GPA.

  Are my parents responsible for my educational loans?

No. Parents are, however, responsible for the Federal PLUS loans. Parents will only be responsible for your educational loans if they co-sign your loan. In general, you and you alone are responsible for repaying your educational loans.

You do not need to get your parents to cosign your federal student loans, even if you are under age 18, as the 'defense of infancy' does not apply to federal student loans. (The defense of infancy presumes that a minor is not able to enter into contracts, and considers any such contract to be void. There is an explicit exemption to this principle in the Higher Education Act with regard to federal student loans.)

However, lenders may require a cosigner on private student loans if your credit history is insufficient or if you are underage. In fact, many private student loan programs are not available to students under age 18 because of the defense of infancy.