Marine Biology Colleges

Marine Biology Colleges are for those who are passionate about what's happening in the ocean. In this article, learn more about the colleges that offer marine biology degree in the USA.

Updated by Niharika Padiga on 31st March 2020

Have you always been enthralled by the ocean? If this sounds like you then a degree in marine biology might be the perfect fit.

Marine science is the science of littoral entities that live in saltwater. Marine biology is an applied field of biology and incorporates many other sciences such as: Geology, Chemistry (organic and inorganic), Physics, Meteorology, and Zoology.

Why study marine biology?

Life is believed to have arisen in the sea. Many human benefits come from the sea including:

  • Medicines derived from marine species

  • Food

  • Products

  • Recreation and tourism

  • Oxygen production

  • Climate control

Students who wish to take up the aquatic biology course at the graduate level can look over a couple of top institutions over the United States.

Marine Biology Colleges

The following are the universities/colleges offer advanced education in aquatic science, however, just a handful offer an advanced education with its sole concentration in aquatic biology.

Eckerd College

Eckerd is considered to be one of the best-deemed universities with an overall 40 colleges where the students are well-taught and well-treated.

Eckerd college provides the best faculty and research projects in either Marine Biology, Marine Chemistry, Marine Geology or Marine Geophysics.

Working beyond a professor, like the Eckerd College Dolphin Project, involves field research on the bottlenose dolphins in Boca Ciega Bay.

Why Eckerd?

Join Eckerd personnel as research partners on projects in the Bahamas, the US Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, and Panama. 

The faculty at Eckerd lead their own free research, and of the fact that they don’t have a doctoral level college. 

Eckerd’s aquatic science program will get you where you have to go whether you need to make leaps forward in invasive species, environmental change, aquaculture and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Real-Time Hands-On Experience

The professors provide best training from day one. Studying on Tampa Bay means you'll get professional real-time experience with scholars and end up getting jobs with an aquatic science degree.

California State University, Long Beach (CSULB)

California State University is a good place for students coming from outside, international students, to earn a Bachelor degree in Marine biology.

Every graduate is given the utmost care and consideration overall as a person and puts great consideration into assessing each application.

CSULB has helped many students to earn their jobs in local and state agencies and companies.

International Admissions

CSULB provides admissions for international students with a diverse environment, high-quality services, fun activities, various students associations and clubs including those specifically for international students-and safe, comfortable on-campus housing.

Faculty and Scholars

The Office of International Education and Global Engagement encourages and makes open doors for CSULB personnel to teach abroad and invites worldwide researchers to seek research and teaching here at CSULB.


Your University, Your choice

You have many options for choosing a university. California State University, Long Beach anticipates changing lives by extending educational opportunities, supporting innovativeness and planning leaders for an evolving world.

University of Oregon

The University of Oregon is a world-class instructing and research university in the beautiful Willamette Valley of Oregon. Professors are very friendly and provide best practical training.

Why Oregon?

Major research and hands-on experience with small classes. A welcoming, curious, and energized community, all nestled in one of the most beautiful places in the country. Distinguished faculty providing best practical knowledge on marine science.


UO additionally gives not only classroom training, but also experimental learning, industry mentors, advanced maker spaces.

You will get internships, research opportunities, and work experience. If you want to start your career in business Whether you want to start your own business, top-ranked academic programs will give you the foundation to launch your future.


Most of the students are provided by the financial aids or scholarships. Earning a degree from this university will help you find your right path in your career. Financial Aid and Scholarships are also available for students pursuing this university.

Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University is also called the State University of New York.

This University provides undergraduate research, internships, campus job opportunities, community service, career center.


Almost every University provides a community of old students, donors, and friends behind it.

University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA)

When there are many degrees and graduate programs to choose from in the California university, it is very difficult to search for the correct and right course to fulfil your career aspirations.

UCLA helps students advance in the field of marine biology. This degree also helps students’ study in the areas of other topics such as the physiology of marine organisms, subtidal and intertidal ecology, and oceanography.

Before pursuing any specialized courses, students must learn a series of life sciences subjects. The university also provides these courses for transfer students. It also offers students a good laboratory, best classroom facility, and field-based classes, along with the below courses:

  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

  • Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences

  • Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences

  • Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology

  • Computational and Systems Biology

University of Miami

The University of Miami provides MBE course (Marine biology and ecology) which primarily focuses on a wide range of field, laboratory, and theoretical coursework

Why UM?

The UM offers a great opportunity to students with many research centers and groups, practical experience such as experimental hatchery with good faculty.

Many degree programs and research areas are available at the University of Miami.

Degree Programs

Master of Professional Science (M.P.S.)

Needs 30 credit hours, along with 24 course credit hours and 6 internship credit hours.

Master of Science (M.S.)

Needs 30 credit hours, along with 24 course credit hours and 6 research credit hours.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Needs 60 credit hours, along with a minimum of 24 course credit hours and a minimum of 12 research credit hours.

Research Areas

  • Physiology

  • Genetics

  • Evolution

  • Molecular biology

  • Coral reef ecology

  • Tropical marine ecosystem conservation

  • Fisheries science

  • Ecology

  • Conservation and management, and

  • Biological oceanography

University of New England

The UNE provides a great living laboratory where students can learn and explore everything within the residence halls. Internships are also available for students who are interested in learning the course in marine science.

Why UNE?

  • University-owned, private island

  • Four research vessels

  • Small class sizes with world-class faculty

  • State-of-the-art Marine Science Centre

  • Two flow-through seawater teaching labs

  • Aquaculture and marine biology research lab

  • Student-centered research and education communities

What Can You Learn?

Students can enhance the analytical and critical skills through research and life skills from internships.

You can work closely with the faculty and you will have practical knowledge and live experiences.

You can choose the UNE for your career goals which you will be provided with many courses.

  • Animal Trainer

  • Oceanographer

  • Marine Researcher

  • Veterinarian

  • Lab Technician

  • Hydrographer  

  • Fish and Wildlife Biologist

  • Fisheries Manager

  • Commercial Diver

  • Secondary/College Teacher

Marine Biology Degree Programs in the U.S. (by State)


  • Alabama State University BS [Marine Biology]

  • Auburn University [Marine Biology] BS [MS/PhD] Samford University [Marine Science] BS, [Environmental Management] MS

  • University of Alabama [Marine Science/Biology] BS, [Marine Science] MS

  • University of North Alabama [Marine Biology] BA, BS

  • University of South Alabama [Biology – Marine Biology Concentration] BS, [Marine Science] MS, PhD

  • University of West Alabama [Marine Biology] BS, [Conservation Biology] MS


  • Alaska Pacific University [Marine Biology] BA, BS

  • University of Alaska Fairbanks [Fisheries] BA, [Fisheries or Ocean Sciences] BS, [Marine Biology] MS, PhD

  • University of Alaska Southeast [Marine Biology, Fisheries & Ocean Sciences: Fisheries Science] BS


  • California Lutheran University [Biology Major focusing on research in marine biology] BA, BS

  • California State University, Long Beach BS, MS/PhD

  • California State University Monterey Bay [Biology] BS, [Marine Science] BS, [Marine Science] MS

  • California State University (Moss Landing Marine Laboratories) [Marine Science] MS

  • Humboldt State University [Biology with Marine Biology Major Concentration] BS, MS

  • San Diego State University [Ecology, Evolutionary Biology] BS, MS, PhD

  • San Francisco State University [Biology: Marine Biology concentration] BS, MS

  • San Jose State University [Biology: Marine Biology concentration] BS

  • Sonoma State University [Biology with concentration in Marine Biology] BS, [Biology with concentrations such as Marine Ecology] MS

  • Stanford University/Hopkins Marine Station (undergraduate/graduate studies)

  • University of California Berkeley [Marine Science] BA, [Integrative Biology] BA, [Integrative Biology] PhD

  • University of California Los Angeles [Marine Biology] BS? [Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with Marine Biology specialization] MS, PhD

  • University of California Santa Barbara [Aquatic Biology, Biology, Zoology, etc.] BA/BS, [Marine Science] MS, PhD

  • University of California Santa Cruz [Marine Biology] BS, [Ocean Sciences: Biological Oceanography pathway] MS, PhD

  • University of California San Diego/Scripps Institution of Oceanography [Marine Biology] BS, [Marine Biodiversity and Conservation] MS, PhD

  • University of San Diego [Environmental and Ocean Sciences with marine ecology pathway] BA, [Environmental and Ocean Sciences] MS

  • University of Southern California Dornsife [Marine Biology] Minor, Progressive Masters in Marine and Environmental Biology, MS, [Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography, Ocean Sciences] PhDs


  • University of New Haven [Marine Biology] BS

  • University of Connecticut [Marine Sciences + Marine Biology Minor] BA, BS, [Graduate Studies in Biological Oceanography]


  • Ave Maria University [Marine Biology] BS

  • Barry University [Biology (BS) Marine Biology concentration]

  • Eckerd College [Marine Science with Marine Biology track] BS

  • Florida Atlantic University [Biology] BS, [Marine Science & Oceanography] MS, [Biology] MS, [Marine Science & Oceanography] PhD

  • Florida Institute of Technology [Marine Biology] BS, [Marine Biology] MS, PhD

  • Florida International University [Marine Biology] BS, [Biology] MS, PhD

  • Florida State University [Biology with Marine Biology track] BA/BS, [Biology] MS, PhD

  • Jacksonville University [Marine Science] BS?, [Marine Science] MS, MA

  • Nova Southeastern University [Marine Biology] BS, [Marine Science] MS, [Marine Biology/Oceanography] PhD

  • Rollins College [Marine Biology] BS?

  • Stetson University [Aquatic and Marine Biology] BS

  • University of Florida [Marine Sciences] BA/BA? [Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences] MS, MFAS, PhD

  • University of Miami: Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science [Marine Biology & Ecology] BS, MS, PhD

  • University of Florida [Marine Sciences] BA/BA? [Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences] MS, MFAS, PhD

  • University of South Florida [Marine Biology] BS, [Marine Science] MS, PhD

  • University of Tampa [Marine Science/Biology (double major)] BS

  • University of West Florida [Marine Biology] BS, [Biology: Marine Biology expertise] MS


  • Savannah State University [Marine Science] BS, MS

  • University of Georgia [Marine Sciences] BS, [Research or Applied Marine Studies tracks] MS, [Biological, chemical, or physical oceanography] PhD, [Marine Sciences] PhD


University of Guam [Biology] BS, MS – Marine Laboratory | Houk Lab


  • Hawai’i Pacific University [Marine Biology] BS, [Oceanography] BS, [Marine Science] MS

  • University of Hawai’i at Hilo [Marine Science] BA, BS, [Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science] MS

  • University of Hawai’i at Mãnoa [Marine Biology] BS, MS, PhD


Southwestern College [Marine Biology] BS


Nicholls State University [Biology with Marine Biology concentration] BS, [Marine and Environmental Biology] MS


  • Maine Maritime Academy [Marine Biology] BS

  • Unity College [Marine Biology] BS

  • University of Maine [Marine Science + concentrations in Aquaculture or Oceanography] BS, [Marine Biology] MS, PhD

  • University of Maine at Machias [Marine Biology] BS

  • University of New England [Marine Sciences with Marine Biology track] BS, [Marine Sciences] MS


University of Maryland [Biology] BS, [Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences] MS, PhD


  • Boston University [Marine Science] BA, [Marine Biology Program] MA, PhD

  • Northeastern University [Marine Biology] BS,  [Marine Biology] MS

  • Salem State College [Biology with Marine Biology concentration] BS

  • Suffolk University [Biology with Marine Science concentration] BA, BS

  • University of Massachusetts Dartmouth [Biology with Marine Biology option] BS, [Marine Science] MS, PhD

  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: Undergraduate Programs, Graduate Programs, Postdoctoral Programs


University of Southern Mississippi [Marine Biology] BS, [Marine Science] BS, MS, PhD


Northwest Missouri State University [Marine Biology] BS

New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire [Marine, Estuarine and Freshwater Biology] BS, [Marine Biology] MS, PhD

New Jersey

  • Fairleigh Dickinson University [Marine Biology] BS, [Biology] MS

  • Rutgers State University [Marine Science with Marine Biology/Biological Oceanography option] BS, [Oceanography] MS, PhD

New York

  • Cornell University – [Ecology and Evolutionary Biology] BS, [Ecology and Evolutionary Biology] MS, PhD

  • Hofstra University [Biology with Marine Biology track] BS

  • State University of New York – Stony Brook [Marine Sciences] BS, [Marine Vertebrate Biology] BS, [Marine Sciences (Marine Conservation and Policy, Marine and Atmospheric Sciences) tracks] MA, MS, PhD

  • State University of New York – Stony Brook University [Marine Sciences, Marine Vertebrate Biology BS], [Marine Science track – Oceanography] MS, PhD

North Carolina

  • Duke University [Biology with Marine Biology concentration] BA/BS, [Biology] MS, PhD

  • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill [Biology with minor in Marine Sciences] BS, [Marine Sciences with specialization in Marine Biology/Ecology] MS, PhD

  • University of North Carolina Wilmington [Marine Biology] BS, [Marine Biology] MS, PhD


  • Bowling Green State University [Marine and Aquatic Biology BS], [Biology] MS, PhD

  • Ohio University [Marine, Freshwater, and Environmental Biology] BS, [Biology] MS, [Biology] PhD

  • Wittenberg University [Biology with Minor in Marine Science] BA, BS


  • University of Oregon, Oregon Institute of Marine Biology BA, BS, MS, PhD

  • Oregon State University [Biology with Marine Biology option] BS, [Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences] BS, HBS, [Marine Resource Management] MA, MS, [Fisheries Science] BS, MS, PhD, MAIS


  • East Stroudsburg University [Marine Science] BS, [Biology] MS

  • Millersville University [Biology w/ Marine Biology option] BS

Rhode Island

  • Brown University [Biology], Graduate Programs

  • Roger Williams University [Marine Biology] BA, BS

  • University of Rhode Island [Marine Biology] BS, [Biological and Environmental Sciences – specialization: Evolution and Marine Biology] MS, Ph.D., [Marine Affairs] MA, PhD

South Carolina

  • Coastal Carolina University [Marine Science] BS, [Coastal Marine and Wetland Studies] MS

  • College of Charleston – Grice Marine Laboratory [Marine Biology] BS, MS

  • University of South Carolina [Marine Science] BS, MS, PhD

  • Texas A&M Clipper ship


  • Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi [Biology w/ Marine Biology career track] BS, MS, PhD

  • Texas A&M University Galveston [Marine Biology, Marine Fisheries] BS, IDP, MS, PhD

  • Texas State [Aquatic Biology] BS, [Aquatic Resources] MS, [Aquatic Resources] PhD

  • University of Texas at Austin – Marine Science Institute [Biology: Marine and Freshwater Science] BS, [Marine Science] MS, PhD

U.S. Virgin Islands

University of the Virgin Islands – BA, BS, Master of Marine and Environmental Science Program (MMES)


  • College of William and Mary [Marine Science minor], [Marine Science] MS, Ph.D. (Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS))

  • Hampton University [Marine and Environmental Science] BS

  • Old Dominion University [Marine Biology] BS, [Ocean and Earth Sciences] MS, [Oceanography] PhD


  • Seattle Pacific University [Biology with an emphasis in ecology] BS

  • University of Washington [Marine Biology] BS, [Oceanography with biological oceanography specialization] MS, PhD 

  • Western Washington University [Biology with marine emphasis] BS, [Biology, Marine and Estuarine Science] MS


  • University of Wisconsin-Superior [Biology with Ecology, Aquatic Biology, and Fishery Science focus] BS

  • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater [Marine & Freshwater Aquatic Biology Emphasis] BS