What is Letter of Continued Interest?

A Letter of Continued Interest is nothing but informing the respective college that you are still interested in their college if they have any chances for your enrollment or any vacancy in their college

Updated by Chandni Agarwal on 27th February 2020

If you are waitlisted or deferred for the college, in which you always wanted to study, don’t be disappointed or discouraged.

You might be thinking what is the meaning of waitlisted? Still is there any chance for you to get in? How your chances can be improved further?

A waitlisted means your application is on hold, and you still have a chance to get admission in your desired college. In this scenario, you will have to write a Letter of Continued Interest to the college. 

Thinking what is a Letter of Continued Interest? No worries, you will know all the details about the Letter of Continued Interest in this article.

What is a Letter of Continued Interest?

If you are deferred or waitlisted don’t be sad or discouraged because you still have a chance for at least enrolling in that college. Maybe they have some reservations about your application, so they haven’t considered it in one go. But no worries you still have chances, all you need to do is write a Letter of Continued Interest to the college. 

A Letter of Continued Interest is nothing but informing the respective college that you are still interested in their college if they have any chances for your enrollment or any vacancy in their college. You can also inform them about your achievements if you have any in the letter.

When can you send the Letter of Continued Interest? Immediately after you know that you are deferred or waitlisted you can send the letter.   

How to write a Letter of Continued Interest?

But before writing any letter make sure you confirm with the college whether they want or not. As some colleges clearly mention that writing any letters won’t be helpful for the students and it will not be considered. Deferred candidates of the University of Michigan were emailed highlighting that the candidates who will send the required materials will be given first preference. Whereas the University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill gives clear instruction that sending more materials won’t help you.

But you should consider two main things while you are writing the Continued Interest Letter, like your interest in attending the college, the second one if you have any achievements. 

How long the Letter of Continued Interest should be? It should not exceed more than one page, and write the letter addressing to the admission office, and use a formal tone, as these things will help you to make your letter even better.

Format of writing a Letter of Continued Interest

You should start the letter with a professional as well as a positive tone, with a greeting like “Dear ________” with a short introduction, including your full legal name, Common App ID, date of birth, and the high school you attend.

Don’t show any sort of disappointment or negative statement in your letter, as your chances of selecting will drop. 

At the top of the letter, you must include, the name of the person to whom the letter is addressed, that person’s title, the college or university name, the city/state of the school. 

If this is the college you always dreamt of attending, then do express your wish in the letter, or will you choose this college over all other? This type of sentence may increase your chances even better and yes you should always stay honest in your letter.  

Once you wrote a short intro paragraph you should write further expressing your passion for the school, and what makes you attend the school, and list down any unique feature if you feel like you haven’t included in the supplemental essays. But yes don’t rewrite all those points which you have already written

You should mention your achievements in academics or extracurricular activities after you applied. Like, winning selective awards or honors, maintenance of good grades or a noticeable increase in GPA from the previous semester, achieving any new leadership positions with coursework or taking additional credits at the college level or anything relatable. 

What should be included and not included in the Letter of Continued Interest?

Let us first look at the points which you should include in the Letter of Continued Interest.

The letter cannot exceed one page, and it must have the following points:

  • An expression of thankfulness for being in deferred/waitlisted (you should think in a positive way that you still have a chance)

  • A statement showing your continued interest in the college

  • An acknowledgment stating that the school is your first choice

  • Higher GPA

  • Improved SAT or ACT scores

  • Mention a few points about why you are interested in the school (programs, opportunities, etc)  

  • If you have ever visited the school mention that as it will show your interest

  • New awards, honors or created opportunities

  • A closing that reiterates a thank you for time/consideration

Now let us know what should not be included in the letter, 

Your Letter of Continued Interest should not include any complaints, sadness or disappointment on being deferred or waitlisted.

It should not signify that any wrong decision is made by the Admission committee

  • Utilize this opportunity and demonstrate the qualities like positivity, persistence

The information which you have already included in the application must not be included:

  • The accomplishments already known by the Admission Committee should not be mentioned again and again, as they make think that they made a mistake considering you.

The Letter of Continued Interest will also be accepted is nowhere guarantee, so you should accept whatever the result comes in.

Don’t show your desperation for admission to the committee.

Letter of Continued Interest Sample

Mr. Admissions

Director of Admissions

XYZ University


Dear Mr. Admissions Man,

Thank you for considering a review of my application. I am honored to be on the waitlist of your university, as it is one of the prestigious universities in the state. I am writing to express my continued interest in your university and provide some additional information about my application. I would feel happy to attain your university if accepted as it is my first choice.

I have a particular interest in the music education program at your university, which has excellent faculty and Professor ABC and the state’s best art facility, which makes XYZ University the best. Since I had submitted the application at XYZ University, I have received Excellence in Music Award. This award is very prestigious and is given to high school seniors every year. This award shows my passion and dedication to music. 

Thank you so much for your time and attention. If you have any further questions, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.


Student D