What is Letter of Continued Interest?

Are you waitlisted or deferred from the college? Don't worry, you can still get into your dream college by writing a letter of continued interest. Read more to know what is it and how to write one.

Updated by TCM Staff on 27th October 2020

If you are waitlisted or deferred for the college, in which you always wanted to study, don’t be disappointed or discouraged. In such scenarios, you will have to write a letter of continued interest to the college. 

A Letter of Continued Interest is nothing but informing the respective college that you are still interested in their college if they have any chances for your enrollment or any vacancy in their college

This article aims at detailing what is a  Letter of Continued Interest and how to write one in a sample format.

What is a Letter of Continued Interest?

If you are deferred or waitlisted don’t be sad or discouraged because you still have a chance for at least enrolling in that college. Maybe they have some reservations about your application, so they haven’t considered it in one go. But no worries you still have chances, all you need to do is write a Letter of Continued Interest to the college. 

A Letter of Continued Interest is a letter written to the respective college to inform you that you are still interested in their college and if they have any chances for your enrollment or any vacancy in their college. It is often known as a waitlist letter of interest. 

How to write a Letter of Continued Interest?

But before writing any letter make sure you confirm with the college whether they want or not. As some colleges mention that writing any letters won’t be helpful for the students and it will not be considered. Deferred candidates of the University of Michigan were emailed highlighting that the candidates who will send the required materials will be given first preference. Whereas the University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill gives clear instruction that sending more materials won’t help you.

But you should consider two main things while you are writing the Continued Interest Letter, like your interest in attending the college, the second one if you have any achievements. 

How long the Letter of Continued Interest should be? It should not exceed more than one page, and write the letter addressing to the admission office, and use a formal tone, as these things will help you to make your letter even better.

Things to be written in Letter of Continued Interest

 It’s imperative for a student to know what is to be written on LOCI. It will decide your future, whether you can make it to college or not.

  • Introduction: The introduction should be written in a way that it grabs the attention of the reader in the first few seconds. It should be written in a manner that includes thanking the admission team for considering you as a potential candidate because the waiting list is still not a rejection. In your introduction, you should thank the admissions committee for reviewing your application and let them know that you are still interested in attending.

  • Update on your Achievements: Through this you will be able to make a good impact on the admission team of your dream college. This part will give them an idea of what you have done during this gap(from the time you applied for this college to the time of the waiting list of your college getting published). Here you have to brief them about your new achievements in a crystal clear way. 

  • Include Supplementary Materials: If you’ve had any exciting updates to your application, be sure to highlight them in the letter. If your standardized test scores have improved, send along the official reports. If your grades are up, order new transcripts. Only include these materials if they are relevant to the school you’re applying to.

  • Sweet Ending: Give a very nice, short, and sweet ending as a conclusion that why this college is still your dream college and you will be more than happy to join the college as a regular student.

To Whom Shall You Write a Letter of Continued Interest

 You can write the LOCI either to your admission department or the person from whom you have received the waitlist mail. You can also ask the college, in case if you have any doubt that to whom the LOCI is to be sent. 

What should be included and not included in the Letter of Continued Interest?

More than what is to be written, it is equally important to know, what is not to be written. It is very common for a student to feel frustrated, disappointed, and sometimes angry as well, but remember you cannot afford to let out any of your negative emotions on your LOCI. If you do so, it will be considered as a blunder. Hence it’s always advisable to keep our negative emotions to ourselves.. Don't write any of your disappointment with respect to the results and don't blame the college in the LOCI.

Let us first look at the points which you should include in the Letter of Continued Interest.

The letter cannot exceed one page, and it must have the following points:

  • An expression of thankfulness for being in deferred/waitlisted (you should think in a positive way that you still have a chance)

  • A statement showing your continued interest in the college

  • An acknowledgment stating that the school is your first choice

  • Higher GPA

  • Improved SAT or ACT scores

  • Mention a few points about why you are interested in the school (programs, opportunities, etc)  

  • If you have ever visited the school mention that as it will show your interest

  • New awards, honors, or created opportunities

  • A closing that reiterates a thank you for time/consideration

Now let us know what should not be included in the letter, 

Your Letter of Continued Interest should not include any complaints, sadness, or disappointment on being deferred or waitlisted.

It should not signify that any wrong decision is made by the Admission committee

  • Utilize this opportunity and demonstrate the qualities like positivity, persistence

The information which you have already included in the application must not be included:

  • The accomplishments already known by the Admission Committee should not be mentioned again and again, as they make think that they made a mistake considering you.

The Letter of Continued Interest will also be accepted is nowhere guarantee, so you should accept whatever the result comes in.

Don’t show your desperation for admission to the committee.

Letter of Continued Interest Sample

Example 1-

Mr. Admissions

Director of Admissions

XYZ University


Dear Mr. Admissions Man,

Thank you for considering a review of my application. I am honored to be on the waitlist of your university, as it is one of the prestigious universities in the state. I am writing to express my continued interest in your university and provide some additional information about my application. I would feel happy to attain your university if accepted as it is my first choice.

I have a particular interest in the music education program at your university, which has excellent faculty and Professor ABC and the state’s best art facility, which makes XYZ University the best. Since I had applied to XYZ University, I have received Excellence in Music Award. This award is very prestigious and is given to high school seniors every year. This award shows my passion and dedication to music. 

Thank you so much for your time and attention. If you have any further questions, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.


Student D

Example 2

Dear Ms. “X”,

My name is “Yyy”, and I am a graduate from Princeton University, Sante Fe, New Mexico. Though I was deferred earlier, I still believe that Yale is the School for me. I would like to thank the admissions department for reevaluating my materials. 

Last weekend I got an opportunity to visit Yale university as I was a part of Model United Nations organized by Yale and I was the delegate from the US in the disaster United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction Committee (UNISDR). This gave me an opportunity to interact with Yale Students.  The interactions gave me a sense of belongingness and made me believe that this is the school I want to join, my dream college. I felt like I was finally home.

I would also like to tell the admission department about a few things that happened to me since the time I submitted my Early Action Application. During this time I realized that research is something that fascinates me. One of my professors from my grad school asked me to co-write a paper named, “Happiness At Workplace.” I presented the paper in the Princeton International Conference. Our paper was reviewed and now it has been sent for publication in Indus Scopus Journal. I would also attach a PDF copy of that file. Along with this, the hard copy of Princeton proceedings where our research paper was published could also be found as I have sent through courier. I have also volunteered for an NGO named “ZEAL: The Power to Heal”, where we work for orphan children and old-age people. Then Toastmasters happened to me and I got the privilege of being the best speaker in my club level speech competition. During this time I opened one of my youtube channels where I started posting my recorded songs. My YouTube Channel has more than 2K subscribers now. A few of my songs which were hugely appreciated are: “You don't know you are beautiful “ by One direction, “Faded” by Alan Walker, “Lady In Red” by Chris De Burgh. I got a chance to write a few articles in my college newsletter in the Alumni section as well. I would like to add the following honors to my admission file:

  • Best Delegate, Yale University Model United Nations Conference

  • Member of ZEAL: The Power to Heal

  • Best Speaker: Club level competition by Toastmaster International 

I have always been juggling the dilemma of Science, Arts, and social justice. I, being a person equally inclined to all of these three fields of life, only see my future in Yale as Yale is the place that can give wings to my dreams and a supporting hand to my interest. Whether it be participating in YMUN or listening to the songs of Chris De Burgh, I enjoy it to the core and I don't see any other community giving me such a chance to flourish and fulfill my dreams.

Hence, once again I would like to thank the admission department for reevaluating my application. Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide.



What are colleges looking for in Students who have been Waitlisted or Deferred?

Colleges generally have one aim, to enroll freshman class with highly qualified, successful students. For the students who have been waitlisted or deferred should not lose hope.  The college is trying its best to cast a wider net so they do not wish to miss the fine students while in the process. So the colleges put students on the waitlist to know two things about them. 

Firstly, if the student can succeed in studies and secondly that are they willing to enroll themselves in their college. 

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