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Doane University Financial Aid and Scholarships

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Doane University (DU), Crete, Nebraska, is committed to providing financial assistance on the basis of the family’s ability to contribute. The holistic admission process for domestic students is need-blind. Through grants, loans, and scholarship opportunities provided through federal, state, and university resources, the University seeks to make the university's education affordable.


Scholarships are on the basis of student’s academic achievements, proven leadership, and participation in extracurricular activities- both in their schools and their communities. DU’s merit-based scholarships are offered through the following programs:

  • The Presidential Scholarship Program provides scholarships covering full tuition, room, board, general fee, and the cost of textbooks for eight consecutive semesters.
  • Board of Trustees Scholarship is offered to the students enrolling for the first time during the 2020-21 academic year worth of $17,000.
  • Doane University Legacy Grant of $1,000 is awarded to the applicants having a current sibling attending the Crete campus.


An average federal grant of $4,742 is accessed by students of the university annually. 

Federal Grants

  • Federal Pell Grant,  sponsored by the Federal Government, it’s eligibility includes exceptional financial need.

  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) is awarded to undergraduate students who have not earned a bachelor’s degree and demonstrate exceptional financial need of $3,500.

 State Grant

  • Other state grants, sponsored by the other US States, eligibility include financial need and state residency.


Subsidized Stafford loans are available to undergraduates who demonstrate financial need and are enrolled at least half-time. Unsubsidized Stafford loans are available to students who do not demonstrate need, but still wish to borrow. The Financial Aid Office makes the determination of eligibility using the results of Free Application for Federal Students Aid (FAFSA).

Financial Aid Breakdown

Student Receiving Aid

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Institution Grant Aid


Pell Grant


Average Aid Awarded

Federal Grant Aid


State Grant Aid


Institution Grant Aid


Pell Grant


A federal grant is also an option for you if you meet the eligibility criteria, 30% of pupils are offered such grants about a total of $4,742. The Pell grants average amount is $4,159  and serves 28% candidates.

In addition to these, the state grants also cover up the expenses of 20% of pupils and the average of it is  $1,566. You might depend upon the institutional scholarships and grants as almost 100% all students get hold of them and the average of them is $20,106.

Federal Aid based on Family Income

Family Income

Average Federal Aid Per Year

Under $30,000


$30,001 - $48,000


$48,001 - $75,000


$75,001 - $110,000


Over $110,000


The average reported annual aid price for students receiving grants or scholarship aid is approximately $26,601. Net price includes tuition and required fees, books and supplies, and the average cost for room and board and other expenses.

A student having an annual family income of less than $30,000 might face an amount of $26,638 as the net price. You will find this amount to be lowered up to $26,374  in case of an income between the range of $30,001 - $48,000.

The aid price increases gradually as we talk about higher income brackets. For example, a family income ranging from $48,001 - $75,000 might make your net price look $23,674 and for a range of $75,001 - $110,000 your net price will amount to $19,706.

Student Loans for Doane University

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