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Avg. Federal Loan


Total Aid Awarded

The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) Financial Aid and Scholarships

Students Receiving Aid Percent of Students Receiving Financial Aid.


Total Aid Amount Average Total Aid Awarded per year.


Financial Aid Official Website


Notably, 83% of the students at The University of Texas at San Antonio get some kind of financial aid every year, and the total amount of assistance/loans provided adds up to around $87,136,590. More information regarding the financial assistance schemes can be accessed on TUTSA’s official financial aid page at http://www.utsa.edu/financialaid/. At TUTSA, the total percentage of applicants who receive the Federal Grant stands at 46%. On the other hand, 67% of the candidates get the Student Grant, 39% receive the Institution Grant, and 46% get the Pell Grant. Moreover, the average aid amount for Federal Grant awardees stands at $4,947, while the same comes to $5,068 for State Grant receivers and $2,947 for Institution Grant awardees. As far as the Pell Grant beneficiaries are concerned, the average aid received stands at $4,428. Among other things, the annual family income of the applicant plays a major role in determining the total financial aid they are actually eligible to receive. Alternatively, the candidates can also avail of monetary benefits like student loans, apart from financial grants and scholarship schemes to pay for their studies. However, student loans attract a certain rate of interest at which the funds are borrowed. Candidates are also required to repay these loans within a given period. At TUTSA, an estimated number of 53% of the applicants choose to go for student loans.

Financial Aid Breakdown

Student Receiving Aid

Federal Grant Aid


State Grant Aid


Institution Grant Aid


Pell Grant


Average Aid Awarded

Federal Grant Aid


State Grant Aid


Institution Grant Aid


Pell Grant


The financial aid provided by University of Texas at San Antonio comprises of four different grants, Federal Grants, Pell Grants, State Grants and Institutional Grants as mentioned in the above table. The Federal grant aid covers about 45% of the student population and offers an average grant amount of $4,691. The Pell grant aid just like the federal grant aid also cover 45% of the student population and provides an average grant amount of $4,688.

Next comes the State grant aid, which covers about 32% of the students which is the least in terms of coverage with an average aid amount of $4,395.

Lastly, the maximum percentage of contribution is by the Institutional Grant Aid which covers almost 53% of the student and the average amount of the grant stands at $3,230.

Federal Aid based on Family Income

Family Income

Average Federal Aid Per Year

Under $30,000


$30,001 - $48,000


$48,001 - $75,000


$75,001 - $110,000


Over $110,000


The variation of the federal aid amount offered by the University of Texas at San Antonio on the basis of family income is shown in the above table. The family income is an indicator of the financial status of the student’s families, a better financial status means better is the ability to tackle the educational expenses and less is the financial aid need. So that is the reason the federal aid amount offered to the students decrease as the family income of the student’s family increase. As mentioned in the above table, the students from families with an annual family income of under $30,000 receives a federal aid of $9,679 whereas for the students who belong to the consecutive higher category of family income i.e. $30,001 to $48,000 the federal aid offered to them is little less and amounts to $9,516. This decreasing trend continues till the family income is over $110,000. The students whose family income is over $110,000 gets a federal aid of $872.

Student Loans for The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA)

Average Loan Amount Average Loan Amount received per year.


Students Taking Out Loans


Loan Default Rate


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