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University of North Carolina (UNC) Financial Aid and Scholarships

Students Receiving Aid Percent of Students Receiving Financial Aid.


Total Aid Amount Average Total Aid Awarded per year.


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As per the reports of the University of North Carolina (UNC), 53% of the students receive financial aid which covers a great number of the students at the UNC. The total financial aid awarded to students reach up to a cumulative sum of $171,028,097. Depending on the candidate’s application and eligibility, they will be open to scholarships to grants. However, to be eligible for scholarships and federal grants, the applicants are required to fill their FAFSA form during the application process.


  • Johnston Scholars Program Scholarship: This scholarship is offered to the students who exhibit strong interest and academic performance in the one and more areas along with the significant financial need.

  • Blue Sky Scholars Programs: This is a new scholarship program aimed to help the middle-income student of North-Carolina. Under this scholarship, 10 students will be selected for:

    • Renewable scholarship of worth $7,500.

    • Work-Study award of worth $2,500.

    • One-time enrichment award of worth $2,500.

  • Carolina Covenant Scholarship: This scholarship is offered to the students whose adjusted gross family income is very low and they want to attend UNC. Students who qualify for this grant have the adjusted gross income below 200% below the federal poverty guideline and another eligibility is determined through FAFSA and financial aid office.

  • Scholarship without a Financial Need Component: As the name infers this merit-based scholarship and offered to the students without financial need consideration. To qualify the student needs to maintain excellent academic performance and exhibit leadership skills.

  • Carolina Center for Public Service Opportunity: This scholarship is offered to students continuing their education at UNC. This scholarship is offered to students who want to learn and develop various skills through public service.

University of North Carolina offers various other additional scholarships, we recommend the student to visit UNC Scholarships for more information.


Federal Grants

  • Federal Pell Grants: These grants are provided by the federal government to the students who show financial need. The award amount is subject to change with the change in enrolment status.

  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant: The priority for the grant is given to the students who are enrolled in at least 6 credit-hour programs, having the lowest expected family contribution and demonstrating the highest financial need.

State Grants

  • University Grants: This grant is offered to the students who have not yet earned their first degree. To qualify the student must be a resident of a Carolina. This grant helps the student to meet the unmet financial need of the freshman students. The financial need is evaluated through FAFSA and CSS applications.

The University of North Carolina offers various grants, which is why we recommend you to visit UNC Grants for more information.

Financial Aid Breakdown

Student Receiving Aid

Federal Grant Aid


State Grant Aid


Institution Grant Aid


Pell Grant


Average Aid Awarded

Federal Grant Aid


State Grant Aid


Institution Grant Aid


Pell Grant


It is important to know what number of students get certain aids since it gives the students a precise idea on all sorts of assistance they can expect from UNC. Every student is qualified for financial aid when they apply for the college through FAFSA form, yet the significant point to raise is how often as well how much they can get from the financial aid at UNC.

  • 21% of the students are awarded Federal Grant Aid which adds up to at a normal of $4,875.

  • Almost 21% of the students receive Pell Grants which add up to a normal of around $4,644.

  • Roughly 20% of the students are eligible for state awards at a normal of around $3,862.

  • 44% of the students get institutional awards which add up to a normal of around $13,557.

Federal Aid based on Family Income

Family Income

Average Federal Aid Per Year

Under $30,000


$30,001 - $48,000


$48,001 - $75,000


$75,001 - $110,000


Over $110,000


Financial aid in the form of federal aid is provided to a student, depending on the income of the student or the student’s family. The average federal aid in University of North Carolina is calculated according to the family income of the student and is segregated into 5 different income brackets.

  • If the student’s family income range falls between $0- $30,000, then students can get an average aid of $21,368.

  • In the case of the student’s annual income is between the range of $30,001 and $48,000, the student may get an average financial aid of $19,225.

  • Students who have their family income in a range of $48,001 to $75,000, the student can get the average aid of $14,026.

  • If student annual income lies between $75,001 and $110,000 the average financial aid goes down to $6,672.

  • The student whose income ranges between $110,000 and above, they get the average financial aid amount of $1,334.

Student Loans for University of North Carolina (UNC)

Average Loan Amount Average Loan Amount received per year.


Students Taking Out Loans


Loan Default Rate


Student loans are credit-based aids, which are part of self-help aids, and hence have to be repaid to the lenders, often with interest rates. It is suggested that the applicants are careful while applying for student loans, plan their expenses before-hand and borrow the money that they absolutely need. Even though there are many sources of student loans, applicants are advised to look into federal/institutional loan options first. here are some sources that provide student loans to the students of University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill:

  • Direct Federal Loan (subsidized and unsubsidized)
  • Federal Parent PLUS Loan
  • UNC Loans (institutional loans)
  • Alternate Loans (private loans)

To know more about each options, click here.

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