American Council for Construction Education (ACCE)

American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) is an accrediting agency that gives accreditation to colleges that provide post-secondary programs to the students of construction education.

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25th September 2020

American Council for Construction Education (ACCE)

American Council for Construction Education is an accrediting agency responsible to give accreditations to institutions that offer post-secondary construction programs.

The mission of the American Council for Construction Education is to be a leading global advocate of quality construction education.

It focuses on promoting high standards, to facilitate the accreditation of high-quality construction-education programs.

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Eligibility requirements for ACCE accreditation

To be considered for accreditation, a degree program in construction education shall -

  • Be located in an educational institution of higher learning that is legally authorized and provides a degree program which is a post-secondary degree. 

  • For US-institutions, the accreditation has to be received from the respective regional accrediting agency. In the case of other countries, the institution should be accredited by the respective accrediting agencies of the different countries.

  • The minimum duration of operation set for an institution to receive accreditation is 2-3 years. 

  • The program for which the accreditation was requested should have at least one batch of graduates.
  • The institution should offer a professional Bachelor's or Associate's degree.

  • The institution should also have allotted the leadership and management responsibilities of the accreditation-requested program to a responsible program administrator who would be answerable for all the happenings in the program.

  • At least 120 semester hours should be allotted for Bachelor degree programs and 60 semester hours for Associate degree programs.

Guiding Values of American Council for Construction Education (ACCE)

The mission and purpose of the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) are given below.

  • Aid the quality-improvement objectives of the construction education program at the post-secondary level.

  • Provide accreditation for construction education programs across various colleges and universities.

  • Policies and procedures are established and maintained in line with those established by accreditation agencies within the same corporation.

  • Current information regarding the criteria and procedures for accrediting programs are established.

  • The public and institutions receive a report on the activities of the accrediting council.

  • Identify those institutions that have or are seeking accreditation for construction education programs.

  • The criteria for evaluation of accreditation are often reviewed.

  • Do everything possible to facilitate the proper functioning of the corporation.

Benefits of ACCE accreditation

The students enrolled in ACCE accredited construction programs receive benefits both in their educational and professional life. A few of the benefits of the accreditation are given below.

  • The first and foremost aim of the program is to create construction professionals whose dedication arose from the quality of the education that they have received.

  • The ACCE standards are set in such a way that the total construction community including the public, construction educators, and constructors will be provided with standard education.

  • Employers who created an impact through their work are identified.

  • The agency through its accreditation brings recognition to the potential of the constructors and the quality of their construction.

  • The current trends of the market including technological advancements are met.

  • Contact programs, courses, and facilities are maintained by the accrediting agencies.

  • The agency facilitates networking between construction houses and professionals.

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ACCE decision-making bodies

The governing or decision-making body of ACCE is its Board of Trustees. Elected annually, the Board is composed of a representative of each association member, educators, a minimum of one and a maximum of a five-person representative of the public-at-large, a minimum of one and a maximum of five persons representing the industry-at-large, and the Executive Vice President, ex-officio.

  • Board of Trustees Officers which constitutes of Board Chair, Board Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Association Trustees. 

  • Accrediting Agency Trustees

  • Educator Trustees

  • At-Large Trustees

  • Industry Trustees

  • Public Interest Trustees

Executive Committee - The Executive Committee shall be responsible for conducting routine business on behalf of the Board during the meetings of the Board and shall also work on any other matters the Board may delegate to the Executive Committee during any regular or special meeting of the Board.

This Committee specifically oversees the roles and actions of all Special Committees and is not required to bring any actions from those committees to the Board for Approval other than for changes in the budget, policies, or accreditation standards. The members of this committee are - 

  • Board Chair

  • Board Vice-Chair & Strategic Planning

  • Guidance Committee Chair

  • Marketing & Communication Committee Chair

  • Dupree Education Fund Committee Chair

  • Treasurer & Finance Committee Chair

  • Leadership Development Committee Chair

  • Training Committee Chair

  • Industry Liaison Committee Chair

  • President (Ex Officio)

  • Accreditation Committee Chair

  • Recognition Committee Chair

  • Standards Committee Chair

Board Committees - Board is the reporting committee for these organizations. It comprises of Accreditation Committee, Finance Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, Leadership Development Committee, Standards Committee, Council of Chairs, and Marketing & Communication Committee.

Special Committees - These committees report directly to the Executive Committee. It consists of Dupree Education Fund Committee, Training Committee, Guidance Committee, Recognition Committee, and Industry Liaison Committee.

ACCE strategic directions for student success

Few tips put forward by the institution in attaining student success are given below.

  • ACCE helps students by identifying institutions and programs that offer quality education in construction education. 

  • Students receive an assurance that the program has met the industry standards strictly.

  • It makes sure that the students gather high-quality education that makes them ready to perform a broad range of professional responsibilities.

  • The students are assured of the fact that programs go through self-evaluations to keep them updated with emerging trends, technologies, and requirements of the construction industry.

 Colleges and Universities under ACCE accreditation

The colleges and universities that come under ACCE accreditation include.

Institution Name

Indiana State University

Louisiana State University

Michigan Technological University

Roger Williams University

Northern Arizona University

Ball State University

Texas A&M University

Missouri State University

Texas State University

Northern Kentucky University

Kent State University

University of Alaska Anchorage

Bradley University

East Carolina University


American Council for Construction Education is an institution that provides accreditation to colleges and universities that provide high-quality education construction. These accreditations help in building a standard of infrastructures and increases the potential of individuals to perform, and, hence increases the consumer's trust in the industry.

Being the authority to grant accreditations to construction education programs, ACCE remains to be one organization that helps in improving the strength of both buildings and beliefs in the construction industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.What are the degree types accredited by the ACCE?

    Associate, Baccalaureate, and Masters programs are accredited by the ACCE.

  • 2.What are the fee details for ACCE accreditation?

    The candidate application fee is $500, the candidate annual fee is $500, the initial accreditation visit fee is $4000, and, the annual accreditation fee is $2,750.

  • 3.What are the types of memberships in ACCE?

    A member can register as an associate member, corporate member, individual member, industry advisory board member, or a sustaining associate member.

  • 4.What is the Mark Benjamin Lifetime Achievement Award of ACCE?

    This award is offered to one individual for his/her contributions in the field of Construction Education.

  • 5.Which are the scholarships offered by the ACCE?

    Scholarships including Dupree Construction Education Fund Scholarship, National Housing Endowment Scholarship, Workforce Development Scholarship and more are offered by the ACCE.

  • 6.How does ACCE benefit the general public?

    By raising the professional abilities of the constructor and hence the quality of construction, ACCE serves the general public.

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