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Union Institute and University Financial Aid and Scholarships

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Most students require financial aid to complete their education. The Union Institute and University offer a healthy range of scholarships, grants, and loans to choose from. If a student qualifies for financial aid, UI&U has a dedicated team to guide you through the process. Students seeking financial help have to fill out the FAFSA form. UI&U’s federal school code is 010923.


The scholarships offered to the graduate and undergraduate students are mentioned down below:

  • AmeriCorps Alumni Scholarship: A total of $3,000 is offered to students over four semesters. This scholarship is only offered to undergraduate students enrolled in Union Institute and University.
  • Jason Vanclef Scholarship: $1,000 is offered to deserving students to help with their higher education. Like the AmeriCorps Alumni Scholarship, this scholarship is offered to undergraduate students.
  • Employees of Institutions of Higher Education Scholarship: Faculty and Staff at any institution of higher education can enroll in a graduate program and avail this scholarship. The applicant receives a $100 scholarship per credit hour, upto a total of 30 hours. This brings the total scholarship amount to $3,000.

The university also has many other smaller scholarships. You can read more about them on the university’s Funding Your Future page.


  • Federal Pell Grants: The PELL grant is available to all students without a Bachelor’s degree. Unlike various loans, a student does not have to pay back anything. The average student receives around $3,330 through the Federal Pell Grant scheme. The university ensures that every student is able to avail this grant. However, the amount offered to each student varies. The Grant awarded depends on the cost of education and the number of hours enrolled. The amount is calculated in accordance with the Federal Pell Grant program regulations.
  • Institutional Grants: UI&U awards grants upto $2,260 to around 50% of its students.
  • TLC Emergency Grant: The university supports eligible students faced with an unexpected financial emergency. Under this grant, a one-time assistance of upto $1,000 is provided to the student.


Student Loans

Nearly all the students enrolled here apply for loans. The Average Loan Amount per year lies in the region of $6,322 per year. The default loan rate is around 5.5%. Student loans including Federal Parent PLUS Loan and Graduate PLUS Loans are offered to the students.

Financial Aid Breakdown

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Institution Grant Aid


Pell Grant


Average Aid Awarded

Federal Grant Aid


State Grant Aid


Institution Grant Aid


Pell Grant


Stressed out about the financial breakdown? Don't worry, we have you covered! We have provided a detailed breakdown of the financial aid offered by the university.

  • UI&U caters to the needs of about 89% of the students that apply for financial aid.
  • UI&U also offers aid amounting to $2.860 million per year. The money is offered in the form of scholarships, grants, and loans.
  • 100% of the students receive Federal Grant Aid amounting to $3,330 per student.
  • 100% of the students also receive the Pell Grant, further adding an amount of $3,330 per student.
  • An average of $2,260 per student is offered to 50% of students as institutional grants.

Student Loans for Union Institute and University

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