Associate in Health Science Degree, Requirements, Tuition Cost, Jobs and Salary

About Associate in Health Science

What is Associate Degree in Health Science?

An Associate degree in Health Science is a two-year undergraduate degree in which a student can enrol after graduating from secondary school. It provides technical skills and training the healthcare, health management and work ethics. Students can use this degree to get into the field of healthcare and make a career out of it. Enrolment in a four year undergraduate degree can be done, directly in the third year on the basis of an associate degree, however, admission requirements vary for different universities. This course lays down a foundation in healthcare delivery and prepares them for a professional career.
Some of the features of this course are:

  • It provides a great exposure in health science and its related fields and gives professional training to its students.

  • It gives an insight into the current healthcare scenario and helps in building an understanding of ethical issues.

  • Critical thinking is applied in the relation to the healthcare system and issues.

  • Various responsibilities and roles in this profession are explored and taught.

  • Major issues, opportunities and trends are discussed and analyzed. 

  • Students are trained to have a better oral and written communication.

  • Respond to Workforce needs in healthcare.

Why an Online Associate Degree in Health Science

An online associate degree can help a student in various ways such as-It offers the students to enhance their skills and potentials without actually having to go to college and reduces the tuition cost. The online course can be accessed from anywhere with a valid internet connection, and anytime since it is available 24*7. It saves time as an associate degree is just for two years and since it’s online, flexibility is present in the course structure. A student can learn according to his/her pace. Interactive sessions are held via video conference, emails and digital forums. It is made for people who can’t go to college but still want to study health science. The curriculum is vast and made especially keeping in mind the healthcare profession and how it’s developing rapidly. 

Requirements and Eligibility for Associate in Health Science

Eligibility Requirement for Associate Degree in Health Science

  • A high school graduate- Students need to provide documents for graduation from an accredited school or college.

  • A background in Science or Math.

  • An official GED certificate is needed as well.

  • A complete application form- In order to enrol in a course, an application form must be completed. Fees must be paid on time as well.

  • Financial Assistance- It should be proven in order to seek assistance in financial terms. FAFSA form must be filled if financial assistance is required. Payment of fees should be made on time.

  • Credits- The course must be completed with 60 credits to major in that area of the subject.

  • Enrollment Agreement must be filled. 

  • GPA- Proof of high school scores must be submitted or GED test scores if applicable, or any other diploma scores.

Average Tuition, Cost and Credits for Associate in Health Science

Total Tuition Tuition Per Credit Credits
$ 15888 $ 292 67

Best Programs offered for Associate in Health Science

Subjects and Curriculum in Associate in Health Science


  • Medical Terminology- This subject consists of teaching about the human body and all of its components. It is used to decipher the roots of the problems and offer the diagnosis.

  • Medicine - It talks about proving a relationship between Medicines and Society since ages and how humans have evolved in making medicines.

  • Biomedical Ethics- These are moral based principles which are applied in biomedical and health sciences and offer ways to tackle malpractices

  • Health - This subject gives an insight into the precautions taken for health and for being disease free.

  • Medical Law- This subject covers all the laws and rights pertaining to the healthcare professionals and their patients.

  • General Biology- This offers a diverse exposure in biology and all of its components.

  • General Chemistry- It is intended to introduce various concepts of Chemistry in health sciences.

  • Principles of Genetics- It provides various postulates and concepts of genetics such as inheritance, evolution etc.

  • Microbiology- Study of the micro-organisms like viruses and bacteria is done by this subject.


Core Papers

General Biology Medical Terminology
General Chemistry Human Anatomy
Microbiology Genetics
Medical Law Elements of Physics
Biomedical ethics. Health Policy and Healthcare System
Medicine and Society
Psychological Aspects of Health and Illness
Health and Wellness Introduction to Statistics

Accreditation for Associate in Health Science

Colleges offering Associate in Health Science

Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC)

Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC)

One H A C C Drive Harrisburg, PA 17110-2999 United States

Holmes Community College

Holmes Community College

#1 Hill St, Goodman, Mississippi 39079

Northeast State Community College

Northeast State Community College

2425 Highway 75 PO Box 246 Blountville, Tennessee 37617-0246

Chattanooga State Community College

Chattanooga State Community College

4501 Amnicola Hwy, Chattanooga, TN 37406, USA

Barton Community College

Barton Community College

245 NE 30 RD Great Bend, Kansas 67530

Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA)

Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA)

1255 Cleveland St, Clearwater, Florida 33755-4933

Walters State Community College

Walters State Community College

500 South Davy Crockett Parkway, Morristown, TN 37813-6899 United State

Roane State Community College

Roane State Community College

276 Patton Lane, Harriman, Tennessee 37748

Casper College

Casper College

125 College Drive Casper, Wyoming 82601